Join Sugar Detox Plan

Sugar Detox Plan

Why should you join?

  • Have you tried numerous diets only to last for a short time then restart again on a Monday or after a holiday?
  • Have you decided enough is enough and are you ready to take back your health?
  • Have you determined that sugar has been the culprit to the many reasons you couldn’t stick with a healthy diet plan?
  • Are you trying to lose weight and nothing seems to be working?
  • Are you able to pass on the donuts, or cake without issue at a gathering, but then go home privately and devour anything sweet?
  • Are you ready to begin this New Year better than your last?
  • Are you looking to clean up your act and get back on track with healthy clean eating?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this plan is for you!

What will you receive?

  • A weekly motivational and informative VIDEO CLASS at the start of each new week on the plan.
  • A detailed menu plan spelling out each meal and snacks for the day. (Low Carb & Gluten Free Choices)
  • A shopping list for each weeks menu
  • A specific food guidelines chart
  • Exclusive recipes throughout each Phases
  • A detailed list of approved recipes for each Phase


  • Is this program gluten free? Yes, Phase 1 is grain free for 2 weeks and gluten free for the entire 6 weeks.
  • Can you follow the program if you are not gluten free? Yes, you can choose which complex carbs to add back towards the end of the Phase 1.
  • Is this program dairy free? No, many recipes include dairy and snacks are included throughout as well.
  • Is this program egg free? No
  • Is this program clean eating? Yes. This is a balanced approach to eating with going back to basics and eating foods in their most natural state as possible.
  • Is the program low carb? Phase 1 eliminates carbs for the first 2 weeks then in weeks 3 & 4 adds one complex carb back to your plan for example, one fruit or a serving of oatmeal. You can choose to continue the program as low carb as you want and not include adding back any carbs at all.
  • Do I have to count calories? It is suggested that you should track your food intake through counting calories, but is still optional.
  • Can I follow this program if I am on Weight Watchers? Yes. All recipes include weight watchers points plus.
  • Do I have to start on Jan.5th? You can start the program at any time you wish.
  • Do I have to do Phase 2 as well? No it is optional but highly recommended. Phase 1 is simply the beginning to detox the body of the sugar it has craved for years. Phase 2 is all about introducing back some of the typical comfort foods and carbs that got you into trouble in the first place. Phase 2 is the place to learn how to make this life style change and not go back to where you were before you started the Sugar Detox Plan.
  • Can I see a sample menu? Here’s a bit information: The first 2 weeks will be grain/flour free. The next two will include one healthy carb back a day. The last two week will include more healthy carbs such as quinoa. The menu’s are simply ideas and you can create your own. All recipes are ones I’ve categorized from my blog that will work in Phase 1. The menus are geared for families so there are use of left overs included in each.
  • Here’s an example:
  • breakfast- scrambled eggs
  • snack- almonds
  • lunch- cilantro chicken salad
  • snack-peanut butter on celery
  • dinner- Asian turkey lettuce cups
  • snack if desired- vanilla chia pudding

Where to Start?

  • Phase 1 (6 week Detox plan)
  • Phase 2 (4 week Maintenance plan to incorporate foods back and learn to make this a life style change)

Start the New Year right and begin with Phase 1 to really clean your system and start fresh! If you’re still not sure you want to commit you can read this post about How I Stopped My Cravings for Sugar & You Can too!


If you’re still unsure you’d like to commit for 6 weeks. Right now I’m offering Phase 1 Week 1 Shopping List and Menu plan for free for you to try out. Please remember the first week is the toughest and each subsequent week we will be adding back healthy carbs into your day. If after that week you’d like weeks 2-6 as well as and most important to Phase 1 the Guidelines and my Video CLASS Instruction & HW, you can come back to purchase the Phase and receive access with your code for a life time! Video classes will be private and not visible for public viewing on youtube, available only to those in the Sugar Detox Program. You won’t want to miss the video series! I share my tips & tricks for sugar withdrawals and what to do now that eating sugar isn’t an option anymore when stress comes! Video 1 will be available this Friday Jan.3rd, 2014. See you then!


A participant testimonial after only 1 week on my Sugar Detox plan!
” I am getting ready to start week two of your program. I love it! The food is so yummy and easy to adapt to get my family to try some of it. I have tried all different diets over the years. I still have about 30 lbs I would like to lose. I was at one point in my life 150 pounds over weight due to depression from the loss of a child. I feel that I do have an addiction to sugar and I have never tried to cut it out if my diet. I do think sugar is my problem the side effects have been bad headaches, mood swings, anxiety and body aches I am finally feeling better. I just cant believe what a hold sugar has had on me. I want to thank you for having this program this is definitely something I can follow for the rest of my life. Thank you, Kami.”

Participant testimonial after just a few days on Phase 1 of my Sugar Detox program!
“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting this program together! This is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time but just simply never do it. My husband hates poultry and so I feed my family red meat everyday, which I hate doing! So I asked him if he would be willing to support me and let me cook everything on your plan. He said he would and to my surprise he has loved everything I have given him. Apparently I just didn’t know how to cook until I started using your recipes lol. My kids also have not complained about anything we have eaten and they loved your vegetable soup and even went back for seconds, which was a shock! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you I am truly grateful and am so happy I found your site only a few days in and I am feeling really good! Sincerely, Elizabeth”

Once you’ve selected your choice below, you can go to Phase 1 page and use your password to enter there to access all materials and links.

PHASE 1 is $19.99


PHASE 2 is $14.99


Purchase both as a BUNDLE package for $29.99

The Sugar-Free Mom Cookbook has been Released!! Hitting shelves in days and Amazon is selling it at a discount right now!


  1. I was wondering if this is possible for me to do. I cannot have egg whites or dairy.

  2. I tried to reply to your email you sent me, but it wouldn’t let me send. I’m just wondering why the password you gave me isn’t working. I’m trying to get the phase two information I bought. I copy and pasted it into the password box and clicked enter. Then the page just reloaded with the password box empty with no warning that the password was incorrect. Help!

  3. Julie Kaiser says:

    I would like to understand if this detox is something I can do with my kids as well. One needs to eliminate sugar so we all are going to eliminate sugar. I assume it would be ok, but please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Waiting for recipe for Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Filled Cupcakes Thank you!
    Having issues with password etc.

    • That recipe password would be sent after you subscribe to my blog, on the top left of the homepage. You will receive an email shortly after for the password to view that recipe from my cookbook. The same password does not work for the Sugar Detox program.

  5. Hi, I was wondering if this is suitable for vegetarians? Thank you!

  6. We plan on joining as a family, gearing up now for January! Already discussing and seeing our addiction, looking forward to being part of the conversation with you all! Happy Thanksgiving today. Made gluten free ‘Nut crust’ for the Pumpkin Pie and my husband added coconut flour to thicken the pie filling. We are cutting back on sugar already and starting to use Stevia, I sure love my Agave syrup but even that is not great right?

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