Tetley Tea, Good Earth Tea & Designs By Lolita To-Go Cup Giveaway!



Who loves tea???

Plain, decaf, regular, with milk, without, with sweetener or without, everyone can find a tea to enjoy! Especially when you have wonderful flavors like these from Tetley Tea and Good Earth.

I was sent some samples of these tea’s to try at home and must say, ALL are delsih!

Lemongrass is my favorite! I just added some stevia to it, no milk! Sweet & Spicy is oh so warm and comforting. I also enjoyed the Brittish blend with a bit of cream and stevia and loved it! Hubby enjoyed the Classic Black and Iced Tea since I’m not a fan. He’s loving them too!

One of you Sugar-Free Mom fans has a chance to win all of these below!!! You’ll have enough to last till Spring!


Tetley Tea is helping their fans turn over a new (tea) leaf. The Tetley “Turn Over a New Leaf” campaign, which is live on the their Facebook page, will feature free exclusive live chats with expert life coaches.  Fans can submit their questions for experts such as Gabrielle Bernstein, author of May Cause Miracles: A 40-day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change & Unlimited Happiness.  The campaign will also include daily “Tetley Time” (8am and 3pm) refreshing thoughts on wellness, and chances to win Amazon gift cards!The next live chat will be held on February 15th at 12 p.m. EST, where users can ask questions and receive tips from Tracy Carreon, an educator, speaker and writer.


Not only will you receive all this wonderful tea, you’ll also receive this beautiful, Oops- A- Daisy To Go Cup made by Designs by Lolita!!!


Isn’t it pretty?!!

To enter this Giveaway enter the rafflecopter below,  follow instructions to earn up to 12 chances to win!


*Giveaway ends Friday night at 11:59 pm! Winner will be announced on Saturday and emailed. Please respond within 48 hours via email to redeem your prize. Samples were provided for this giveaway. As always opinions are my own.
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  1. Since I began eating healthier one of the the things I changed is getting rid of coffee and drinking tea and I love it! I appreciate all sugarfreemom’s clean eating recipes there’re the best

  2. The cup is pretty. would love to win

  3. I love tea, what a great giveaway, thanks!

  4. Tea & Travel mugs, two things my husband would 100% say I am a hoarder of :-) Love them both. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Oops, forgot… My favorite way to enjoy tea…either early in the morning, before the rest of the house wakes up, or after my house goes to bed… with a cozy blanket and a good book.

  5. Becky Walding says:

    Tea is my favorite way to relax! Love trying new flavors

  6. I love my morning tea!

  7. Cathy Sandfort says:

    Tea is so healthy for you and DELISH..It is a great way to stop mid afternoon cravings!!! LOVE ME SOME TEA!!!

  8. Tried lemon an ginger tea today it was delis ♥

  9. Nicole Iadimarco says:

    So happy to have a great way of eating and providing my family with nice choices. Tea is my way to relax:)

  10. Love tea! Besides water it’s all I drink during the day. Green tea is my favorite!

  11. Trista Beamish says:

    Tea is one of my favourite night time “snacks”. Sweet, yummy and so many flavours without any calories!! :D

  12. warm tea in a cup, curled up on the couch

  13. love my tea…comfy w/ a book!

  14. Tea helps me unwind from a busy day at the salon and also soothes my throat from all the tAlking I do:)

  15. I love every tea, every day, every way!

  16. I love tea and drink it pretty much every day! I have been drinking tea since I was little, enjoying sitting around the table with my mom, grandma and aunt! We have an annual ladies tea for Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait only a few more weeks!!

  17. Celine Coles says:

    I love tea!! No more coffee! That was one change I made since making healthier choices! I would love to win so I could have a beautiful cup to take to go especially walking my kids to school and a nice supply of tea!

  18. I love tea, used to just be a plain old regular black tea drinker, now I try as many different flavors as possible. Nothing like a warm cup of tea to end the day.

  19. Kimberly Smick says:

    I love tea! I’m from the South, so I love my iced tea and my hot tea! My favorite is Irish Breakfast tea!!

  20. The eating plan I’m on requires me to drink 3 cups of tea a day. Love to flavor it with sweetleaf stevia drops. :) Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  21. Grace Gaige says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is hot or cold all day long especially since it will keep me from drinking soda. In the summer time I will put it in a big jar and put it outside to make sun tea. I drink camomile tea at night to help me unwind at night and green tea in the morning to wake me up.

  22. Carmorris says:

    I love tea, would love to try the Green Tea with Lemongrass!

