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Who loves my Roasted Parmesan Chick Pea Snack recipe?

Well if you do then you are going to LOVE these roasted chick pea snacks from The Good Bean company!

My family and I  were recently sent some to sample and loved them! Both of my boys have nut allergies so chick peas are their very favorite crunchy snack in place of something they can’t have. They come in 4 delicious flavors Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime as well as Sweet Cinnamon.  They are 100 % gluten free, Nut free, Cholesterol free, low fat, low in carbs and with nothing artificial!

They recently launched their Fruit & NO-NUT Bars which we also sampled. One word: AWESOME!










Apricot Coconut, Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix and Chocolate Berry!

Finding a healthy, nut free bar for my boys with nut allergies has always been a problem so I’ve always stayed away from packaged ones until now when we were sent them to review. My boys gave them a thumbs up! And of course I loved the fact they don’t contain a ton of unnatural ingredients and refined sugars.

Although they are not completely sugar-free they do use low glycemic sugars such as tapioca syrup and brown rice syrup.  The bars are manufactured in facilities that also process peanuts and tree nuts.   The Good Bean  follows Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure as little cross-contamination as possible, by segregating ingredient storage, deep cleaning the production lines, and periodically testing with microbiological swabs.

Perfect bars for on the go!!

Crunchy, chewy, soft, slightly sweet and healthy!

Would you like some?

The Good Bean is providing 10 Sugar-Free Mom readers with each of these 3 fabulous bars!!!















Just enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win these yummy bars!

[GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED]Contest will end on Friday, November 16, 2012 at Midnight, EST.

*The Good Bean provided samples for my family and I to review. All opinions are my own.
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  1. I have not tried these bars, but they look yummy! Can’t wait to try the roasted chick pea recipe too.

  2. finally, a bar w/out nuts! and yes, you know i love your chick peas!!!

  3. These bars look great! I am always on the look out for a healthier snack the kids will be happy with!

  4. I *just* made your chickpeas the other day – delish!

  5. Becky Walding says:

    Love me some healthy bars!

  6. I love these roasted chickpeas and a bar without nuts sounds terrific!

  7. I have never tried these bars but they sound amazing!! I haven’t made your roasted chickpeas YET…I was thinking of making them for thanksgiving as an appetizer :-)

  8. As someone who has a nut allergy and is gluten sensitive, these bars would be a nice addition to the quick snack arsenal.

  9. Kim Hanauska says:

    Never tried but the Chocolate Berry looks yummy!

  10. My daughter has a nut allergy would love to try these!

  11. I have not tried these bars and I have not had the time to make your bars yet :(

  12. Love your chickpea snack and so does my nut loving son. I’ve never heard of this company so will definitely check out their website. Thanks!

  13. Yummy!

  14. Three of my four have nut allergies so these would be a great alternative!

  15. I have not tried these, next on my list is to make my own roasted chickpeas though…so this sounds yummy

  16. I haven’t tried either one, but can’t wait to give them both a try!

  17. I have not tried these bars, but will be looking for them. The flavors sound awesome! I love the GPR Chickpeas!

  18. I have not tried these bars but they look great! I’ve roasted chick peas at home once and need to try it again. :)

  19. I have not yet tried these bars, but about two months ago I adopted a gluten-free diet and these would be absolutely perfect to begin incorporating into my long ten-hour shifts at work. Additionally, I can’t wait to try the roasted chickpeas, as they are a great grab and go, full of protein and fiber!!

  20. I’ve never tried the bars, they look great!! I’ve made roasted chickpeas but I still have to try your recipe :)

  21. Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to try it.

  22. Will keep an eye out for them!

  23. Those sure do look yummy! Both the bag and the bars :)

  24. These look delicious!

  25. I have not tried these bars yet! I definitely need to keep my eye open for them they look so yummy!

  26. I haven’t tried these, but we do roast our chick peas. My kids love it (oh, and so do I)!

  27. I have never tried these bars and yes I love the roasted chick peas!!!

  28. Krista Strickland says:

    I would love to try these! It’s so difficult to find healthy bar options.

  29. Melanie Curry says:

    I’ve made the chickpeas…haven’t tried the bars though!

  30. I have not tried either but they both sound delish!

  31. i have never tried these bars!

  32. I’m hooked on Kind Bars….thinking these might be a much better choice!

  33. I have not tried these yet but am anxious to. :)

  34. Carrie DeZutter says:

    Love good options for those with nut allergies!!

  35. I have never tried these, and I absolutely love granola of all kinds… I even make my own, but am always looking for convenient and healthy options as well. I have never tried the chickpea snack but have been meaning to.

