Dairy Free Sugar Free Whipped Cream


  The key to making this dairy free whipped cream is opening the can of coconut milk and letting it sit in the can uncovered overnight in the refrigerator. This will produce a thick cream on top. Use only the thick cream, spoon it out for this recipe, but leave the coconut water on the bottom of the can for use in a smoothie or another recipe. You can keep it refrigerated and uncovered as it … [Read more...]

Stevia Sweetened Strawberry Dairy Free Whipped Cream


  Soft, creamy, naturally sweetened whipped cream with added strawberries to boot! No sugar, dairy free and luscious? Oh yes.mighty.luscious. How could you not want to try this over and over and over again? I've been making it OFTEN..........for my kids of course. This is the basic recipe for the chocoloate mousse, but I excluded the cocoa and added chopped strawberries. Oh the … [Read more...]