Coconut Macaroons {Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free}


If you’re a fan of coconut, these little cookies will be right up your alley! Coconut macaroons are a delicious and light cookie made with only a few ingredients. The best part of course, they are sugar free! Adding a little melted unsweetened carob chips drizzled over the top makes these the perfect little non guilty pleasure!



Using an ice cream scoop will ensure the perfect little size for you cookies!


Once completely cooled on a wire rack the cookies can be coated with melted, unsweetened carob chips or grain sweetened chocolate chips. Place a baking pan underneath the rack to catch all the yummy drippings.



My daddy loves macaroons and he was just as happy enjoying my sugar free version. :)


Nutrition Info {with carob topping}

Servings: 18* Calories: 122* Fat: 10.9g* Cholesterol: 0mg* Sodium: 49mg* Carbs: 4.5g* Fiber: 2.4g* Sugars: .3g* Protein:1.9g* Points+: 2*

To see this delicious recipe, visit the Sweetleaf Stevia website here for my Coconut Macaroons. Then come back here to comment and let me know what you think!!!


  1. Pat B says

    Good morning. I went to the sweet leaf stevia site and saw the recipe. Sounds wonderful. I wanted to put this recipe in my ZipList recipe file but was not able to. Is there a link somewhere to do this? The sweet leaf page has several recipes so it won’t capture it either :0( Thanks…

    • Brenda says

      Since the recipe is on the Sweetleaf website, if they don’t have a Ziplist button then you won’t be able to save it like that. I believe they have a print button though. I just left a message for a person I’m in contact with to see what the problem is but you can ask them on their Facebook page if you like as well:

  2. cathy turpin says

    i wanted to save it as well bbut not possible where cani find the link to save as my pdf files Help

    • Brenda says

      Using unsweetened chocolate will require adding sweetener because it’s so bitter which of course you can do. But using unsweetened carob you won’t need to add anything to it and can melt it as is. Carob has a natural sweetness to it and is not bitter at all so I prefer to use that to drizzle over things.

  3. Kat says

    Just made a batch, and I absolutely love them. Vanilla Creme flavoured though, because I don’t have Coconut Stevia. I also don’t have coconut butter, so just used coconut oil, and it still worked fine!Great recipe!

    • Kyle says

      I was wondering about substituting coconut oil for the coconut butter. I was going to try that, and I’m glad that it worked out for you. I’ll give it a shot!

  4. raylene says

    i do not have coconut stevia liquid… i just have the powdered stevia…. any ideas as to amounts? or what i could add to make it coconut stevia? i have everything else.

    • Brenda says

      I think the powdered would still work for you. I would probably add a tablespoon. I purchase all my flavored stevia online through and you can use my coupon code, YAJ035

  5. Amanda M. says

    From all I have read on bags of carob chips, carob is NOT gluten free. They have barley, which contains gluten.

    • Brenda says

      Caron chips that are sweetened are sweetened with barley malt. Unsweetened carob chips do not have barley malt in them and therefore are gluten free.

  6. PennyX says

    I tried these and used coconut oil and they were just fine. Sooooo delicious! Quick and easy too. The only thing is I used large flake coconut and the large shreds got stuck in my cookie scooper. Next time I will chop up the large flakes a bit or get some smaller shred coconut. Almost forgot, I didn’t have the sweetener called for so I used splenda (had to guess at the amount) and they were good. I have also used splenda sugar blend, which of course makes them NOT sugar free, but they were a batch I was making for someone else. She declared them the best ever, so I guess it worked. Thanks for this great recipe!

  7. PennyX says

    These were delish in spite of the fact that I accidently doubled the amount of coconut oil! (I didnt have coconut butter, and didn’t realize there was a difference!)
    Next time I will pay attention better. I also used large flake coconut which got caught in the cookie scoop. Next time also I will chop up the coconut or use smaller cut.
    Happy accident though, still edible because I love coconut.

  8. Diane says

    Hoo boy! Making these goodies for my Mom in a nursing home whose diet is restricted for sweets- they will be perfect and she will be so happy! Me too, as macaroons are one of my favorites. Thanks!

  9. says

    It says 5g of sugar per serving. How many in a serving? I can do about 6g in one sitting without getting on the sugar roller-coaster.

    • Brenda says

      So happy you said something because I recalculated my nutritional info and realized there was a mistake! I had mistakenly used sweetened coconut flakes in the site I use to figure everything out instead of unsweetened which made a huge difference! It’s all accurate now.


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