Sugar-Free Mom Blog Turns 1 with a Blendtec Giveaway! [CLOSED]









I’m super excited to share that Sugar-Free Mom is One!!!

I can’t believe how quickly this first year has flown by! When I first started out I was pretty scared and very nervous to get something wrong or do something wrong that I really didn’t have much fun. But once I got into the swing of things and how to work a blog (since techy stuff is not my talent), I was able to focus on what I love and have fun doing it! Making delicious healthy food for my family and sharing the yummy concoctions with all of you is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences!

I’m so grateful to all of you who read, comment, follow, share, try the recipes and encourage me! I so appreciate when I receive positive comments about how you loved a recipe and sometimes just sweet emails sharing your struggles but having hope that you can change your lifestyle for the better of you and your family.

God can truly change you when you seek Him in all you do. I never thought my struggle with food/overeating and sugar addiction who result in helping others in such a positive way simply by sharing my story and my recipes. Never in a million years would I have thought God could put to use the very negative and self -destructive behavior and turn it around for His good.

I was so ashamed of what I felt I couldn’t get a handle on and saddened that as a christian since 1995 I couldn’t fix this problem of out of control eating.

Then I realized that if I had it altogether and didn’t have a problem or struggle like so many of us do in certain areas of our lives, then I wouldn’t need His help. I wouldn’t need to pray or seek Him in everything I do.

Struggles are the very thing that help us Cling to Him, Desire him, Crave Him! I want to CRAVE my Savior more than any food in this life! What about you?

Recently I received a beautiful hand written card in the mail. Yep, not email, a real card! How blessed I was to receive it! Not many send cards anymore. I want to share part of it with you, “I am so excited for you-One more inspiring example of how God uses our weaknesses to reveal His strength. We serve an awesome God!”

And that is so true my friends! He is what makes the difference in my life and He can make the difference in yours! This blog wouldn’t even exist if I didn’t struggle with food and sugar! Thank you all for being a part of my life!














To celebrate this awesome 1 year anniversary, I have been gifted with a beautiful Blendtec Wildside Blender to give away on my blog!

















This blender is HUGE, measures up to 36 fluid ounces with a volume of 90 fluid ounces! This is perfect for large recipes and even breads and frozen deserts! It’s retail cost is $454.95!!!!!!!! One of you could win this!! Aren’t you excited?!!!!

I use it almost every day! I absolutely love it! I’ve made my Green Protein Smoothie and Pumpkin Protein Pancakes! In the next week I’ll be sharing an Orange smoothie as well as a Chocolate Almond Butter recipe so make sure you’re subscribed via RSS feed so you don’t miss anything!

Not only will you receive that awesome Huge Blender you will also receive the TWISTER JAR and a Spectacula spatula too! Perfect for making your thickest recipes like nut butters, thick shakes, sauces, hummus! I’m in love and I know you’ll love it too!





This contest will end on Friday October 26, 2012 at midnight EST. It is open to US & Canadian residents only please. Enter below! Good Luck!
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  1. we love making green smoothies in our blender

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  4. Congrats on your FIRST BLOGOVERSERY!!!! How exciting! I can’t wait to see and try all the new and fantastic not to mention yummy recipes you’ll come up with in the next year!!!! Keep em coming :):):)

  5. Kerri Bolen says:

    I love your blog with all the healthy recipes & I would love to win this blender so I could make healthy protein shakes & desserts! The pumpkin protein shake sounds great!

  6. Henrik Thomas-Poulsen says:

    Happy Birthday to your fantastic site/blog :)

  7. Congrats on 1 year!! Great site! :)

  8. Lori Collins says:

    I am so glad I found you on Facebook, I too have struggled with overeating and sugar addiction but with the your wonderful recipes and help full tip’s I’m not only doing so much better myself but my family is also reaping the benefits!!!! Thank You So Much:)

  9. Wow, what an accomplishment. Your blog is so consistently wonderful, I can’t believe it’s only been a year! Congrats. I am lucky to have found it as I feel better when I eat your recipes. Many thx for that.

  10. Congrats on reaching the 1 year milestone! I would love to try more green and protein smoothies, but my blender just can’t handle the “tough” stuff.

  11. Amy Schlager says:

    Congratulations on the birthday of your site!

  12. How wonderfully exciting!! Yay! I adore your blog and look forward to each and every post! :)

  13. This would make my morning green smoothies so much more smooth! Happy Anniversary!

  14. SFM, I look forward to reading your blogs!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and your personal stories, VERY INSPIRING AND MOTIVATING!! Happy blogiversarry to you :-D

  15. love you! Happy birthday Sugar free MOM

  16. Congratulations on your anniversary, Brenda! I love to hear stories about how our wonderful and amazing God uses our struggles and challenges to show us just how great of a God He truly is! What an awesome testimony you are!

  17. Leanna Morris says:

    Happy First Birthday…with wishes for many more! Love your blog! I get some great ideas from it and appreciate your time and efforts!

  18. Congrats, I am happy for you.

  19. Congratulations! You are indeed a gift to your readers! I wish you many more years of successful blogging – if that is HIS will.

  20. That’s awesome, keep up the great posts! I love getting so many great new ideas!

  21. Congrats!! I love to make smoothies in my blender!

  22. congratulations Brenda!! You have a wonderful blog and I love your recipes. Many blessings for you and your blog in year two. God bless

  23. Congratulations! I like to make smoothies and peanut butter.

  24. Happy Birthday Sugar Free Mom!!! Love you blog!!!!!

  25. aimee raper says:

    Congrats! I love reading your posts and find it all so helpful! Thank you!

  26. Jan Johnson says:

    What a beautiful testimony you have – happy 1st year blogiversary! Your blog has been a blessing to me as I also try to gain control of the addiction to sugar. We have a wimpy cheap blender that is groaning its last breath as I try to make green smoothies – can you smell the burnt electrical smell LOL! Would love to win this!

  27. Mina h Thompson says:

    Congratulation for your 1yr celebration! I wish I found your site from first year, but late is better then nerver!

