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Does just the picture of these cans of Diet Coke make you wish you were sipping one right now?There is just something about it, that makes us crave it all the more!

This is seriously addictive and I have loved it since I was about 12 years old! I never, ever had regular soda growing up, it was always diet.  Once I began my sugar- free journey when my daughter was 1 (she is now 9) I stopped drinking it for about 6 months and then had just ONE and so began the want and need for ONE a day.

Now I know some of you might be thinking, who cares, it’s only a little diet soda right?? Well I know for me when I’ve eliminated it and then brought it back in, I realized how it was making me crave other sweets and snacks because of the additives/sweeteners in that little can.

Now I’m also not saying I will never have another Diet Coke again or that you have to either, but I do think I have a found a way to break free from that need and want without feeling deprived. A reader suggested this to me and I ran with it. I purchased some sparkling water and Sweetleaf Stevia liquid in root beer flavor. Added some ice and a straw and oh YUM!!!! I too was wondering why this would work for a substitute for Diet Coke, BUT LET ME JUST TELL YOU NOW…………… IT TOTALLY WORKS!! And so I am recommending it to all of you!!










I really want to bless those of you WHO REALLY have an addiction to this stuff!

That’s why I am giving away…… not just ONE bottle of root-beer flavor liquid stevia…….

but THREE!!














 Wisdom Natural, SweetLeaf, Liquid Stevia, Root Beer, 2 fl oz


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  1. Denise Newcomb says:

    I would love to try. Thank You

  2. Wow! I didn’t knew this product existed! Looks like a great idea! I have to try! :)

  3. I’ve been drinking Diet Coke for quite sometime considering my mother has been drinking it since I can remember. I’m into diet drinks while “dieting” but I know I need to find an alternative. This Stevia product would be awesome!

  4. Carmel Wooding says:

    I’ve just found your blog & looking forward to reading more – my husband, myself & our 2 little ones have decided enough is enough & it’s time to kick the sugar habit – wish us luck :)

  5. I’ve also been drinking Diet Coke since I was a kid, and it is HARD to break the habit. Would love to try this Stevia option!

  6. Tracy Pigors says:

    Love your website! Thanks for all of your tips!

  7. Love SweetLeaf! Have not tried Rootbeer yet.

  8. I had no idea they made this!!! I quit drinking soda a couple months ago. It has been hard, but it’s been so worth it!! I feel a lot better and I don’t feel like I eat as much as I did. I don’t crave it anymore, so I may never have another one again! That’s okay! :)

  9. Ooooh, I’ve only had vanilla creme, chocolate and toffee – would LOVE to try root beer!

  10. Denise T. says:

    I am making my daughter’s try this right away!!! Thanks for the great idea. How many drops do you use?

  11. I absolutely love your blog. My husband is a borderline diabetic and insulin resistant, so he drinks a bunch of diet drinks. We just tried the Stevia sweetener a few days ago and made your recipe for lemonade and it was awesome!! Thank you for all of your recipes :).

  12. Diet Coke wasn’t really an addiction until about 10 years ago. I stopped drinking soda all together in January or so, when I really started running. Now, I can’t stand the taste of it. I just need to keep that up. Having one will start the downward slide and I don’t want that again!

  13. Melissa Gunther says:

    I have never liked diet soda. The artificial sweeteners have always turned my stomach. Unfortunately, I do like the real stuff and I try all the time to stay away from it. I have recently bought Lemon, Vanilla Creme, and English Toffee for the first time. I would love to try Root Beer!

  14. Rebecca says:

    I have been better and not buying it as often, but still struggle with avoiding diet, carbonated beverages.

  15. I’d love to try this! I don’t have an issue with Diet Coke, but I do with Dr. Pepper! I can’t drink the diet stuff because the artificial sweetener is a migraine trigger for me, so I’d love to try a more natural alternative to try to get rid of the Dr. Pepper. Thanks!