  36. Crystal Froemming says:

    Would love to try these!

  37. I would love to try these healthy bars! Putting your chick peas on the list. I usually make a couple of your recipes at a time to try :)

  38. ive never tried this bars they look good tho!!

  39. The roasted chick pea recipe sounds wonderful!

    I’m so thankful for your blog — it really has helped me with my new low sugar lifestyle!

  40. I look forward to trying these!

  41. Amber Myers says:

    I have never tried these but would love to. I am always looking for healthy yet delicious snacks

  42. Would love to try these since I can’t have nuts! Sounds yummy!

  43. Oh man, these sound sooo good!!

  44. Emily Jordan says:

    I have not tried them but they sure do look yummy! Would love to have some!

  45. WOW, sounds so good. I have not seen them at my grocery store.

  46. Looking forward to trying them both!

  47. Jan Johnson says:

    I haven’t tried the bars, but I did try the recipe. My teen daughter gobbled them down!

  48. Haven’t tried the bars yet, but will be looking for them. And yes, I have tried your chickpeas and loved them! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  49. Love chick peas! I want to try these so bad!!!

  50. I absolutely love the good bean bars and snacked on the fruit & nut
    bar (my fav) @the movie Skyfall tonight! it has everything I look for in a bar: low sugar, low sodium, yummy chewiness! it is my snacking bar of choice and I buy them by the box @WF!

  51. Charlotte Moore says:

    I have never heard of these but they sound great. I did try your roasted chick peas. YUM!!! I would love to win these.


  52. Great idea! I want to try them!

  53. Never tried these before, but they look great!

  54. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes in April and have been trying to find different low carb snacks to keep me satisfied…I would love to try these!! I have not had time to make your roasted chick pea snack…YET!

  55. Great idea! I am sure my boys would love them. I haven’t gotten to the chickpea snack yet but its on my list for cooking this weekend, thanks.

  56. I haven’t tried the bars or made the roasted chick pea snack yet. I hope to make the snack in the future. They look interesting.

  57. They look yummy! Hope they sell them in my state.

  58. I just noticed these at Harris Teeter. I’d love to win some for the family and I to try!!

  59. I love chick peas and am gluten free so I am very excited to try this new snack!!! Sounds like something quick and easy to grab for a day when time is not on your side. :-)

  60. I tried the trail mix bar long time ago, and i really liked it. I never had a chance try other ones. I didn’t try the roasted chick pea recipe yet, but I will this weekend !

  61. William Dotson says:

    I purchased two cans of chickpeas to try your recipe but haven’t gotten done yet but these with the coconut sound like they would be great.

  62. I have some chickpeas in the pantry I’ll have to try your recipe!

  63. Julie Torregrossa says:

    Sounds delicious and perfect for a nut-allergy girl like me!

  64. My little ones and I would love to try these. Look great and filing

  65. I’ve never tried these bars before but they look delicious! I have made roasted chickpeas before using curry powder, nutmeg, salt and pepper! So good :)

  66. These look so good! I love snacks that are healthy.

  67. I’ve never heard of these bars, but they sound awesome. And I haven’t tried your roasted chickpea snack yet.

  68. I would like to try these.

  69. Karen Chaffin says:

    I have not tried these snacks, but they sound great!! I am planning to try your roasted chickpeas soon!! :)

  70. I loved the recipe.. I haven’t even heard of the bars till now, but they look amazing.. Would love to try them..

  71. These look yummy!

  72. These look yummy! :-)

  73. I can’t wait to try these, do you know if they sell them at Trader Joe’s?! I think my kids and I would eat these all the time b/c we are always and forever on the go!

  74. I enjoy your posts!

  75. I want these so bad!!!!

  76. I would love to try these. They look so yummy!

  77. Can’t wait to try these!!

  78. These bars look delicious!!

  79. They look delicious!

  80. Have never heard of these until this contest. They look yummy, would love to try!

  81. I have not tried them but I have tried your chickpeas and thet are so good!

  82. I am always looking for healthy snack ideas for when we are on the go, these look amazing. Would love to have a family tasting party (oh yes, we do these and it’s a lot of fun). Would be fun for my little blog too.

  83. I haven’t had these yet, but they sound super yummy. Yum, chocolate & berries, sounds like 2 awesome things togethor.

  84. I LOVE the chickpea snack and while I’ve never tried these bars, they look delish!

  85. I have not tried them , but would love to!

  86. have not tried either one. :-(

  87. They look yummy! I have never tried these bars before.

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