  28. Adrienne Golding says:

    I would love to win this blender, I am working to be a better baker for my husband and if I had something to quickly mix up a shake/pancakes…just healthier foods that would be fantastic. I need as much help as I can get!!! So please let me win this amazing blender!

  29. Happy 1st Birthday to a fabulous blog!! Thank you for inspiring and teaching me how to cut sugar from my diet.

  30. Happy BLOGIVERSARY!! Would love to make some awesome smoothies!

  31. Mackenzie Ziaja says:

    Happy blogiversary!! You have started something great!!

  32. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  33. Happy Anniversary! What a great giveaway!

  34. Happy Birthday!!! I am so excited for you. One of the many things I LOVE about your success is that I know you and have seen your journey. You are true to your word and your love of Christ. Following your blog, I know that you are real and your are not someone sitting behind a blog only pretending to live the lifestyle. I have seen your walk and trust your comments, advice, recipes, and encouragement.
    Thank you for being true!

    • Oh sweet Theresa, I love you! Thank you for sharing that! I so miss you! Virtual hugs {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}!!!! <3

      • Well, I don’t know Brenda personally, but all the way from Australia, I’ve seen her genuineness and been affected by her honesty and helpfulness. :) I am no longer struggling with sugar addictions since April (thanks to the inspiration of SFM) and I am looking forward to many years to come. I am thankful too for our great Saviour God who has brought us on this journey and given us the strength to overcome overeating and addiction. Thanks Brenda for giving God the credit He deserves! Blessings to you and I will continue to check back each day for your new sugar-free posting. :)

        • That means so much to me Kat! That although you personally don’t know that you have been positively helped by the recipes. Yes God will always receive my praise because without Him i can do nothing. Thank you Kat!

  35. Congratulations! Your blog has been inspirational to me as I continue my healthy eating journey. All your recipes are fantastic!

  36. Congrats! I wish I had the time to do some SERIOUS food blogging…

  37. Your faith and devotion to making your body a healthy temple for the Lord is such an encouragment! I love checking your blog every day to see what new yummy recipies you have to share with us. I’m trying to jumpstart my own healthier living and your words and recipies help to show me it can be done and it can tasty!

  38. Erin Hartzell says:

    Congratulations! It’s awesome you’ve been going for a year! Keep it up, we love your recipes!

  39. Wow 1 year!! That’s amazing! I LOVE reading your blog and trying all your yummy recipes…. here is to many more years!

  40. Natalie Sharp says:

    Congratulations!!!!! This
    is truly one of my favorite blogs and has been a godsend during my pregnancy.

  41. Robin Watts says:

    WOOOHOOOOO!!! Congratulations on a special day for a special blog. We love the recipes you share and the great ideas you have. Keep up the great work!

  42. Nerissa Maldonado says:

    Congratulation on your 1st anniversary. I truly enjoy your blog and all the wonderfully delicious recipes you share! :-)

  43. All our smoothies, protein pancakes.. Everything! ;)

  44. Happy Blogiversary!! I really enjoy your creative ideas when it comes to food and incorporate a lot of them in our diet, especially my son’s ( he is so focused and well mannered without sugar in his diet!) I wish you many more years of blogiversaries! Keep on with your great influence, you’re making a difference!!!

  45. I love your blog. This year I’ve recognized my crazy sugar cravings and am seeking to completely quit sugar. Love your recipes and menu plans! Thanks for the chance to win the blendtech!

  46. Missie McLagan says:

    Yahoo for you this is great! I make my protein shakes every morning with my blender and make smoothies for my daughter! Thank you for doing this!

  47. Tracy Rose Decker says:

    Congrats! I’m so glad I found your site…very inspiring & uplifting. I love that you give God the glory for your success!

  48. Congrats! Love your blog and find myself always checking for new great recipes on it. thanks!

  49. Norma Budke says:

    Congratulations!!! Love your blog!!! I love trying your recipes! You have changed the whole way I think about food and have made it so much easier for me to serve health foods to my family!! Thank you so much…

  50. Congratulations on your 1 year! Enjoy your tips and recipes and thank you for sharing the celebration with all your readers too! :)

  51. Happy BLOGIVERSARY! I have always wanted a Blendtec.

  52. Amazing how much you have done in 1 year – congrats!

  53. i want one!!!

  54. Congratulations & Happy 1st blog anniversary!! I know I’ve been blessed & encouraged by your posts & recipes and by reading other posts, you have been to others as well. Keep up the good work! Praise God!

  55. Yippee!! Yahoo!! Congratulations on your 1 year Blogiversary!! I am a daily reader and would love to sip something made in this blender and keep on reading :-) Enjoy your day!!

  56. Congrats! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes!

  57. Congrats on your 1-year anniversary! I love so many of your recipes, so thank you for sharing your kitchen genius:) #fitfluential

  58. I would love to have a new blender to make smoothies in! And milkshakes for the husband :)

  59. Thank you for sharing your story and your recipes with us and for giving God the glory for your success. He is an awesome God!

  60. My little ones and I love making green smoothies.

  61. A good blender is essential in the kitchen! Thanks for offering this terrific blender.

  62. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    I love to make all kinds of smoothies in my blender. Yum!

  63. Nichole Guymon says:

    This blender looks amazing. I would make my protein smoothies as well as my protein pancakes. My husband would make his pins coladas lol. Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway & Happy Birthday to your blog

  64. thanks for the chance to win this! happy one year!

  65. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway!! We love trying the new recipes! Thanks for sharing them. We all fill better sugar free!

  66. What a great giveaway! Love your blog!

  67. elena belluso says:

    I have enjoyed your blog ever since you began. What I was able to do was cut the richness of my traditional recipes without cutting the taste. So I am making healthier, more weight-friendly meals for my growing family. I love making smoothies, but I have a large family and the size of my own blender makes it impossible to make big batches. How I would love to have your larger sized blender to whip up batches of pancake batter or fruit smoothies in one batch instead of having to make several batches! Wow, would I love that blender!!!!!

  68. I’ve wanted one of these for a looong time! Thanks for the opportunity to enter! :)

  69. Congrats! I’m really glad I found your site.

  70. Enjoying your recipes. Thanks!

  71. Kerri White says:

    I have been eating healthier this last year, and juicing is something I’d like to try!