    • They have a chocolate raspberry flavor as well, I wonder if that would work to replace the dr.pepper taste?

  16. I just learned of this brand as I have been changing by habits and eliminating sugars all together. I didn’t know they had liquid drops!!!! I’m so excited :) I have been using the packets, this is great.

  17. cindi klemm says:

    Liquid drops sound very convenient!

  18. I am not neccessarily a “diet coke” drinker, but I have been addicted to diet dr. pepper, diet coke, and diet pepsi. (not all at the same time), but I go in cycles. I have actually been diet soda free for 5 weeks and counting :)

  19. Mary Nelson says:

    After finding out the aspartame aggravates muscle and joint pain, and being a long-time drinker of Diet Coke, I would love to try Sweetleaf Stevia and begin using it as my primary sweetener.

  20. Jenn weiner says:

    Would love it! Need some thing to get us off coke:)

  21. Janeen DeGeorge says:

    Ive drank all kinds of “diet” drinks for as long as I can remember. I would love to try is to break the habit once and for all!!

  22. Wow, what a great idea… I have been addicted to that can for 13 years… I’m trying so hard… I will have to try this soon!! Thank you so much for your honesty!!!! Take Care

  23. I don’t drink diet coke very often. My downfall is Diet Mt. Dew! I know, it’s probably worse than the Diet Coke. Yes, I’ve tried to kick the habit and while we will go several weeks without any in the house, eventually I ‘ll buy some. Shame on me.

    • I see that iHerb.com has a NuNatural Lemon and a Wisdom Leaf Lemon. What is the difference? And have you tried to make a lemon/lime soft drink? (I couldn’t find anything lime though).

      • I’ve used the lemon drop from sweetleaf to make lemonade but not a soft drink. I will only us the Nunatural vanilla, alcohol free. I am not sure if the NuNatural has other flavors that do not have alcohol in them which for me seems to have an aftertaste. I prefer the sweetleaf brand.

  24. Erin R. says:

    I’ve been drinking diet for a long time and I have tried to cut back and stop. It’s hard!

  25. Penny G says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win this…I am currently working on kicking my DC habit and I have recently started using Stevia so this giveaway is right up my alley! :)

    P.S. – I voted for you.

  26. Eric Roberts says:

    I have been using Stevia since 2000 when i was diagnosed with diabetes (type II) and i love it. Sweetleaf is one of the best of all the brands I have used. I am going to have to check out the root beer flavored extract…that sounds yummy!

    We have stopped buying sodas as part of our regular shopping. Now a soda is a treat instead of a regular thing. We went from drinking 4 cases of soda every 2 weeks to a few bottles a month.

  27. I’ve been drinking Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi for as long as I can remember. I have tried to quit several times, and right now am again trying as my weight had hit a horrible high and it seems like when I don’t drink the stuff I’m able to lose, when I do drink it I can’t lose and I am miserable. I don’t just drink a can a day, but more like 2 2 liter bottles a day and I know it is really bad for my fibro. I’ve tried the packets of Sweet leaf and I love it, but they don’t sell it in my area, I have to order, it and that is difficult for me at times, trying to budget for it because I have to get a quantity of it, not just a box.

  28. I’ll have to check to see if this is available here (Toronto, Canada). Have you tried Zevia? Zevia is pop (or soda) in all the flavours (cola, root beer, orange, grape, lemon lime, cream soda) but sweetened with stevia. I’ve tried them and they’re all awesome!

    • Oh I have tried Zevia and really did not like it at all, but I’m glad you like it since it is made with stevia!

  29. Love Stevia products . . . been using them a long long time way before they were popular! I quit drinking diet sodas they give me migraines but I do miss soda now and then but drinking reg. spikes my sugar too much.

  30. Melinda says:

    I love a good cold Diet Pepsi from time to time. For me I’m not addicted to it. I did not grow up drinking soda and I do not purchase soda for my family but we do splurge when we go out to dinner and buy soda. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  31. yum I cant wait to try

  32. We make rootbeer floats with this! Cold Perrier, sweetleaf rootbeer stevia and a splash of cream. Our family all loves it and will have it as a dessert when they want something sweet.

