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The Sugar-Free Mom blog is about fresh, family friendly meals that use whole foods, natural sweeteners and sugar-free alternatives. My goal is to make recipes that everyone can enjoy and in particular those with food allergies to refined sugars. You won’t see any highly processed ingredients or complicated recipes. You will find many recipes that are kid friendly using natural fruits and sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar, dried fruits. You will also find recipes that are completely sugar-free using stevia and erythritol. No artificial sweeteners are used in any recipes simply because I was highly addicted to Splenda and the like which caused multiple issues for me. You can read more about my own sugar-free journey here.

To learn more about the mission of Sugar-Free Mom recipes you can read this post which explains in more detail. Many recipes may be low calorie, low carb, whole grain or gluten free, nut free, some may be dairy free all due to allergies within our family. Although much variety, the one constant in all the recipes and the goal I have here and for my family is to eliminate refined sugars for my children and lead a sugar-free way of life for myself. Check out my About Page for the specifics!

Let’s Get Started!

Included here is a link to my Pantry as well as a one day and 3 Day Cleanse & Detox to get you started. If you’re already leading a sugar-free way of life check out my Recipe Index for a categorized menu.

I only recommend and link to the products I believe in and use in my recipes so you can purchase them yourself. Affiliate links are included to help support what I do here on my blog. I suggest substitutions but please be aware that I can not determine the outcome of the recipe with anything other than what I have recommended.

Need More Help?

If you are looking for more than just a 1 or 3 day cleanse and need a more specific plan on how  I  rid myself of sugar cravings and lost weight, my 6 Week Sugar Detox Program may be just what your looking for. Detailed menu plans and snacks, weekly Video class, shopping list, guidelines for detoxing as well as Maintenance plan to learn how to make this a life style change for good.


I realize you may be coming to this blog in hopes to help someone find recipes for a diabetic or you yourself may be diabetic. If this is the case the best thing to do is use only recipes listed as Low Carb. Carbs are what you need to count and look for not just sugar-free recipes. Unless otherwise specified recipes using lots of fruits would not be the best choice for a diabetic as dried fruits and such are higher in carbs. Per serving low carb recipes should be around or under 12 net grams. Please check with your doctor before making a recipe that is not listed as low carb.

Those looking to Just Get Healthier

Check out the multiple articles and health tips on this page for guidance and motivation to begin your weight loss journey. For multiple menu plans for the family, you can check out my Menu planning page. To see what I’ve been eating lately I have a page devoted to my weekly Wednesday post of my visual food journal. For those of you who need healthy packed lunches, I have  a page devoted to moms called Meals-To Go! 

Learn more about how to save recipes you see here and create your own menu plan, by reading this post about my Recipe Box, Shopping list & Ziplist.

Hope this helps you start your journey to a healthier you and a healthier family too!

~Brenda~ Sugar- Free Mom




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    love your blog posts and receipes. Could you use a different font for the headers, it’s hard to read the script font

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