  72. HaPpY bIrThDaY! I love your blog, have been slowly breaking the sugar addiction for my whole family. That blender looks awesome! Would fit perfect in our working on healthier lifestyle.

  73. I love the reciepes you share. Lots of great alternatives! I look forward to reading it daily! Thanks

  74. Gretchen Schlier says:

    I have been wanting a better blender to make smoothies and other yummy concoctions…I would love to win the Blentec! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and Congrats on your 1 yr. anniversary!!!!

  75. Congrats! I really enjoy your blog and it is one of the few I check in with regularly.

  76. we love making smoothies and my blender is on its last leg… I would love to win

  77. I love your blog an I love blendtec. Here’s to many more years :)

  78. Post workout smoothies!

  79. I love smoothies :)

  80. How exciting happy 1 year! I always wanted to be a “shake” person. Your recipes look amazing.

  81. Hi! I recently found your blog through the Skinny Ms website and I am so excited. My family and I have been in the middle of a military move from AK to NM so since I haven’t had access to a kitchen, I’ve been unable to try any recipes. But I’m am unpacking my kitchen as I type, and a couple of your recipes are at the top of my list to cook as soon as possible. Can’t wait! Thank you for your encouraging writings and awesome looking recipes!

  82. Happy Birthday to your blog. I was very happy to find it as I am beginning my journey giving up sugar. I can relate to being a Christian and having an out-of-control eating issue, specifically with all things sugar. I have been taking my family on a new food journey, and there is quite a large learning curve. We all love smoothies (with stevia!), but it always takes 2 batches for our family of 9. It would be awesome to make enough for all of us in one go! Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. Love the blog! thanks for sharing!

  84. Rhonda Brockman says:

    I love your blog…and my daughter (newly diagnosed with Celiac disease) loves your recipes. You label everything specific to the food allergy and the nutritional information allows me to eat the food and know what I am eating.

  85. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  86. Desiree Heineman says:

    HAPPY 1 YEAR Anniversary!! Your blog is a blessing thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information! These recipies have helped me get my son’s medical condition under control (without all the crazy medications). I “borrowed” my friend’s for awhile and it makes a HUGE difference in our ability to eat (and drink) fresh clean foods.

  87. My favorite morning shake is protein powder, ice, almond milk and peanut butter.

  88. I LOVE making smoothies–so ready for a more powerful, durable blender!

  89. Awesome giveaway! We use our blender to make smoothies and would love the chance to win a Blendtec, thank you!!!

  90. Michele Hynes says:

    I am a new stay at home mom. This blender would be great for food prep, plus the large size would let me make larger meals and freeze extras.

  91. Love your website and would love this blender!

  92. Maria Malaveci says:

    I don’t have a blender, but if I did I would make lots and lots of Hummus. Yummy, delicious Hummus!

  93. Wow! Happy birthday! What an awesome giveaway!

  94. Well, I would love to make more in my blender, but it just don’t have the umph I need. Pureed soups are one of my favorite blender items though.

  95. Happy Birthday! Love your posts and recipies. Great job!

  96. I like your recipes. Thanks for your work!

  97. Happy blogiversary!

  98. Happy Blog Birthday! I’ve been yearning for a Blendtec forever! I use my blender at least once if not twice a day. The Blendtec would make my healthy smoothies with veggies a lot more appealing to my kids because of how super smooth it would make them! I also love making nut butters, so it would get real good use around here!

  99. What a great offer and keep pushing out the great information

  100. Steph Snow says:

    I love to make my smoothies & pancake mixes & sauces in the blender!

  101. Congrats!! Thanks for all the great recipes..

  102. Happy birthday!

  103. Christina Roth says:

    Congrats! I could never keep up a blog…I’m just too lazy. But I would still love a Blendtec! I’m sure it’d work so much better than my cheapie $10 one I got at a garage sale.

  104. We love a daily fruit smoothie. We’d like to branch out to make butters, soups and sauces in the blender more!

  105. Teela Falgoust says:

    Congrats on your 1st year blog anniversary! I would love to have this in my kitchen to make smoothies.

  106. protein smoothies!

  107. Congrats on your first year. And I LOVED how you wrote that our struggles are very often the thing that God uses in us to help others come to know Him. And it’s so very true that God wants us to desire Him more than anything else. And this very post has inspired me to continue to read “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkhurst. The very thing you spoke of is the topic of this book. It is a daily battle/struggle to overcome food as an addiction. May God continue to bless you and use this blog for HIS good. I will continue to follow along and get inspired to change my eating habits! Blessings to you!!!

  108. Leigh Anne says:

    Love your blog! Your recipes are an inspiration, and I love your testimony!

  109. Congrats on your blog anniversary! I love visiting your site, it’s definitely one of my favorites! :)

  110. Happy 1 year, and thank you for a year of making us all a bit more healthy!

  111. Just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it! I love smoothies for breakfast!

  112. Tiffany Marie says:

    Happy Blog Birthday!!

  113. Mackenzie K says:

    Thank you so much! :) I would love to make a mock mocha frappuccino. Mmm!

  114. Congratulation for your 1yr anniversary! I just recently found your blog and wish I found it a year earlier! I love cooking, baking and making smoothies….I have been dying for a Blendtec for quite some time now….I would LOVE to win it!!!

  115. Victoria Morgan says:

    Congrats on your 1 yr old first Birthday! Happy Birthday Blog!

  116. Leigh Anne says:

    I’m a new reader (w/in the last few mos) and had no idea your blog was only 1 year old… is just fabulous for only being around 1 yr! I really appreciate the reason you started your blog and for you sharing your struggles. I most of all appreciate you giving the glory to God!! He is truly the only one who can set you FREE! I’m am now a loyal follower! I’ve wanted one of those blenders FOR-eveh! I’d whip up all of my smoothies & more. It would be awesome….I just know it. Happy Blogiversary!

  117. Just started reading…I have been in
    Need of this help for awhile!!! I would love this blender to continue a healthy lifestyle!