  33. heather allen says:

    I dont currently drink Diet Cokes. But i am pregnant and I crave real coke, which in turn makes me crave all sorts of other sweet stuff. My husband drinks at least 3 cokes a day-would love to get him off of them. I am itching to try this root beer stevia. Great idea!!

  34. I swapped to diet versions in the hope of them being the more healthy option, how wrong I was, my sugar cravings increased. The last drop was when I got into inspecting the ingredients. Oh dear, never again, sparkling water with fruits is my friend these days… I’d love to try the root beer stevia. I’ve been planning to order it earlier, but I think I try my luck first! ^^

  35. None,I don’t like diet coke.

  36. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I don’t drink diet soda, it’s really bad for you. I would love this!

  37. Love Sweet Leaf. I’ve been trying to cut out soda. I tried several flavors of Zevia. Don’t care for it.
    I’ve been experimenting with more flavors of liquid stevia to satisfy my thirst like pepsi does.
    Love you’re blog. So many recipes I want to try.
    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  38. Bonnie Stone says:

    I totally want to try this! Some meals just “need” a carbonated beverage. All I have on hand right now is the vanilla creme stevia…I’m sure the rootbeer would be much better!

    • Bonnie Stone says:

      Oops, I didn’t see your specific question until after I replied! I’ve been drinking diet soda on and off since I was a teen. Lately, I’ve been hooked on the “zero” flavors as they are more intense. Of course, I’ve tried to kick the habit on and off for years. I even got some of the Zevia brand (stevia sweetened) and it is ok (depending on the flavor) but expensive! I’m about to embark on a detox so I’ll be giving your idea a shot very soon!

  39. I would love this! I love rootbeer

  40. That sounds great! I would love to try that! I also recently tried Zevia and actually like it but it is so expensive. $6 for a six-pack of 12 oz. cans. But I have avoided Coke (original and diet) for over two weeks now and want to keep that going. Thanks for the idea and for the giveaway! :-)

  41. I have been drinking Diet Coke since I was probably 12 or 13. I stopped while I was pregnant with my daughter last year because our reproductive endocrinologist said to avoid artificial sweetners, but now that my daughter is here I have to admit I have had one here and there when nothing else is available :-( I love stevia, but I just found out about the flavored stuff, so I would love to try this :-)

  42. Davelle Jones says:

    I have been drinking Diet Coke for many years. I have tried to quit, but I think I need a patch. LOL I would love to try something new that is healthy and could fill that need.

  43. christine says:

    i’ve been drinking diet coke since as long as i can remember as a kid. I’ve cut down to 2 a day, 1 a day, and for a few weeks once even eliminating it completely. it is a never ending battle. I would love to try this!

  44. I’ve been drinking Coke Zero for a while now and have tried numerous times to kick the caffiene habit. Would love to win this!!!

  45. I have been drinking coke first and then diet coke for 30+ years so i really need help to kick this habbit i have tried many times withour success to do this so would love love to try this product thanks so much

  46. Aimee Dunn says:

    I have drank diet coke since I was about 14 and I am now 35. I am going to give this a try. Thanks for doing the give away :)

  47. we would love the root beer stevia!

  48. Jeannie says:

    I’ve never tried liquid Stevia but would ~love~ to!!!

  49. Heather says:

    I would love to try that stuff. My husband i now dieting and I want him to stay away from the nasty chemicals, which is hard when you are on a diet.

  50. Help me kick the diet soda habit, please!

  51. I would love to to try this. I love the carbination and I like sparkling water.

  52. Debbie Blundell says:

    I’ve been drinking diet coke, it seems like, forever. When I was pregnant 24 years ago, I was drinking a 2L bottle almost every day. But I gave it up on Feb. 22, 2012. Since then I have only had one glass and that was at a restaurant last weekend. I have some cravings, but for now, I can withstand them.

