Watermelon Lime Spritzer: No Sugar Added


No Sugar Added Watermelon Lime Spritzers are perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day!   What do you usually do if you have too much watermelon and the family is sick of eating it? Strawberry Lemonade comes to mind, but if you are out of lemons then that recipe will have to wait. You can try this new delicious, fat free, no sugar added, carbonated, non-alcoholic drink for you and your … [Read more...]

Pork Piccata with Kale & Lemon Sauce


  Pork piccata is a nice change from the typical chicken piccata recipe. This kale & lemon sauce is the freshest and lightest, but tastiest sauce I think I've ever made! You can certainly walk away from the dinner table feeling confident you've had a light, healthy, won't- weigh- you- down- type of meal. The original recipe I found in Fitness magazine and it called for spinach. I … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Summer Menu 7/29/12

                    Happy Sunday!! Here's another no oven required menu for dinners using the crock pot more this week and using shredded left over chicken from one meal to create an new dish during the week! I'm looking for some new fish recipes so if you have any please share! Have a wonderful day of rest … [Read more...]

Chocolate Oat Peanut Butter Stuffed Pancake: Gluten Free, No Sugar Added


  A Chocolate dessert for breakfast??? Well not quite dessert but it sure does look like it doesn't it? You can definitely have it for breakfast!! YES, yes you can!!! Made with egg whites, oats and an incredible filling that tastes AMAZING, but is totally healthy I promise!     My Italian heritage strikes again. You must see the resemblance to a cannoli right? Only this one is super … [Read more...]

Fresh Arugula Romano Salad


  Sometimes you just need a light, no fussing kind of side dish to go with a heavier meal. This is the perfect salad if you are having a pasta dish or even pizza. One cup of this yumminess will even provide you with 7 grams of protein! Often salads are made with romaine, Boston, iceberg or spinach but once in awhile you need a chance from the typical to the extraordinary and arugula is … [Read more...]