  118. Congrats! My family needs a new blender and we love making green smoothies and homemade nut butters too Thanks!

  119. This blender looks awesome! Thanks for sharing, I love your blog. Happy Birthday!

  120. Happy blog-aversary!! What a GREAT giveaway!!

  121. shaunie wyatt says:

    I love to make green smoothies in my blender!!

  122. Carrie Spradlin says:

    Congrats on a year! I read your blog religiously!

  123. Nice! and congrats on the Blogiversary!

  124. I liked making homemade ice cream when I used to have a blender. So much funner and healthier than store-bought!

  125. I have to say I would probably mostly be making smoothies in mine though I use a blender for EVERYTHING! Starting in January 2012 I transitioned to a 100% Raw Vegan diet which resulted in the loss of 90 lbs so far, stopped the onset of heredity diseases, cured depression and mental foggyness… it even led me to reconnect with my own spirituality! I’d used this Blendtec for so much… smoothies, soups, nut milks, desserts, puddings, sprouted flour, nut pates, dressing and so much more! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!

  126. Congrats on your 1st year blog anniversary!

  127. Thanks girl! I love all your recipes! Thank you for being so kind and sharing them all with us! :)


  128. Congratulations on one year! I enjoy your website!

  129. congrats on your blogoversary! I love to make smoothies with my daughter and my blender broke….would love to continue the tradition and make some more smoothies

  130. Love your blog! Always good info!

  131. First off- wow 1 year what an accomplishment! Way to go! You have been truly blessed by God, your viewers and I am sure your very supportive family for having such a successful blog. Our lord has given you a gift which you have run with and by doing so have given so many others- such as my family, tools to create many wonderful and creative treats ;) I have a child with multiple food allergies, so your recipes have given us many happy baking evenings. I would love a blendtec because not only would it allow us to create juices and smoothies, but hot soup, ice cream and also produce milks and flours for my family which would help us so much. Thank you again congrats!!

    • That is so wonderful to hear, “many happy baking evenings!” I am so blessed that others can benefit from the recipes and you and your family are no exception! Thank you for such kind words!

      • I always followed your blog for my family as per multiple food allergies and also removing refined sugars and processed “junk” as I call it. I did not until recently realize the struggles you had with sugar, and now understand the addiction so much better. Also possibly why society has become so much more obese..since so many may be addicted. Blessing ;)

  132. A friend just shared this, and I’m SOOO excited to read on. Hopefully it will further our healthy eating challenge!

  133. Happy 1st Birthday! Wishing you many more blogging birthday years full of great facts, and recipes for a healthier life style. I love the giveaways you do, this would be superdeedoooper to win :)

  134. Christy Campbell says:

    I just found your blog!! So excited. I can’t wait to try your recipes. Love making smoothies:)

  135. jane gordon says:

    love your blog and FB page as we are trying to reduce our sugar usage… thanks…..

  136. Congrats! and thank you for sharing all that you’ve learned along the way with us!
    I use my blender daily for my green smoothies!
    Encouraging to hear you share how you’ve had to put your faith in God with dealing with your sugar addiction. I feel like I’m dealing with bad food habits by replacing them with nutritious good food that tastes great! However, I still need to pray for God’s help with dealing with my computer addiction! Too many great things to explore online :)

  137. Penny Hammer says:

    Congratulations on 1 year!! I love reading your stuff!

  138. Megan Ancheta says:

    Congratulations on your blogversery! I use my blender to make smoothies, vegan cheese sauce, blueberry coconut butter, and a host of other things! :) Megan

  139. Marcella F says:

    Happy Blogaversary! Right now I am making pumpkin puree in my blended to freeze

  140. I having been dying to get a blendtec for a while now !

  141. Happy one year! We love to use the blender for smoothies or pureed soups.

  142. Congrats on your anniversary! Love your site, and your recipes! I don’t have a blender but I would love one to make smoothies with kale and other super-healthy ingredients.


  144. Congrats on your 1 year blog…Here’s hoping I can win that awesome blender you are giving away…

  145. Karissa Rogers says:

    CONGRATS!!! I blend everything but I love making protein veggie smoothies. My dream one day is to create my own line of healthy nut butters. I need a powerful blender to do that though ;)

  146. Love your blog!! You always have such great recipes!

  147. Happy blogiversay!! I make berry and almond milk smoothies every day!

  148. Well I don’t have a blender yet, but really would like to make green smoothies! Happy Bloganniversary!

  149. Congrats! I love your recipes!!!

  150. Amy Griffith says:

    Would love this blender!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Kate Morris says:

    Oh how I would love this blender in my kitchen! It would stay on the countertop!

  152. Congrats! Would love to make pumpkin pancakes.

  153. Love your recipes! I make smoothies and protein shakes.

  154. Laura Nelson says:

    Happy Blogiversary again Brenda!

    I’ve got a super recipe (very yummy) I’d love to see you creatively change and get us some variety. I’m not brave enough to step on on this limb myself…

    You’ve proven skilled in this area, can’t wait to hear back!

  155. Georgiana S. says:

    Red is my favorite color and this would match my Red toaster too! LOL!
    Congrats on your blogiversary! I would love to make homemade soups and hummus too in this fabulous Blendtec! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  156. Fabulous birthday gift — thanks for sharing.

  157. Thanks for all the recipes you share — this size and quality of blender would be a great asset when trying them for my GF family of 7

  158. Congratulations on your web site

  159. Congrats on your anniversary! I love, love, love starting my day with a smoothie each morning–frozen mixed berries, frozen bananas, coconut water, protein powder, milled chia, and kale leaves. YUM! I can’t imagine my day without this. It certainly would be wonderful to grind down those kale leaves a bit more in a new blender! (They often get stuck in my teeth–not so pretty!)

  160. Smoothies with frozen strawberries, spinach, peanut butter, protein powder, and almond milk! Yum! I also make nut butters, hummus, rice Cauliflower, refried. Beans without the fry and much much more!

  161. I loved your post and the reasons behind why you do what you do. HOpe you continue blogging for many years!

    On the blender side… we’re fairly limited to smoothies, but I’d love to get behind the wheel of a Blendtec and try out some more interesting things… flour, nut butters, ice creams… the possibilities are pretty amazing.

