Avocado Bean Salad with Fresh Herbs


  Do you love easy side dishes? How about no cooking easy sides? Even better in my book! This little side dish is a twist on a classic recipe my family has been making forever. We love beans! The only difference is I added some avocado for a creamy texture. My mom would change the beans to red kidney or black or whatever she had on hand. Some times she would put sliced red onion, but I … [Read more...]

Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Avocado Dressing


You've seen it before and you'll see it again here on my blog, my favorite ingredient QUINOA!! Yes there is another way to make a fantastic salad using quinoa. I will never run out of ideas to make yummy dishes with it. After Valentine's day especially I'm looking for a healthy lunch today how about you?  I really hope seeing these recipes will encourage you to buy, cook and eat quinoa. Once … [Read more...]