1. pam says

    look forward to some healthy receipes. not diabetic and yet have gastroparesis. difficult to eat fat. need low fiber foods. this site may be just what i need. thanks

    • Emer says

      If you do eat fatty foods on the odd occasion you could try lecithin granules to help with breakdown and absorption.

  2. Krista says

    I’ve had numerous health issues over the years and was recently diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. Super excited to try your recipes :)

    • Brenda says

      Just place your mouse over the recipes tab above, don’t click it and you will see all the other categories to find the recipes.

  3. Rebecca says

    I love all the great information and recipes here! I own a childcare center and I am a Mom of two and these recipes have me really excited. I love encouraging my children to eat healthy, or tricking them into eating healthy. I will be sharing these recipes with the parents at work!

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