A SWEETleaf Stevia English Toffee Giveaway!

Do you love free gifts ??

How about SWEET gifts that can be used for baking with? Free and yummy? Yes!

You have a great opportunity here to win a bottle of Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener in liquid form.  If you have never tried it before this is your chance to enter to win.  I use sweetleaf stevia in many of my recipes and they have a ton of flavors; root beer, lemon, peppermint, to name just a few. But the flavors I enjoy are vanilla creme, chocolate, chocolate raspberry which I used in my Chocolate Crepe recipe and now they have a  brand new yummy flavor……..

English Toffee!!!

I love it in my coffee, in my water (just 4 drops is all I need and its divine!) and I even used it in my Peanut Butter Toffee Ice Cream recipe!






If you haven’t read why I love stevia and why its my number one choice as a sweetener, this post  Top 3 Refined Sugar Free Sweeteners, will explain more.

Here’s some wonderful facts about the brand Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener:

  • Their sweetener is 100 % natural, contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero glycemic index.
  • Blood sugar is not altered making this perfect for people with diabetes.
  • Sweetleaf Stevia presents a totally green process from start to finish.
  • The packaging is also made out of completely recycled material.
  • Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener takes the highest quality leaves of the stevia plant, extracts their naturally sweet taste with purified water-no chemicals, solvents or additives are used in the process.  Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener is the only stevia based sweetener to use this extraction process.

Sweetleaf Stevia can be used to sweeten coffee, tea, milk, protein shakes, smoothies, yogurt, the possibilities are endless!




#70 is the Winner! Sabrina!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Sabrina will be notified by email and has 24 hours to respond with her address. If there is no response a new winner will be chosen.

Stay tuned for more great giveaways!



Mandatory entry :Simply leave a comment sharing if you have tried Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener and in what form: liquid or powder.

Optional Extra Entries: ( only after completing mandatory entry) You can do any or all of the following entries below for one extra entry each.

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The winner will be chosen by random.org and will be contacted by email. Please respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen. This product was provided by Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener for the purpose of this giveaway, but opinions of this product are 100% my own.

This contest will close on Sunday Feb. 26th at 5:00pm, EST.

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  1. I just used liquid Sweetleaf Stevia for the first time in the Strawberry Scone recipe. They were wonderful!

  2. I’ve used vanilla creme in my coffee. Very yummy.

  3. Kim Cotter says:

    I love the idea of stevia and have tried it in liquid & powder form!! Would love to win!!!

  4. I like you on FB!!

  5. Kathy Crutchfield says:

    I have used and still use both liquid and powder forms of Sweetleaf Stevia. Such an amazing product. =)

  6. Kathy Crutchfield says:

    I am a fan of Sugar free mom on FB. Sooo glad I found you!!!

  7. Kathy Crutchfield says:

    A fan of Sweetleaf Stevia on FB. =)

  8. Kathy Crutchfield says:

    I am a subscriber to your rss feeds. =)

  9. I have tried Stevia in the liquid form…loved it. Would love a flavor!

  10. William Dotson says:

    I have used the liquid regular, my wife got some of the vanilla yesterday at Kroger but we cannot find the english toffee in our area so would love to win this, thanks I like the regular so am sure I would like this new one.

  11. Kim Goldthwait says:

    I have not tried it, but you keep telling me I should.

  12. I “Like” Sweetleaf Stevia on FB.
    I already “like” Sugar-Free Mom on FB
    I subscribe to Sugar-Free Mom email!

  13. I liked you on facebook.

  14. William Dotson says:

    I liked Sugar- Free Mom on Facebook
    I liked Sweetleaf Stevia on Facebook
    I am a subscriber to Sugar-Free Mom ‘s E-mail.

  15. I’m a subscriber already but I haven’t tried sweetleaf stevia yet.

  16. Betty Raucci says:

    I have used the powdered form but have a problem finding the liquid.

  17. I just liked Sugar free mom on facebook

  18. Kristine Stevens says:

    I used English Toffee in my coffee this a.m.! Love it. I’ve used the powered form too.

  19. Kristine Stevens says:

    I already “like” Sweetleaf” on Facebook.

  20. I saw these at Sprouts and wanted to try them. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  21. I use Sweetleaf liquid in my coffee–I alternate between Chocolate, Peppermint, Vanilla Cream, and occasionally Chocolate Raspberry (in my Raspberry Danish coffee). LOVE it!

  22. I liked Sugar-Free Mom on FB

  23. I like Sweetleaf on FB

  24. I shared on FB.

  25. I just followed you on twitter.

  26. I follow Sweetleaf on twitter

  27. I have only used the powdered form of sweetleaf. Would like to try the liquid. Been sugar free 4 days!!!

  28. I liked your page sugarfree mom on facebook

  29. I liked sweetleaf on facebook

  30. No, but I am very curious…

  31. Jennifer Maier says:

    ♥♥♥ sweet leaf powered!!! would ♥♥♥ to win a bottle to try!!!

