Sweet & Savory Low Carb Cherry Frittata

A sweet and savory low carb frittata that includes cherries and bacon might be the best of both worlds you’ve ever tasted in one bite!


Please note: This recipe is an exclusive recipe to those registered in my  Sugar Detox Program. You can join at anytime and work at your own pace. Once registered you’ll have access to the 6 week meal plans, shopping lists and food guide for Phase 1 as well as weekly video classes and exclusive recipes not featured freely on my blog. Once paid access is for a lifetime.


  1. That’s an awful tease. I guess I don’t want to pay $20 for one recipe.

    • Actually it’s a 10 week program with excellent menu plans, videos and exclusive recipes for each week. So it’s 10 recipes plus much more and that is a bargain at 19.99 in my opinion.

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