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New policies as of 3/2/12

Please note that I actively pursue stolen content and photos.

100% of the photos on this blog belong to me. I took them myself.  None of my photos may be reproduced without my permission.   If you feel one of my photos would be of use to you, please contact me at brenda (at) sugarfreemom (dot) com.

All original content is Copyright Brenda Bennett of Sugar-Free Mom, and may not be reproduced. (See below)

I spend a lot of time on my recipes. About 95% of them are original recipes created by me. If there is any resemblance to another recipe somewhere, it is not intentional. If I redo a recipe or use another recipe for inspiration, I will say so in my post and give full credit where credit is due. I ask that you do the same.

For sharing recipes online:

Please give a link back to my site, AND mention the name of my blog within the credit.

Adapting a Sugar-Free Mom Recipe:

If you need to change more than 4 ingredients within my recipe you can consider that a true adaption. Proper credit to my recipe as your base is appropriate and appreciated.

* Please note: Changing less than 4 ingredients, like the flour or sugar choice is NOT adapting my recipe and cannot be considered your own. You can state the modifications you made from the original recipe with a direct link back to my recipe.


  1. says

    “Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients. Nor does it protect other mere listings of ingredients such as those found in formulas, compounds, or prescriptions. Copyright protection may, however, extend to substantial literary expression—a description, explanation, or illustration, for example—that accompanies a recipe or formula or to a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook.

    Only original works of authorship are protected by copyright. “Original” means that an author produced a work by his or her own intellectual effort instead of copying it from an existing work. “

  2. says

    Hey Brenda! I tried sending you an email at, but it said message was undeliverable. I would like to ask your permission for me to use your Baked Oatmeal Muffins for my blog. I am a personal trainer in Wilmington, NC and I would love to share this recipe with my clients and subscribers. I will be putting up a blog about why breakfast is so important and I would like to use this recipe in a follow-up post. I will absolutely give you and your blog credit and leave a link to your blog in my post. I think your recipes are wonderful!
    Just let me know if this is okay with you!
    Keep up the good recipes! Thank you for the consideration.

    • Brenda says

      My email is Brenda (at) sugarfreemom (dot) com. Anyway, I am glad you enjoy the recipe! You may take your own photos of the recipe to share on your blog with a direct link to my blog for the actual recipe. Or you may use my photo and provide a direct link under the photo to my blog for the ingredients and directions. You can certainly direct clients to my blog as well. Thank you!

  3. Barbara Long says

    I was just looking at recipes for applesauce tonight and came upon your blog! I am totally blown away! I was wanting to check out the Sugar Detox. It requires a password. Will you please explain to me how I can get a password. I am very overweight by about 100 pounds, am what you would call a yo-yo dieter. I am a diabetic with severe neuropathy in several areas of my body.
    I can see myself using several of your recipes, starting tomorrow morning with your Cinnamon Applesauce. It sounds delicious. Thank you for all your time and hard work putting this together for people like me!

  4. Cibele Randall says

    Dear Brenda,

    My Name is Cibele Randall, I am from Brazil living in Hawaii for over 7 years now. I am 36 year old and I have two kids ( 2 and 5 y.o). As many South Americans, I come from a culture of white flours and sugar ( specially sugar), but recently I’ve been thinking about change my life style and challenge myself with an audacious 30 day sugar free diet. Searching in the internet I came across with your website/blog ( sorry I am not good with those terms) , and I see a link for a sugar detox…I tried t click on it but seems to be protected by password or something… would you please give some more information about this sugar detox?
    I am planning to start my challenge in the begging of the following month, to be more specific Monday May 05, 2014.

    I appreciate your time replying to me in advance.

    Much Aloha,
    Cibele Randall

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