  23. My mom always used Tetley tea to make sweet tea and I was that weird 12-year-old who liked hot tea with sugar and honey. So I grew up a Tetley girl and that’s what I buy for my own house. I’m drinking some Tetley green tea right now. :)

  24. paula poindexter says:

    Tea is my most favorite beverage… I brew it and drink it hot and then brew more and chill for later.

  25. Tea is a must have in our house loose, pre packaged, fresh from the garden everyone in our house even the youngest among us love tea. Fresh mint and fennel from the gardenis by far a favorite with a big glass of ice while we swim and play on a hot summer day.

  26. Liza Glick says:

    Love hot tea with a little sweetener any time of the day!

  27. I was just telling my children that tea is the one drink I could not live without. Tetley is my favorite!

  28. Yvette Sanchez says:

    Love tea in the afternoon or on my drive home from work so yummy

  29. I love tea!

  30. Tea soothes the stomach, and the mind. A natural diuretic, that cleanses body, and soul. Have you had your tea today? RELAX…BREATHE LIFE!

  31. What a fun giveaway!! I love tea and I LOVE the cup!!! Thank you!!! :)

  32. Melanie Curry says:

    I love a good chai, with a little milk and honey…mmmm

  33. Lisa Olson says:

    I enjoy apple Rooibos tea with a tiny splash of apple juice. Yum!

  34. I love to drink tea when I get to work in the AM.

  35. Unsweet and iced.

  36. We have a designated bookshelf just for tea. Always like to surprise our guests with a new flavor. ;)

  37. Love flavored teas! What a pretty cup!!

  38. I love my early morning tea with honey! Great way for me to start the day! Awesome giveaway! I love the cup! :)

  39. Gave up coffee for the “new year” as part of my “new me” campaign. I have rediscovered so many of my old favorites, green and earl grey tea. You know I love your blog and almost everything you make,lol! Thanks for all you do!

  40. Love tea! my newest favorite is Vanilla Rooibos. Chamomile is my favorite at bedtime. And pretty tea cups are essential!!

  41. Beverly Raleigh says:

    Nothing better on a cold day than hot tea.

  42. Chai Tea Lattees are my go-to whenever i go out to a coffee shop or cafe!! I can’t get enough of them. I even bought a frother so now i can make them on my own :)

  43. My favorite way to enjoy tea is after my girls go to bed :) It’s mommy’s relaxation time! My favorite is either green tea with a wedge of lemon and stevia, or chai tea with stevia and a splash of almond milk.

  44. I especially love hot tea, Black, Chai, any kind of Herbal, at night but could drink it anytime!

  45. I enjoy my tea with a little bit of lemon! :)

  46. Marie Wise-Miu says:

    I’ve always preferred tea over coffee. When I get “tea’d out” I just change my variety, black, chai, herbal…

  47. tina horst says:

    sitting on my couch; with a blanket..reading my bible.

  48. I love tea on my work mornings!

  49. I love to try different teas!

  50. I’m craving tea all the time these days with this cold winter weather. I would love to try the lemongrass tea!

  51. Jennifer K. says:

    Would love this!

  52. Oohh! I love tea!

  53. Jan Johnson says:

    I love tea! I don’t drink any soda – tea is so much better and healthier and you can sweeten it naturally instead of with aspartame or corn syrup. I love most teas, particularly those good with cream – good old black tea – but also love green tea. I have it with almost every meal and sometimes to keep me from eating a snack!

  54. I have a new love for tea now that I have quit sugar. would love to win!

  55. Charlotte Moore says:

    My husband would love this. He likes hot tea and iced tea.

  56. deb thomas says:

    Love me a good cup of hot tea with stevia.

  57. Susan Gniadek says:

    A steaming cuppa on a rainy morning!

  58. Linda Ritchie says:

    Tea is one of my favorite beverages. Warm in the winter or iced in the summer.

  59. I have never been a fan of tea until living in Japan. Obviously, Japan is a big tea-drinking culture, and I became absolutely in love with tea. I’m a purist, I won’t drink it with any sweetener or milk of any kind, so I love finding really good and flavorful tea!

  60. I had to throw out my old travel tea cup. This cup would be perfect-with the additional teas-of course.

  61. I always start my day with a cup of green tea. Other than that, I like to drink tea either when my kids are napping or before I go to bed, while I’m reading a good book

  62. Elizabeth says:

    I like to have fruity hot tea after dinner.

  63. Terri Thomas says:

    All day, everyday I enjoy any kind of tea, black or flavored. In the summer I love the Tetley Ice Tea!

  64. Drinking hot tea is a great way to warm up!

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