  162. Ryan stilwell says:

    Love love love your website and all the goodies you have here!!! Would love an amazing blender!!!

  163. Congratulations on the first of my blog-iversarries. Beautiful post!

  164. Congrats! I made your cocoa quinoa bars today and they were a big hit. Love your recipes–keep them coming!!

  165. Congratulations! What an amazing giveaway! I would love to win this! I have been eating healthier for the last 6 months & love trying new recipes!

  166. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is the best. I would love to make smoothies in that blender.

  167. I would love to win a new blender! Mine won’t even blend up ice! :(

  168. Congratulations! What a great blender, love to make smoothies.

  169. Happy Blogiversary! After reading the book Made to Crave, I feel God has been showing me how much sugar is not my friend. Then here’s the Sugar Free Mom blog to help me make a healthy eating plan without sugar. Thank you for sharing! And thank God for His guidance!

  170. Nancy thyfault says:

    I would love to make green smoothies!! Thanks for the chance

  171. Heather Whitney says:

    I love making green smoothies and would love to make them in a Blendtec. I would also love to make almond butter.

  172. A good blender is a must!!! Love to make a good protein shake.

  173. YOU ARE A TRUE GODDESS! I love reading your blogs for inspiration and for the recipes themselves. I love delicious, wholesome, delicious cooking and baking and I think you are doing wonderful work!

  174. What a fantastic blender. Would love to have this!

  175. This blender looks AMAZING! I am so in love with several of your recipes. You inspire me to make new things and use new ingredients! :) Thank you!!

  176. So glad i found your blog. Love the recipes!

  177. Congratualtions! Looks like the perfect blender for making your delicious smoothies and milkshakes!

  178. Congratulation on 1 year!! Great site! Keep up the good work! you are helping so many people, Thank you! :)

  179. Congrats on 1 year of blogging – here’s to many more years of healthy eating and living!

  180. Margaret Furr says:

    congrats on 1 year!

  181. I’ve been dying to get a blender! Congrats on 1 year!

  182. Jamie Martin says:

    Everything with blueberries!

  183. Charlotte Moore says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your first year. No one would think you only have a year experience. You seem to be a pro with your blog. You have truly learned to walk quickly.(-:

    Love to drink protein shakes and this would be a great win. Thanks for the chance!!

    GOD BLESS!!!!

  184. Heather Howard says:

    Love to make protein shakes and smoothies! This would be awesome!

  185. Congrats! I love your recipes! Keep ‘em coming!

  186. I am so excited for this giveaway!! What a wonderful giveaway!!!

  187. Sara Leptuch says:

    I would love this blender to make more smoothies and nut butters!

  188. Congratulations! I, too, am awestruck by the God we serve!!!! Humility is great. God Bless you all!!!

    I would be so graced to win this Blendtec! Imagine the gathering of brothers and sisters around our tables. Faith, food, and family…the essences of life!

  189. Geraldine says:

    Green protein smoothies for breakfast.

  190. While I don’t do sugar-free, I’ve taken many of your recipes and adapted them! Love the creativity :-)

  191. Happy BLOGiversary! So proud of you, and SO love you and your receipes!

  192. You truly have been an inspiration for me. Your recipes and ideas have helped me on my own quest to trust Him in all I do, including my food. Thank you, thank you, thank you…and Happy blogiversary!!!!

  193. Kelly Mysliwczyk says:

    Congratulations!! And thanks for having this great giveaway!

  194. Congrats! I love getting your recipes. They give me so many ideas. I use my blender every single day at least 2x’s. I would love to win the Blendtech!

  195. I LOVE your blog! It always gives me great healthy ideas for supper!

  196. Congrats on one year of blogging!

  197. As a university student with trouble processing sugar, your recipes are a life saver. I would love to be able to use a Blendtec to make some of them.

  198. Just found your blog & love it!!!

  199. Congrats on 1 year!! What a huge impact you have made in just one short year!! I love to make green monster smoothies in my blender but very soon I am going to be making yummy, healthy food in it for my baby girl!

  200. Olivia Martinez says:

    Omg!!! I cannot believe I miss a whole year of your wonderful website! I’m boomed!! But good thing is, I discover it, right on time with this fantastic give away!!
    Congrats on all that you have achieve this year :)

  201. I like to make all sorts of things in blenders, but it is only Tuesday and the only thing I can think of at the moment is a frozen adult beverage. Counting down the days… Happy Blogiversary!

  202. Linda Ritchie says:

    Congratulations on your 1st year finished.

  203. elena belluso says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary of Sugarfreemom blog!!! In only a year you have made loyal fans because of your detailed and down-to-earth storytelling of your own challenges with cooking for your family. You inspire all of us. Thank you for a great year!!!!

  204. My girls have become spoiled since I became acquainted with the blender and food processor. My 6 yr old is enjoying a “Popsicle” (left overs from yesterday’s smoothie frozen into molds) for breakfast. I can’t believe the amount of sugar we used to eat just from smoothies at the coffee/smoothie shops. Not to mention the amount of $ I wasted. I love being able to show my girls that eating healthy can be tasty.

  205. Congratulations! I love your blog and your great recipes.

  206. Donnah Moore says:

    Impressed and inspired by your blog. Your dedication to sharing this lifestyle with others is very gracious. Happy Anniversary.

    • thank you kindly. :)

      • Debra Curry says:

        Hi Brenda,
        I need a Blendtec desperately and want to make sure I’m doing everything to qualify to win it! I have been sugar free since Lent (gave it up for Lent) and continue to be sugar free since I feel so much better and your recipes are extremely helpful and yummy! Thanks so much and I’m glad I found you! Deb

  207. Congratulations on your one year accomplishment. I have truly enjoyed your blogs. My kids and i look forward to the weekends so that we can try everything that we have seen during the week.

  208. Congrats on one year! Keep up the good work.

  209. Karen Chaffin says:

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!! I so enjoy your blog & am so excited that I found it!! I would love to win the Blendtech blender to make all the wonderful, healthy smoothies!! :)

  210. Cassandra McBride says:

    Your energy & efforts have helped so many. It’s inspiring. Thank you.

