Sugar Free Chocolate Brownies Recipe

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 These Sugar-Free Brownies are incredibly fudgey and easily made gluten free! This recipe was originally published on January 11, 2012 and it sure is a very popular recipe to date, but since then I discovered my allergies to wheat, so I wanted these to easily be adapted for a gluten free life style. Now you can make these whole wheat or gluten free and of course without any sugar added!! My … [Read more...]

Sugar-Free Winter Fruit Gazpacho

winter fruit gazpacho

      Who loves fruit??? ME, ME and ME again! I love it because its good for you, easy to carry, and of course naturally sweet without adding anything to it! This has been my "go-to" dessert to bring to many a party while I was on a mission to lose my weight. I've made this recipe for years, but usually only in the winter, go figure! So its titled winter fruit for not … [Read more...]

10 Sugar-Free Snacks (210 Calories or Less)

  Choosing nutritious snacks is the key to lasting weight loss. Preparing ahead of time to make snacks for your day will be a worthy, beneficial task. Without being prepared you will most likely opt for whatever you can find around your work place to give you energy. Most times, those choices are vending machines or the employee good- bye party/ cake celebrations. If you are at home … [Read more...]