Sparkling Sugar-Free Basil Lemonade & An Ava Anderson Party

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Sparkling Sugar-Free Basil Lemonade is a wonderful refreshing beverage for the summer season made completely sugar-free! Lemonade isn’t just for kids! This recipe takes lemonade to a whole new level by adding some fresh basil and seltzer making it a light fresh summery beverage! With only 3 calories and  no sugar this is a drink you {Read More…}

Cheesy Zucchini Pasta Quinoa Bake

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Cheesy Zucchini  Pasta Quinoa Bake  needs only 5 ingredients! Cheesy quinoa mixed with noodles and topped with a little parmesan to form a crust make this a comfort side dish like no other. You’d probably agree that zucchini isn’t much of  a comfort food, but using a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles changes them from an {Read More…}

Healthy Lunchbox Recipes: Kid Friendly Turkey Roll Ups

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Here’s a lunchbox recipe that’s kid friendly, healthy, no cooking or heating required. Summer always requires me to get more inventive with our lunches as a family since we like to take off and be on the go. I don’t often have to pack lunches during the school year since we homeschool and eat at {Read More…}

Sugar-Free Mayo Free Broccoli Salad

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This broccoli salad isn’t your typical salad as it’s been remade without mayo or added sugar, but lighter and still just as delicious! Broccoli salad is the perfect dish in the summer. It’s  hearty but not heavy. Enjoy it as a meal or serve it along side some grilled chicken. It’s also easily adaptable so {Read More…}

Cascade Ice Sparkling Water Give Away


Cascade Ice Sparkling Water Give Away! NOW CLOSED! If you follow my blog you know I’m an avid drinker of sparkling water. I enjoy a sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime and some liquid stevia often throughout the day. I’ve also got a few seasonal recipes as well like for Summer and all the ripe watermelon you can try my {Read More…}

Crock Pot Sugar-Free Chocolate Quinoa Brownies

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Dense Chocolate Brownies made with quinoa, sugar-free and in the crock pot! If you’ve never tried quinoa in a baked treat you’ll be in for a delicious surprise if you venture to make these brownies. The quinoa replaces any flour needed to provide a nice, soft, dense “brownie”. Using your crock pot in the winter season is {Read More…}

Low Carb Chocolate Pudding Protein Frappe

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Chocolate Pudding Protein Frappe is a low carb, full of protein, satisfying frappe made without added sugars. Chocolate pudding in a beverage? Yes! Sometimes a little indulgence is needed and necessary, but you will be surprised to know this frappe is a guiltless pleasure! Under 200 calories and with 20 grams of protein!! Enjoying some tasty {Read More…}

Sugar-Free No Bake Key Lime Pie Bars

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Sugar-Free Key Lime Pie Bars require no baking and are low in carbs and gluten free, a fabulous summer dessert! A little bit of tartness, a smidge of sweetness, a crumbly light crust and all made sugar free make these key lime pie bars one of a kind! If you’re a lover of lime flavored goodness then {Read More…}

Healthy Lunchbox Recipes: Vegetable Spring Rolls with Lightened Up Peanut Sauce

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This is the first in a series for healthy lunchbox recipes, starting with Vegetable Spring rolls and a lightened up Peanut Sauce! It’s summer and that means it’s time for summer beach days, picnics, playgrounds or day camp for the kids. Packing a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be difficult and can definitely be delicious. Speaking {Read More…}

Low Fat Mocha Iced Coffee Frappe [Dairy Free, No Sugar Added]


A guiltless mocha coffee frappe?? YES!!! Low fat, dairy free and sugar free too! This fabulous recipe first published on June 5th of 2012 needed some new updated photos! It’s only 24 calories!  Only 2 grams of fat and TASTES TERRIFIC! It’s quick and easy to make in a blender and a whole lot less expensive than {Read More…}

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