  211. Tara Bergeron says:

    I love your website! Always such great recipes. Probably my favorite recip is the chia seed pudding. I am so thankful for that one!

  212. Congratulations!!! Love your blog and your ideas. :)

  213. What a fabulous find your bolg has been! I create lunches for my kids everyday and I enjoy making them things that are tasty and that they feel are TRUE treats when in reality they are Healthy Treats :) I’d love to win this blender to expand my kitchen appliances and allow for more wonderful cooking/baking for my family.

  214. I love to make smoothies in my blender.

  215. I want to make cashew key lime shake!

  216. I too have recently started a blog and it is challenging. Whatever talent God gives you, he gives you to share and help other. Your site has been an inspiration to me and many people.

  217. Amazing giveaway prize, and Congratulations on one year! Keep up the good work.

  218. katherine d says:

    i love making vegan green monster smoothies!!!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  219. Dana Dominguez says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and Facebook page. I love clean recipes and I would LOVE to win the blender!

  220. Smoothies and shakes.

  221. Stephanie Brady says:

    Congrats!!! Was just thinking about buying one of these!

  222. Katelyn Adams says:

    Very IN LOVE with your blog. Appreciate you making yummy recipes with non expensive easy to find ingredients. Thanks for all you do:).
    Could really use a high quality blender:).

  223. First of all I love your blog. I currently don’t own a blender and would LOVE to win this one. It would help me greatly increase my fruit and veggie intake! :)

  224. I recently found your blog through Pinterest and love it! I’m insulin resistant and cute fat hoping to turn into a healthy cute thin person lol!

  225. Natasha Brown says:

    I absolutely love your website and all of the recipes. I’ve tried several of the smoothies but can’t find one that my whole family enjoys (maybe its my I would love to win this blender and try more of your smoothie recipes with it.

  226. Congrats again Brenda on completing your first year. I had a dream of making homemade milks last night in the blendtec and sweetening SUGAR FREE of course ;) words sometimes cannot express how grateful I am to have blogs like yours to turn too. My son Liam stated that I was the Best Mom in the world because I never let him go without! Without your blog, that would not always be possible. Thanks again.

  227. Congratulations!

    That blender looks amazing, I’d definitely be spending all my free time in the kitchen if I had one of those :-)

  228. I would so love this blender. I too started my journey to eat healthier a year ago & now trying to do the same with the rest of my family. This blender would be amazing to have :)

  229. Congratulations Brenda on having such a wonderful and valuable blog. I’ve been following SFM for a couple of months and didn’t realize you’ve only been at this for a year. I’ve used a few of your recipes because I’ve noticed that sugar really saps my energy.

    You’ve also encouraged me to follow your example of acknowledging the Lord in all you do and giving Him the glory.

    Thank you for checking out my recipes on

  230. We love to make fruit and veggie smoothie and this blender would be great for that! I am also very interested in making almond milk but need a better blender than the one I’m currently using. I love your blog and all the great ideas! I’m learning so much…

  231. Tara page says:

    Congrats and Happy Blog Birthday. Love your recipes I use many of them

  232. Congrats on your blogaversary! I know how much work goes into blogging and right now I’m struggling with balancing family, working, and fitting in blogging (and all the writing, editing, photography, recipe development, techie stuff that goes with it). So many bloggers fizzle out after a few months because it’s so much work. I’ve always felt that your blogging comes from the heart. Again congrats on your accomplishment.

    What a great giveaway to celebrate!

    Julie from Less Sugar Naturally

  233. ashley smith says:

    I love your blog because of the recipe’s and also your heart. I m a type 1 diabetic and have found your site so helpful in my diet.
    I would like to crush ice in a blender like that to make smoothies thicker :) Plus a lot of recipes want something blended in the blender and I would love to have one.

  234. Jill Sheets says:

    I would love to win a blendtec! I am so happy I found your blog.

  235. Congrats on the Blogaversary!! I am just finding you and can not wait to check out all the healthy recipes. Thanks in Advance :)

  236. I am SO glad I came across your blog. I relate so much on the “sugar addiction” issues and I am starting to apply your steps to my life. I would love to use this blender to make your healthy smoothie recipes!

  237. I would make a Ron of different smoothies!

  238. I would LOVE to make some sugar-free smoothies with this awesome blender! My current blender is awful at crushing ice, so I love that the Blendtec can tackle ice with no problem at all. Thanks so much for the giveaway, and happy 1 year blog anniversary! :)

  239. hi there! I love making smoothies every.single.morning in my blender. Usually green smoothies with coconut milk but lately pumpkin pie smoothies YUM!

  240. is this better/as good as the vitamix? i’ve been wanting one of those for about a year now!

  241. Thank you for making such a difference in my life! You may have struggled with this for years but your blog is allowing others to finally get control of their lives.

  242. I love making smoothies and sugar free puddings with avocado

  243. Caroline Landon says:

    My, my! What a fabulous giveaway. I have been “meaning” to trim down for some time. It seems between ten pregnancies and homeschooling my time is minimal. I constantly try to tweak my diet, but exercise time eludes me. Your blog is an inspiration as I try to remove sugars from my family’s diet. I would love to have this fabulous blender to add another tool to my arsenal in improving my health… and the health of my family.

  244. Danielle Pals says:

    I would use it for smoothies and making my own nut butters and almond flour. YUM! Thanks!

  245. Holy mother of blenders that thing looks AAAAAMAZING. My nut butters would finally be creamy!!! And a very Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to you! :]

  246. I never doubted you would be successful. I have seen firsthand the dedication, love and heart you’ve put into this blog. As a result, God has and will continue to bless you so you can keep blessing us. Congratulations on your 1st year and many more years to come.

  247. I silently follow you on Pinterest. I’ve had a sugar addiction for a very long time and have had a hard time feeling like I am a failure to God by not killing it. I did a month long sugar fast and then made the mistake of thinking that I could handle moderation. I enjoy reading your info. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Hi AMber, I too fell in that trap when I got pregnant with my third child. Hardest was getting back on track but it can be done. You need to find out what types of sugar trigger you then avoid them at all costs. I can have recipes with honey or sucanat but not maple syrup or any white table sugar products. I can have brown rice syrup and date sugar as well as fruit sweetened foods. It is often the foods we think we can handle in moderation that are the ones we should be avoiding. Potato chips don’t have sugar but I can’t have them in the house, I will eat them if I see them. You can get a handle on this with God’s help. Ask Him to show you then make a list of your trigger foods and avoid them like they are poison! God bless!