  53. I stopped drinking diet pop that was sweetened with aspartame years ago, but now I need to stop drinking regular pop!

  54. I have drank diet coke for about 15 years. I switched from regular after I had my first son and was slowly putting on the weight. Over the years it increasingly became a bigger habit. I have been trying to break the habit for about a year. I do not normally buy it at the store unless there is a super deal. I do drink it when we go to restaurants for a treat. I would love to try your substitute.

  55. Have never heard of this product. Would love to give it a try.

  56. I used to work at a company that provided us with unlimited free soft drink – it was there (working in a job that was stressful and had very long hours) that I started drinking at least 1 can of Coke Zero today… I have never really been able to kick the habit since leaving so would love to try this alternative!

  57. Jordan D says:

    I stopped drinking diet soda, but I still drink artificially flavored sparkling water, which is just as bad! I’ve been trying to ween myself off it for years

  58. What an awesome giveaway!! I just purchased (online) a sample of 4 little different flavors bottles of stevia. One is lemon I will use when I make your lemonade recipe. Root beer flavor would be so great to have. Thanks for being a true inspiration.

  59. I have only drank Diet Coke occasionally…maybe once a week, and haven’t really had an addiction to it, but hubby has, and after he drank up our last ‘batch’ he said NO MORE…and now all we drink is water. I love adding a little stevia to dress it up some. =)

  60. Celestine says:

    I never had a thing with Diet Coke in particular, but soda in general. Then I would choose the artificially sweetened sodas and still had that same heightened craving for all things sweet. Sweetleaf was my first love in stevia some years ago, and, until recently, I did not know they had flavors. But I’d be willing to try. :)

  61. I like Diet Pepsi! I really only drink maybe one can per week. But I do like it.

  62. Priscilla W says:

    I don’t drink diet soda. I drink a soda…maybe 3 times a month or so? when we go to Culvers or some times I’ll have regular small soda w/pizza. I’d love to get this for my husband to try…he needs a healthy alternative to soda.

  63. Would love to stop drinking d. Coke. Didn’t know there was a root beer flavor. :-)

  64. I must confess I don’t have a diet coke addiction, but I have had a sugar addiction, and I’m now 4 weeks sugar-free! I am wanting to buy some of these stevia liquids, but cannot find a supplier in my area, so would love to try a free sample before buying online!

  65. I’ve seen this before but never thought to use it to make root beer. What an awesome idea. I am currently off all soda but my hubby and kids love it. Love this new idea to help them to get off of soda and diet drinks. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win!!

  66. I’d love to win some rootbeer stevia! Throw my name into the hat!

  67. Charlotte Moore says:

    I used to drink diet coke all the time. Went about a year without any type of soda. A couple years ago I started drinking diet sunkist and oh how I love it. I wish I could get away from all of it, but I crave the sunkist.

    I VOTED!!!!

  68. Marcella F says:

    I’ve been drinking Diet Coke for 20+ years. I have tried to stop drinking Diet Coke, but I find that I miss the fizz when I just drink water or iced tea.

  69. My problem is Diet Dr. Pepper. I can go a few days without one and then I will decide to just have a small glass. The next thing I know I am drinking it every day again. I really want to try the Root Beer flavored stevia. Sounds great!

  70. I would love to try this. I have been drinking diet coke for way too long!!

  71. William Dotson says:

    Thanks for that good idea I love root beer and wife does also, will have to try, we use sweetleaf of other flavors and love it, there are other flavors that would also be good for that.

  72. I’m diabetic and would love to try Root Beer Stevia. Diet drinks are not the best thing. Would be nice to have another option for sure!

  73. Jennifer says:

    My husband loves rootbeer! Would love to try this!

  74. I’ve been drinking soda since I was a kid and started with the diet stuff in my 30′s. I truly need to get off the stuff.