    I liked Sugar- Free Mom on Facebook
    I liked Sweetleaf Stevia on Facebook
    I am a subscriber to Sugar-Free Mom ‘s E-mail.
    and followed both twitter!!!

  32. I like Sugar-Free Mom on Facebook!

  33. I liked Sweetleaf Stevia on Facebook!

  34. I use liquid, powder & the tabs Sweet Leaf Stevia to sweeten lemon water, tea, yogurt & almond milk.
    Valencia orange & vanilla cream in unsweet almond milk. Taste yummy like a dreamcicle.
    Root beer in vanilla yogurt for a mock root beer float.
    The Sweet Leaf Stevia tabs for on the go.
    I love Sweet Leaf Stevia. Can’t wait to try more flavors and in more recipes.

  35. I follow you on FB.

  36. I follow you on Twitter.

  37. I follow Sweet Leaf on Facebook.

  38. I follow Sweet Leaf on Twitter.

  39. I subscribe via RSS.

  40. I follow you on Pinterest (now I do). LOL Just pinned your meatball recipe! :)

  41. I have not yet tried the Sweat Leaf brand of Stevia…looking forward to it though. So many flavors!!!

  42. I have not tried Sweet Leaf brand yet but really want to (its not available near me, so I will have to mail order).

  43. I liked you on FB

  44. I would love to try this. I haven’t found it in my food market.

  45. I liked Sweet Leaf Stevia on FB

  46. I am following you on pinterest

  47. I liked Sugar Free Mom on Facebook
    I had already liked SweetLeaf Stevia on Facebook
    I mentioned your giveaway on Facebook
    I signed up for your email subscription

  48. I have not tried stevia sweetleaf, but my goal is to start a 10 day whole food challenge starting in March so this would fit with that well.

  49. I liked sugarfreemom in facebook.

  50. I liked Stevia sweetleaf on facebook.

  51. I subscribed to receive e-mail from your site.

  52. just tried Vanilla Creme for the first time yesterday in liquid form. Put 6 drops in my plain greek yogurt and it was heavenly. And also put a few drops into my plain sparkling water – like a vanilla creme soda! As a Type 1 Diabetic, this stuff is a godsend and I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

    i follow sweetleaf on twitter
    i follow you on twitter
    i follow your blog via Google Reader

  53. I’ve never tried it, but I would love to!

  54. I’m following you on Twitter. I’m @moneywisemoms

  55. I love Sweetleaf Stevia! I really appreciate that they provide a pure form of stevia, not mixed with any chemicals or alcohols. I like both the liquid and powdered stevia.

  56. I like you on facebook!

  57. I like Sweetleaf stevia on facebook!

  58. I love the vanilla liquid stevia and just today! received my special chocolate raspberry flavor. Can’t wait to try it. Toffee is one of my most favorite flavors…am I qualified to enter this one? =)

  59. I love the SweetLeaf Stevia in my green tea. I’ve never tried any of the flavored stevias and would love to win this!

  60. Leigh Anne says:

    I use Sweetleaf Stevia in powder form. Would love to try the flavors!

  61. Leigh Anne says:

    I liked Sugar Free Mom on Facebook.

  62. Leigh Anne says:

    I liked Sweetleaf Stevia on Facebook.

  63. Leigh Anne says:

    I shared the giveaway using the Facebook button.

  64. I ordered the chocolate liquid Sweet Leaf Stevia and we have used it several times now in your “sugar free chocolate mousse” recipe. I would love to try some more flavors!

  65. melissa alexander says:

    i like Sweetleaf Stevia and cant wait to try englsih toffee

  66. Kim Cotter says:

    I get all your tweets on twitter!!!

  67. Kim Cotter says:

    I’m your pinterest follower now!

  68. Kim Cotter says:

    I “like” Sweetleaf on Facebook!

  69. Kim Cotter says:

    I follow Sweetleaf on Twitter!!!

  70. I like Sweetleaf on FB!

  71. Maggie Elrod says:

    I LOVE the liquid sweetleaf stevia. I use the vanilla creme; the valencia orange; the chocolate and the root beer. I love to mix the vanilla and orange OR the vanilla and chocolate with some herbal peppermint tea. If I use the vanilla/orange, I add a little cinnamon too! The choc/vanilla with the peppermint tastes like a peppermint patty! I’ve used the powder also, but mostly I use the liquid.

  72. Maggie Elrod says:

    I liked sugar-free mom on fb and I had already liked sweetleaf. I’m also sharing this on fb. I’m also signing up to receive this blog via email and I am following you on pinterest. I love these sugar-free blogs and I am always excited to find a new one.

  73. I liked your facebook and sweetleaf’s facebook also. Awesome product!

  74. Liked your page and Sweetleaf on FB. I really am a stevia fan and have been using it for years. Love this blog too: I’ve been telling everyone about it!