  248. I would LOVE this!! Love making smoothies. Btw, your protein puff & overnight pumpkin oats are amazing!!

  249. I love to make smoothies :)

  250. Congratulations on one year! I love your blog. Reading and making your sugar free treats helps me stay on track. I’m addicted to sugar, like many others, and that is not good for you. I would love a new blender; I just told my husband that’s what I really wanted for Christmas. ha!

  251. Oh man I could really use a new blender! I’ve been lusting after the Vitamix (like everyone else!) but cannot bite that bullet just yet. Happy One Year!! I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s been hard for me to completely cut refined flours and sugars from my diet, but I know I need to. Every little bit of motivation/inspiration helps!

  252. I so look forward to reading your blog everyday. You give me such inspiration in my weight loss journey. I enjoy your posts and recipes! In the blender I would make smoothies made from fruits and veggies. Congratulations on your first year blog!! I hope you continue for a long time!!

  253. Just stumbled upon your blog the other day and love it. Thanks for the great recipes and awesome give away!

  254. Thank you for the opportunity! <3

  255. Wow! Happy blogiversary! Your blog is such an inspiration to me – I wish you many more wonderful years of blogging to come!

  256. Sandy Heard says:

    Wow what a great giveaway! Soups and smoothies, soups and smoothies galore ! :)

  257. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I have been wanting one of these for a while now and would be so excited to win it.

  258. I love making smoothies. I have one almost everyday. The Blendtec is amazing! Your website/blog is great too. Thank you for posting great ideas and recipes. Happy 1 year!

  259. Congrats!! We love smoothies!!!

  260. Congratulations on your anniversary! I just began my quest for a healthier lifestyle and am so thankful I came across your blog. You have helped me cut out white processed sugar and I feel so much better. Im excited to enter your giveaway for the blendtec blender. It would be a great tool that I am adding to my arsenal to keep my body healthy! Keep the great blogs and recipes coming please!!!!!

  261. Made banana steel cut oats last night crock pot from your recipe. Was so good kids asked if they can have some after school ;) happy 1 year again and god bless you and your continued success. My family is gaining more knowledge everyday and your blog is aiding in that, making our lives healthier 1 day at a time ;)

  262. I would make many many smoothies with frozen bananas since my cheap blender can’t seem to process them :)

  263. I make protein shakes after every workout, but I’m in need of a new blender, mine will barely crush ice or bananas. Sucky!

  264. Francesca Mingione says:

    Happy 1 year anniversary! Your web page has an error on it, so I’m hoping that entry for the giveaway is by comment only. Thank you!

  265. Ruby Johnson says:

    Great perspective on His strength in our weakness…I have recently given up sugar & I feel so much better, besides losing 30 pounds! When I’ve given in to temptation in the last three months, I always regret it. I never thought I could give up sugar, & I couldn’t have, if I hadn’t asked for God to help me & realized that sugar is addictive & makes me crave & overeat. Thanks for sharing your recipes & story!

  266. Tanisha Hoover says:

    I love all the time a beautiful pics you put into your blog Sugar-Free Mom.
    I attend Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor. If I win this Blender I will donate it to our kitchen so the student can use while at school. One of my favorite recipes you posted was the frozen yogurt covered blueberries. Once again thanks for everything :)

  267. Amy Schlager says:

    Great prize!

  268. Brenda, happy blogiversary!! I am so thankful I found your blog. Your recipes have helped so much through my journey to a sugar free life. I feel so much better and it is nice to know there is someone else out there. My friends sure think I’m crazy and that this is just for a time! Thank you!

  269. I just found your site yesterday….My husband and I have recently started a diet, so right now sugar is the enemy. I have been surprised by how many things have added sugar. I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes so that we don’t have to give up some of the food we like forever.

  270. Congrats on your first year! I recently found your blog and am so excited about it! It is a true blessing to find your blog in my attempts at reducing the sugar in my home. Thank you!

  271. Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many more wonderful happy blogging years!

  272. Stephanie says:

    Congrats! I have been eyeing your pumpkin Protein Pancakes for awhile now…tomorrow will be the day!

  273. I just recently discovered your website and I love it. I’ve been ashamed for so long that I’ve struggled with my weight and have discovered that my children are now struggling as well because I’m not a good example. I rely on God to meet all my needs and I’m truly trusting in Him that He will help me control my eating as well. My greatest wish is that my kids will learn how to eat healthy and live a nice long life. Congratulations on one year and please keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Denise. God is my strength but having trigger foods in my house didn’t help me, my flesh would always win. I had to do the work as far removing the culprits causing me to go back to sugar and cave in. SO be cautious of what triggers you and stay far away from it. It will be easier. Avoid making any kind of healthy deserts too, even healthy too tempting if you are just starting put. You will get a handle on this, focus just on today. :)

  274. Happy Bloggiversary!!!! Would love to win this amazing blender:)

  275. mysunnyspirit says:

    So excited for you! I love reading your blog and have tried many of your recipes and I LOVE them! Congrats!!!

  276. I would use it for smoothies, soups, ice cream, and other things that my regular blender doesn’t seem made for.

  277. Love to make my daughter smoothies. She LOVES them!

  278. Green Smoothies are the most often thing made in our blender. But mayo for homemade ranch dressing happens a lot too. As it’s getting chilly, kids like to make hot cup o’ carob too. And Banana Muffins (batter) and I could go on and on. Love to blend!

  279. I want to win this!! Pick me Pick me! My blender has seen better days…

  280. Christine Robbins says:

    I would love to win this blender so I could make more of your recipes! I really don’t have a blender I could use but appreciate all the recipes etc. that you have posted! Thanks for sharing the last year with us!

