Sugar Free Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse Topping (No Artificial Sweeteners)

When you hear sugar-free what comes to mind? Do you think its probably made with artificial sweeteners?

I think if you are reading this blog for the first time you may have thought so, but those who have been following my posts know very well those fake sweeteners will never be a part of my recipes, EVER.

If you’ve made the transition from white refined sugar to artificial sweeteners then I commend you. I did the same thing years ago and thought I was doing my body good. The fake stuff wreaked havoc on my body and it has taken me a long time for the withdrawals and cravings to be virtually eliminated from my life. You can read more about my journey or about why I don’t use Splenda anymore.

Sweetleaf Stevia is my favorite sugar-free sweetener of choice. I am having a lot of fun experimenting with amounts in recipes and my family is enjoying everything! Sharing what has worked for me and then sharing it with all of you is why this blog exists!

I hope you will enjoy this luscious recipe!!

I recently came across a recipe from Chocolate Covered-Katie ( a fabulous healthy dessert blog) that was for a vegan cool whip. She doesn’t prefer to add stevia to the vegan cool whip, but I knew I needed some sweetness. Unfortunately with my first attempt, I overdosed on it making it way to sweet for even my kiddies to enjoy! Experimenting is so much fun though! In the end the texture was not quite what I was hoping for although tasty and creamy, not as airy and light in texture for me to describe it as cool whip.

I then tossed around the idea that this dessert could be a dairy free pudding for myself as I am lactose intolerant. Then I realized that coconut milk is high in fat. So having a half cup like I would if it were a low calorie pudding wouldn’t actually be low- cal anymore.

Using my stand mixer made the texture actually more mouse like than a pudding anyway and I love it! If you don’t have a mixer, you can whip it up by hand but it won’t be as mousse like, more smooth like a plain yogurt. Here is a picture of it when I didn’t use the stand mixer and didn’t add any cocoa, still awesome on top of black cherry Greek yogurt!

If you are thinking you may be able to reduce the calories, fat etc by using light coconut milk, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Regular coconut milk is what gives it such a creamy, mousse like texture and replacing it would not produce the same thing.

So that is how it ended up being called a topping! Because that is how I will be using it, as a topping over some delicious yogurt, fruit or even on top of muffins! You can have a nice 1/4 cup and feel like you are sinfully cheating on a completely decadent dessert, but in reality you are not. This will not sabotage your weight loss plans when you stick to the servings and don’t overindulge! I am warning you though, you may want to devour the whole thing! My advice would be to share it so you can’t gobble it up for yourself!

*Another side note here, DO not try freezing this! I did, and its terrible and doesn’t defrost well at all.

*Cool Coconut Facts:

  • Its highest vitamin source is folate 20.8mcg
  • Its rich in manganese, iron, vitamin C and heart healthy omega 6 fatty acids

Nutrition Info

Servings:4* (1/4 c.) Calories: 123* Fat: 13g* Fiber: 2g* Carbs: 5g* Protein: 2g* Points+: 4* Old Points: 3*

Sugar Free Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse Topping




  1.  Open the can of coconut milk and leave it in the refrigerator overnight and uncovered. DO NOT SHAKE THE CAN before opening.
  2. Spoon out only the cream and leave the water at the bottom of the can, it should be about a cup. You can save the water for a smoothie!
  3. Add the coconut “cream”, cocoa, and stevia to the bowl of a stand mixer and whip on setting 2 for about a minute, scrap the sides of the bowl to make sure its all incorporated.
  4. That’s it! Store uncovered in the fridge and it will continue to thicken!



  1. says

    Mmmm… I can’t wait to try this! I avoided Stevia for years because I had a reaction years ago, but I was reactive to EVERYTHING at the time. I had gotten some information that it could have been the refinement process and was convinced to try NuNaturals. So far, I’ve only had a tiny bit in coffee, but so far so good… you’ve given me an awesome “starter” recipe… a little bit on this on strawberries!! Oh my :) Thanks for doing all of the experimenting and for sharon your recipe!

  2. Heather says

    You are probably going to laugh but I want to try this on top of my whole wheat waffles. Although I don’t put any sugar in my waffle batter – we like to put fresh fruit and whipped cream on top. I am thinking this would taste delicious with the fresh fruit instead and no sugar!

      • Heather says

        Made this yesterday and it was HUGE hit with my boys and my husband. Tasted great on our whole wheat breakfast waffles with blackberries, strawberries, and bananas – and some of this on top. I think the boys would eat it like pudding. :-)

        • Brenda says

          Yeah! SO happy it’s a winner with your boys! They CAN eat it like pudding , kiddies don’t need to worry about calories :)

          • Heather says

            Yep – no worry about calories with the teenagers or the hubby. Bought a different brand of coconut milk today at Whole Foods – I was only able to skim a little off the top of two cans after the sat in the fridge -it was mostly water and some hard pieces in one can. I don’t know what the normal amount should be. Happy to have some “water” for smoothies but I had expected just a tad more “cream”.

  3. Sylvia says

    Brenda, I am bummed because I am allergic to Stevia, I bought it a few years ago and immediately had a hard time breathing. I am currently trying the Nectresse which is made by Splenda. Have you done research on this product? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Lisa Gabriel says

    All of your recipes are so creative and delicious! I’m on a weight loss journey and your recipes have been fantastic! Your awesome..keep up the great work!!

  5. JamieInWyoming says

    Hi Brenda!

    Well, I was going to say I made this, and I must be the only person who thinks it tastes awful…and THEN I realized that I used regular Stevia and not the flavored brand that you recommended. Will it really make that much difference? I was honestly very happy with the texture, but the flavore was like taking a mouthfull of unsweetened chocoalte. BLECH!

    I am only 2 days into my “sugar & carb free journey towards fertility” as I like to call it. (I have PCOS and cutting out all sugar and carbs is supposed to help me get prego) I just need SOMETHING…ANYTHING for my sweet tooth.

    What is even worse…I make candy for a living!! I own an online biz that makes candy and baked goods. This is going to be the death of me, LOL! I am researching low carb, gluten free and “paleo” dessert recipes so I can add those to my menu of treats we provide, but until I get prego and give birth, I’m not even supposed to have those. Im actually not supposed to even have stevia agave or honey, either!

    Sorry for venting, love your informative site and blog. Keep up the great work, I will be back!


    Jamie in Wyoming

  6. Cindy W says

    Ok, this may be a really silly question, but I have to ask………how strong is the coconut taste in the finished product? I am not a huge fan of coconut but the idea of having something like this that is sugar free and dairy free would be awesome.

  7. Katie McK says

    I love this site. I’m recently sugar free (and never felt better) and really struggle with tasty recipes that satisfy my sweet cravings because sometimes, a handful of raisins just won’t do it!

    I LOVE coconut and can’t wait to try this topping. Could you use it as a frosting?

  8. Christine says

    I tried to make this and was disappointed. I got lots of cream in the can but it did not fluff. The cream separated into what looked like creamed cauliflower.

    • Brenda says

      If the liquidy part from the can was added to the cream when mixing that would make it separate like that. If you didn’t add anything but the cream it could depend on the brand you purchased. I like Native Forest unsweetened canned coconut milk the best. Also it does take a good 15 minutes on high in the mixer to get that whipped consistency.


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