What I Ate Wednesday #11 & Detoxing

coconut smoothie

              If you’re new around here, Wednesday is the day I share my visual food journal. Good or bad, I honestly share what I’ve eaten one day last week. No shame here, some days are better than others, some more balanced, more healthy, some not so great too. You {Read More…}

Sweet Potato & Turkey Sausage Chili


  With a few fresh ingredients that most of us already have in our refrigerator and a few spices and pantry closet items which you probably already have as well, this delicious chili can be yours tonight for dinner! If you happen to be home-bound today from the results of Hurricane Sandy stopping by last {Read More…}

Vegetable Quinoa Salad with Balsamic Dressing: [Gluten Free]


  If you are looking for a perfect meatless dish filled with tons of healthy veggies, this is your recipe! A wonderfully easy recipe requiring only the chopping of the veggies and the boiling of the quinoa. No draining needed, toss together then add this fantastic dressing below.     Made once and eaten twice {Read More…}

Healthy Family Friendly Weight Conscious Menu Plan 10-28-12


                    Happy Sunday to You!! Here in RI we are preparing for Hurricane Sandy to come visit us tomorrow afternoon and into Tuesday. Things change so quickly with the weather around here, we really won’t know how we will be effected until it hits. Hopefully just {Read More…}

DIY BakedTaco Shell


    Want to make tacos for dinner or lunch but you have no store bought taco shells? NO PROBLEM!! You can make your own!! All you need is some tortilla wraps and an oven! This is a great way to get your family to eat healthier tacos by purchasing healthier tortilla wraps of your {Read More…}

Healthy Turkey Stuffed Pumpkin


  What would National Pumpkin Day be without a Stuffed Pumpkin recipe??!! A STUFFED PUMPKIN??? Yes!! Oh yes!!! Now some of you may have NEVER eaten real fresh baked pumpkin before, am I right? I mean I am sure you have had canned pumpkin and baked pumpkin pie but have you really had the sweet {Read More…}

Honey Vanilla Caramel Apples


  If you are looking at these caramel apples and wondering if they are some how miraculously low in calorie, sugars and carbs like most of the recipes on my blog……..unfortunately you would be mistaken this time. These are not your low calorie, free of sugar version. BUT they are quite fabulous! I haven’t found {Read More…}

What I Ate Wednesday #10


              Welcome all new SFM readers! This post is one of my favorites every week! YOU get to see what I’ve been eating for at least one day in my life. This day happened to be on Saturday last weekend. Having accountability with all of you is wonderful. I {Read More…}

Pumpkin Vanilla Millet Porridge: Dairy & Gluten Free


  Looking to change up your breakfast options for more than just oatmeal? This is another deliciously healthy breakfast made with fabulous millet and pumpkin. It can be made in about 15 minutes on the stove and is easily reheated the next day. Warm, easy, tasty and filling! Enjoy with some cream or milk over {Read More…}

Sugar-Free Mom Blog Turns 1 with a Blendtec Giveaway! [CLOSED]


              IT’S MY BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!!! I’m super excited to share that Sugar-Free Mom is One!!! I can’t believe how quickly this first year has flown by! When I first started out I was pretty scared and very nervous to get something wrong or do something wrong that I really didn’t {Read More…}