  281. Congrats! I’ve been telling everyone about your blog.

  282. Kelly Jones says:

    I have heard so much about these blenders and would love to have one. I have tried to limp through with my regular blender but on some things it just doesn’t have what I need. Thank you for your blog and the opportunity to win one of these blenders!

    Happy One Year!

  283. I love to make golden delight pancakes in my blender. 1 c. cottage cheese, 6 eggs, 1/2 c Pamela’s gluten free baking mix, 1/2 c milk, 1/3 oil, 1 t vanilla 1 t cinnamon, 1/2 t salt. Blend it and make them. I sometimes add nuts or blueberries to the batter.

  284. I am always so encouraged by Christians who aren’t afraid to share the Lord with others. It really is beautiful how He can use our biggest struggles for His glory! Keep it up!

  285. Love smoothies! Would love to try making nut butters

  286. I love making smoothies! Congrats on passing the 1 year mark!

  287. Congrats on your blog.. Although I don’t often comment. I love your blog!!

  288. Love the blog! Tried several recipes. Going to start making smoothies next week as part of new diet.

  289. I can’t tell you how much I want to win this blender! In my recipe-testing kitchen, it would be absolutely invaluable. :)

  290. Congrats, love the blog! My current blender doesn’t do a whole lot, so I typically use it for smoothies and…well, other beverages (read: margaritas). :)

  291. Happy Blogversary to you, happy Blogversary to you…well we all know how the rest of the song goes. I have been thinking of what would be the best thing to make in the almighty BLENDTEC, and I think it would be my very first ( completely smooth) green smoothie. I often forget to take care of myself ( just like all the other moms), but I feel this is one way I can help my body get what it needs..and by giving me what I need will also give my kids what they need. An active Mom! Please look up Luke 6:38, I feel it quite suiting for your success ;)

  292. Awesome prize!

  293. Carissa Lundmark says:

    Congratulations!! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  294. Elizabeth says:

    So happy that you are offering sugar-free recipes!

  295. Jen Miller says:

    I would love!!! This blender!!!!!

  296. Congratulations! Enjoy your recipes. Especially then Garbonzo beans and Parmesan.

  297. I actually burned out my last blender. I’m so excited for this!

  298. Would LOVE to win this!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  299. Rebecca Poppe says:

    Congrats on 1 year! What a fantastic give-away!

  300. I love your blog! It’s always wonderful to find new recipes that promote clean eating. I can’t wait to try all of your recipes!

  301. Sharon Maupin says:

    I could really use one of those blender by Blendtech…getting older we need to stay healthy and I love most of the things I share and try from Sugar Free Mom…

  302. Stephanie says:

    I love your blog, and my daughter loves everything I make off of it. Thanks so much for taking the time to publish all that you do. Congrats on 1 year! :)

  303. Congrats! I love your recipes.

  304. Happy 1 year! Love what you are doing to help out the rest of us! You make being a mom a little easier lol

  305. Make a smoothie every morning!

  306. Kristin Wisnewski says:

    Congratulations on one year! I love your blog and have enjoyed a number of the recipes!!

  307. OMG. I would love to win this blender!

  308. Kristin Wisnewski says:

    Congratulations on one year!!! I love receiving your blog. Thanks for blessing our family with yummy recipes!!

  309. Love your site!! I’ve been searching for a blender to make green smoothies!

  310. Deedee Mac says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Today is also my grands (twin boys) 7th birthday (and their mother shares this day of birth with them.

    We make interesting (fun — no recipe) smoothies in their parents’ blender (peanut butter, yogurt, flaxseed, whatever we think we MIGHT like)

    Keep up the good work — I look forward to seeing what you “cook up” daily.

  311. Love making ‘green monster smoothies’ in my blender!!

  312. Congrats!

    I’d make a yummy PROTEIN SMOOTHIE!!! :)

  313. Great blog! Happy 1 year blog anniversary!

  314. Hope to win!

  315. Thanks for sharing your story! :) I recently had my 4th baby, and I feel like my body is just trashed. :’( I am so dependent on sugar and caffeine just to make it through the day. I am very encouraged by your story. I was able to recently stop drinking Coke, which was a HUUUUUUUUGE struggle but I feel a little better now. Of course, it is by God’s grace we overcome any burden…and by His grace we keep trying after all of the failures.

  316. I would love to make smoothies (green ones!), soups and sauces in a new blender! I also saw a great recipe on the Blendtec website for almond butter, which I’d never thought of! Our current blender is a clunker from the 1970s, so it’d be great to get a new one.

  317. says:

    Well, I love to make fresh smoothies and I would LOVE to be able to make chocolate chip cookie dough in my blender—however, my blender is horrendous and isn’t even capable of making a good smoothie—seriously no joke :(

  318. I would LOVE this blender to make smoothies for my kids breakfasts…I struggle with breakfast more than any other meal!

  319. Hi Brenda,
    What a fantastic giveaway. You’re such an encouragement to everyone, thank you!

  320. I love making soups in my blender in the winter!!

  321. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I love making milkshakes in my blender! and smoothies!

  322. My good friend introduced me to green smoothies a year ago. Sadly, I’m on a very limited budget and just can’t afford a Blendtec myself. My cheap blender just isn’t working…

  323. Jason Brown, Sr. says:

    I would love to make smoothies!!!

  324. Congratulations! I am so glad to have found your blog – it’s really hard to find recipes without sugar. Thanks for all of the great recipes.

  325. I would love this blender…would definitely make more smoothies for my kids with it!


  326. I need this!!! I love your page pleaseeeee

  327. pleaseeee I realllyyyyyyyyyyy need this!!! woot woot woot

  328. You inspire me! Since I already own a Blendtec and use it several times per day, I would gift this to my beautiful daughter as a wedding blessing!

  329. Happy anniversary! Love your blog!

  330. First, congrats on your anniversary!! Second, you mentioned bread ….well I would love to give that a try.. ( :(

  331. Theresa Leeds says:

    Super cool site. Being a mommy of two boys and having embarked on my independent journey to be sugar free a few months ago, I am loving your site! Thank you for your dedication and thoughtful recipes. Much appreciation to you (& your fam)!

  332. I love all the recipes of yours I’ve tried but I’ve never tried any of the smoothies because I don’t have a blender


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