Crock Pot Pork & Pears

crockpot pork with pears

This is a super, simple crock pot dish! Who doesn't love coming home to a delicious smelling house with a meal in a pot ready for your family? I love using my crock pot, but many recipes I've found need lots of ingredients, lots of preparing and usually MUST be put in the crock pot early morning in order for it to be ready for a reasonable dinner time. I don't know about you, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

I love sweet potatoes! In fact I've loved them so much when I was pregnant with my daughter and eating one a day, that she came out with an orange TINT on her skin, no lie! Friends can attest to it!! I have no idea why I love them so much, I just simply do! They are super healthy and a nice break from the standard white potato. Here are some healthy facts about the sweet potato in case … [Read more...]

Toasted Barley Salad

Roasted Barely salad

Over the years of eating refined white flour and sugar free, I've had to learn to get creative with my food choices. I realized pretty early on that if I  didn't start trying new foods I would become bored and that would most likely cause me to throw my new habits and healthy lifestyle plan out the door. End result would be weight gain,upset and disappointment. My biggest obstacle was lunch … [Read more...]

Garlic Baked Fries

fries edit

I could pass on sweet things any day, but salty snacks or food are another story. I really have to watch what I eat daily because once I slack that is when the weight slowly, but surely starts sneakily creeping back up, one little pound at a time. I really try not to eat fries from fast food places at all, but I do still like potatoes and I do not avoid them. I just try to limit how often I eat … [Read more...]

Turkey & Blue Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

Turkey Stuffed Potato

Who doesn't love to use up left over turkey after Thanksgiving? I hate to see food go to waste, but I can't eat turkey the same way for days on end until its gone. So I've found a new way to revamp it so the family won't mind eating turkey....AGAIN. It is also freezes perfectly, thaws nicely and reheats without any problem. Super filling and satisfying. One for lunch with a salad is plenty! I … [Read more...]