What is Stevia and why is it in most of your recipes?

  • You can read about my sugar-free journey here, but to keep it short, I love it! It’s natural! It comes from a plant in Paraguay, Brazil and Mexico. It’s been used for hundreds of years by the people there. The leaves from the stevia bush are used to sweeten foods. Stevia  has no calories and does not spike glucose so it is safe for diabetics and anyone else who has an allergy to refined sugars. It is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar so only small amounts are needed to sweeten a recipe. Some find an aftertaste but I’ve used so many brands the ones I have recommended in my recipes and link to are the ones I have found that do not produce any aftertaste.

What stevia brands do you recommend?

  • My favorite go to brands are Sweetleaf Stevia and NuNaturals. I often use the liquid forms more than the powdered extract. I do not use baking stevia which has many added ingredients that I choose not to consume. Here’s a post on why, Top 3 Best Stevia Products.

What other sweeteners do you use?

  • I try to use natural sugars such as honey, coconut sugar, fruits for recipes for my family. I’m also working more with brown rice syrup which is low on the glycemic index. Here’s a post explaining more: Top 3 Refined Sugar Free Sweeteners.
  • I am currently working with a combination of erythritol and stevia to help add bulk that is missing when baking with sugar. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol found naturally occurring in fruits and fermented foods. It is 60-70% as sweet as table sugar and does not effect blood sugar. It provides bulk to recipes as table sugar would so it is a great alternative in recipes.

Why don’t you use Splenda?

Are your recipes low carb?

  • Although my recipes are sugar free that does not mean they are also low carb. Many of my recipes use fruits to naturally sweeten baked goods. Many are made with whole wheat or rice flours both of which are not low carb. Only when specified is a recipe low carb. Diabetics need to keep in mind that sugar-free does not mean low carb. As well as gluten free recipes do not mean low carb either. Those with diabetes need to count carbohydrates and all of my recipes include nutritional information in which you can do that.

Why are some recipes gluten free and some are whole wheat?

  • Recently over the last year of this blog I have discovered that wheat and gluten doesn’t agree with my body. Although I do not have a diagnosed gluten allergy or celiacs I have been trying to make most recipes gluten free as I feel better eating that way. My family does not have allergies to gluten or wheat and the first year of my blog I also consumed whole wheat flours. Since many of those recipes are still ones my family enjoys eating you will see them browsing through my recipe index. I hope to one day convert all my older recipes from whole wheat to gluten free.

Why don’t you use almond flour in your recipes?

  • My youngest child has a tree nut allergy and many of these recipes I make are for my entire family. If a recipe is just for me I use almond milk, but most often the recipes I make exclude using almond flour so my son is able to have it as well. I have a dairy intolerance and use unsweetened almond milk whenever I make something I know my children will not be having.

How can I substitute stevia with a different sweetener?

Do you have a Pantry list provided?

Where do I start to begin to remove refined sugars?

What do you do when your children and hubby don’t like what you’ve made for them?

  • I usually provide a new item/recipe with a meal  in addition to having at least 2 other favorite items they love on their plate. They will not go hungry and I will not be making a different meal for them if they didn’t like it the new food.
  • Keep trying and don’t give up! Consistently making new recipes with less refined sugars will only help their taste buds to be more apt to notice artificial and fake sugars in processed and packaged treats and hopefully not like them. They will eventually come around if you only have better versions of their beloved snacks in the cupboard and that’s all they have to choose from.


What recipes are so foolproof that picky husbands and children will eat?




  1. Julie Singer says:

    Brenda, I just made your Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins. I used 10 SweatLeaf Stevia packets because I didn’t have any NuNatural sugar blend. They tasted a little bland . What do you suggest? Add more Stevia? Also, I’m surprised you use NuNatural Baking Blend because you said to stay away from Maltodextrin. Otherwise they definitely satisfied my sweet tooth!!!! Thank You!

    • I actually don’t have a recipe for triple chocolate chunk muffins, must be another blogger and no I don’t use a baking blend by NuNaturals, I only use their liquid stevia.

  2. I am looking for an organic, truly sugar free (no honey, no cane sugar) chicken stock. What do you suggest?

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