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The Sugar-Free Mom Cookbook has been Released!! Amazon is selling it at a discount right now!


  1. Natasha Hamilton says:

    Love your site and would love to be able to read the sugar detox section as well as I’m gathering info on how to be successful on riding sugar from my diet.!

  2. I just “discovered” your sugar-free site. Two diabetics in this family mean that we need to count carbs,
    and try to tame that sweettoothed dragon that we just cannot allow into our bodies.
    Free tip to anyone who would like to establish a new kind of restaurant.
    How about one that would cater to the control of carbs, elimination of both wheat and meat?
    Know that by using portion control…that vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, and gluten-free sould be able to
    dine together with a clever menu combining the best of good, wholesome ingredients. Somebody is going
    to do it, and I am going to be among the first patrons with my daughter. Give this idea away to ANYONE!

  3. Does anyone cook with almond flour or almond meal. How does it bake, thinking of using it in cakes and brownies?

  4. Love your recipes! I’m excited for your lunchbox recipes too but I have a hard time finding them. If you could do a separate section for them on the Recipe Index that would be great. If possible… Thanks!

    • I have substituted 1 C. almond meal for 1 C. of the required flour in a pound cake recipe according to a Mark Bittman recipe. I then tried it
      with a different cake , and it was delicious. Again, I substituted 1 C. almond meal ( Trader Joe’s brand) for 1 C. whole wheat white flour. This was a tried and true family cake recipe and I always now use whole wheat white flour instead of unbleached white flour. Good luck experimenting.

  5. Hello, my husband and I have been diagnosed as Pre-diabetic so we want to be proactive and have altered our diet. Carb counting and reducing sugar considerably. I love alot of the receipes here but would prefer not to use Xanthan gum. Can i use cornstarch as a thickening agent in place of the the Xanthan gum in your receipes?

  6. Wow! I made your sugar free/dairy free milkshake and it was AMAZING! As a diabetic, I try making my own sugar free desserts, and they don’t usually turn out so well….. but your recipes are so delicious! Thank you so much:)

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