  75. Mandy K says:

    I posted a comment and got + 5 but I don’t think it really posted so here is my comment I didn’t want to cheat somehow lol)
    I stopped drinking soda and switched to sparkling water about 6months ago, but I couldn’t seem to give up my Barqs rootbeer. I had no idea there was anything like this. I think I will be buying one asapbc my family is going to LOVE this

  76. Toni Baczek says:

    Thank you for the chance to win … i will be a great birthday present if i do ….. Good luck to all

  77. Lauren Smith says:

    I’ve been drinking Diet Coke, and more recently, Diet Dr Pepper, for years. Thinking I was doing myself a big favor by avoiding sugar. What I’ve learned about artificial sweeteners has led me to quit using them cold turkey. They sound dangerous to me. I really don’t miss the sodas that much, except when I’m really hot, and want that first chug of COLD taste.

  78. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I would love to try it.

  79. Jennifer G. says:

    I’ve been drinking diet coke all my life. My naturopathic doctor told me to stop with the artificial ingredients after I was diagnosed with cancer so I’ve tried my best. But….I do sometimes drink it. I guess I do feel that I’m addicted. I’d LOVE to try the root beer!!!!

  80. Katelyn says:

    I’ve been drinking diet coke for about oh 9 years? I gave coke for Lent a while back and didn’t drink it for 10 years after! Then I went away to college and my addiction came back (this time with diet only). Yikes.

  81. shaunna says:

    I drink maybe one diet coke a month so not too bad. :)

  82. MaryAnn says:

    I would love to try this

  83. Lori moose says:

    I have been drinking coke for as long as I can remember and I am 50!! I have been able to get down to 1 a day but would love to stop drinking them altogether!!

  84. Nancy Thyfault says:

    I LOVE Diet Coke, but haven’t had one in years. Thanks for the great idea. Nancy

  85. kristi dahl says:

    I have been looking for a way to kick the diet soda habit. I have been drinking it since I was a teenager, I know it makes me sick, but it is so hard to give up. I quit when I was pregnant, 9 months and 11 while breast feeding and went right back to them as soon as I could! would love to try this!

  86. I’ve been drinking diet coke as long as I can remember. I keep giving it up and then starting again. Right now I only drink it when I’m out at restaurants but I would love to try this root beer stevia drink!

  87. I’ve been drinking pop since forever, but I switched to diet when I got pregnant with my son a little over a year ago. I’ve been trying to kick the habit altogether, but I’m so addicted :( It’s tough!

  88. catherine c says:

    been drinking it since i was a teenager – have been able to stop for several months at a time but always go back to it

  89. Amy Darlington says:

    Would love to try the new flavor, always enjoyed root beer!

  90. Kim Hanauska says:

    My hubby is the once addicted to Diet Coke & I’m always hoping to find something else…this would be a great alternative I’d like him to try!

  91. Maija M says:

    I’ve been drinking it for 20+ years and have tried to quit, but it never sticks!

  92. I havent tried — hopefully this will make it easy.

  93. I have been drinking Diet Coke FOREVER…at least that’s how long it seems. My daughter is always telling me I need to stop but I was always poo-pooing the idea but recently have been hearing and reading how it can fuel cravings for sweets. I’m in the mind set to stop and would love to try the Sweetleaf Stevia. I didn’t know it comes in flavors. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the info. P.S. I made your individual baked oatmeal and they turned out great :-)

  94. Janel M. says:

    Almost 20 years, and I have cut back DRASTICALLY, but have not tried to quit completely.

  95. Kelle B says:

    I have drank diet coke for as long as I can remember, I do know it is a trigger for me to eat something salty and unhealthy. Would love to try it.

  96. Barbara says:

    Been drinking diet coke a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time! Latley I have been thinking I don’t like the “after taste” would love to have something else to try!

  97. Great idea!! Sometimes it’s hard to stick to just water. Trying to avoid soda of all kinds, I definitely need to try this. Another great tip :)

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