  75. Sorry, I don’t Tweet, but I just signed up for Pinterest.

  76. I have NEVER tried sweetleaf stevia and I would LOVE to!

  77. I follow your emails already!!!!

  78. I’ve used the vanilla creme but then sort of forgot about it at the back of my fridge until I was worried it was too old. Toffee flavor sounds like it would be wonderful in coffee and in my “mock danish” – low carb dessert made of egg and cream cheese!

  79. I like you on Facebook!

  80. I like SweetLeaf Stevia on Facebook!

  81. I haven’t tried Stevia in liquid form yet, but the English Toffee sounds really good. I don’t like powered Sweet Leaf Stevia.

  82. I haven’t tried Sweetleaf Stevia yet but I will be looking for it in the store.

  83. I Subscribe via email

  84. I liked you on FB

  85. I’ve never tried Sweetleaf Stevia, but would love to!

  86. I like SugarFree Mom on Facebook

  87. Charlotte Moore says:

    I have bought the vanilla but have not tried it yet. I use powdered stevia every day in my protein shake but it is not that brand. The toffee sounds wonderful.

  88. Charlotte Moore says:

    I follow you by email and never miss a post. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  89. I have tried Sweetleaf Stevia yet, but have been thinking about it a lot. I would love the opportunity to try it!

  90. I like you on FB!

  91. I like Sweetleaf Stevia on FB!

  92. I follow you on email, and love your recipes and posts!!!

  93. Shared the link on my FB page!

  94. Shaunna Ulrick says:

    Never tried it but would love to!

  95. tina white says:

    I have only used the powdered form of sweetleaf. Would like to try the liquid. Been sugar free 14 days!!!

  96. I’ve never tried SweetLeaf stevia, but it sounds awesome.

  97. I switched to SweetLeaf not too long ago. I was using Truvia, but found that Stevia is better.
    I use SweetLeaf in my yogurt and oatmeal. I’ve also started baking with it. I haven’t seen this new flavor. Sounds so good.

  98. I like you on facebook!

  99. I like SweetLeaf on facebook!

  100. Following you on twitter

  101. I already follow you on Facebook. :)

  102. Following SweetLeaf on twitter, too

  103. I am now following SweetLeaf on Facebook.

  104. I just shared this contest on Facebook.

  105. I just found your blog and am loving it! I am excited to try lots of recipes :-) I love the liquid sweetleaf stevia and have tried Vanilla creme, Chocolate and English Toffee. They are all so good!

  106. I am now a subscriber!

  107. I havent used this but am very interested in it. My 20 month old son has severe health issues. My family is currently doing a candida flush and I really want to start eating and fixing things for my fay that are healthier. I am a facebook follower of both and really want to learn more!!

  108. Dora L Gillilan says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber

  109. Dora L Gillilan says:

    I have liked you on FaceBook.

  110. Rhonda Brockman says:

    Wow Brenda, you have gathered quite a little community here. That didn’t take long at all. Anyway, I love Stevia. It was an acquired taste at first. Still having a hard time using the liquid form in my coffee, cause it tastes like rubbing alcohol, so I am going to switch to powder for coffee

  111. Never used the liquid or powder form but I’m completely intrigued after reading your posts!

  112. Subscribed via email :-)

  113. Following you on Pinterest

  114. And liked you on Facebook

  115. Amanda Munhollon says:

    I have never tried it but I would like too! I already follow you both on FB!

  116. Gwen Belanger says:

    Stevia has recently been changing our lives. We just started using the flavored liquids this past summer (The kids LOVE a little fresh lemon juice, water and a few drops of lemon drop stevia) and right this minute I’m baking your Banana Chocolate Chip Bread with the powder. Would love to try this flavor and learn more from you!Thanks for the inspiration!

  117. Gwen Belanger says:

    Liked and shared on Facebook!

  118. Gwen Belanger says:

    Subscribing via email. Love your input.

  119. Gwen Belanger says:

    I Like Sweet Leaf Stevia on Facebook. It honestly is the only brand we feel safe using…so wonderful!

  120. Leslie Romine says:

    I’ve used powdered sweetleaf for 10 years and I just tried liquid vanilla creme in mineral water tonight and it was delicious!

  121. Leslie Romine says:

    I like sugarfreemom On facebook

  122. Leslie Romine says:

    I shared this link on facebook

  123. I have used the Stevia in the raw before but stopped using it because i didn’t like that it used maltodextrin with it, am really considering ordering some of the sweetleaf liquid:)

  124. I liked Sugarfree mom on facebook!

  125. i subscribe to sugarfree mom by e-mail!

  126. I love sweatleaf stevia products. Use them in my coffee all the time.

  127. shannon chamberlain says:

    I have not tried sweetleaf but would love to try it :) I like your fb page and follow you on pintrest. I can’t wait to try some of your yummy recipies!

  128. I like Sugar Free Mom on Facebook.

  129. I have used Sweetleaf in the individual portion Oatmeal cups. They were AWESOME!! It was the liquid form.

  130. Sincere Prickett says:

    Fantastic blog. Really Great.

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