What I Ate Wednesday #11 & Detoxing








If you’re new around here, Wednesday is the day I share my visual food journal. Good or bad, I honestly share what I’ve eaten one day last week. No shame here, some days are better than others, some more balanced, more healthy, some not so great too. You can check them out here.

I share it so you can see I’m not perfect, I don’t always make the best choices, but this is a way of life for me and not a diet plan. Cutting refined sugars and flours from my life has been the best thing I could have ever done and that will always be a constant in my life no matter what.

You don’t have to worry about tomorrow, just focus on the next meal and doing the best you can. You can see other food bloggers sharing their eats as well at Peas and Crayons.



This past week I decided to take the advice from the Skinny Ms. site and jump on the Cleanse & Detox 3 day plan she mentioned. I didn’t want to do it for losing weight, just was feeling bloated and felt a cleanse would help with that.

Although I made my own smoothies and meals, it felt fabulous to go green and eliminate the dairy and animal protein. In 3 days I felt completely less bloated and energetic. I’ll be sharing many of my creations over the next few weeks so you can join in when I announce a 3 day cleanse & detox on my blog! I’m planning on the first of December, right after Thanksgiving of course, LOL! So be ready! Until then you can check the book, Hungry for Change, that I used for guidance.

This picture above is my Green Protein Coconut Smoothie which I will be sharing tomorrow! Super healthy and super delish too!




Lunch was a hearty, full of veggies salad with a salsa dressing mixed with some nutritional yeast for protein. Totally filling!




For the afternoon I made a Pineapple Green Protein Smoothie that was super awesome! I actually wasn’t expecting it to be that tasty so I didn’t take pics of it except for this one with my phone so then I inhaled it and  needless to say, gotta redo the pics for REAL. :)



Although I made a different meal for the family, I ate this veggie soup for dinner and for lunch the next day too. I loved all the greens in this soup and also added in some edamame as well for some protein. You’ll see this recipe posted next week as well.



The cleanse detox plan did allow for some seeds and nuts, but  I snuck in some dried apricots which I’m not quite sure if they were allowed but oh well, that was my after dinner snack!


Have you ever done a Cleanse/Detox before?


  1. Wow everything looks so healthy but still so delicious! Especially your green smoothies, and the pictures are gorgeous:)

  2. Your lunch salad looks amazing!

  3. Looks like a beautifully healthy day with lots of greens!!!

    I did the 3 week Crazy Sexy Diet adventure cleanse, and it changed my life! I posted about it on my blog, but basically..
    1) my energy sky rocketed!
    2) I lost weight
    3) my skin cleared up.

    It was fantastic!!

  4. You’re such a tease! you post pics of yummy sounding smoothies but make us wait for the recipe!! hahaha!
    Love ya anyway!!!

    • thanks Bonnie!! I never thought I’d hear anyone say green smoothies were worth the wait, but I’m so glad you want to try it!

  5. That veggie soup looks amazing! Can’t wait for the recipes–So many greens!

    I’m currently doing a shortened version of the Whole30 which is a detox of sorts from grains and legumes.

    • Thanks, the soup is terrific and I’m glad someone else thinks it looks amazing! Many times people are turned off if no pasta or rice or potato are in a soup or meat for that matter, so thank you!

  6. I can most certainly identify with the feelings of needing to “detox.” Your eats look so colorful and satisfying, too!

  7. I have never tried one of these but put it on my to-do list. I need to amp up my will powers to carry it out. When I am at school, there are so many food distractions!

  8. Do all of the greens do a number on your stomach in terms of gas and bloating? I’m just curious and don’t mean to be crude:(

    • not at all, its a good question. I noticed no trouble with my stomach and I’m pretty sensitive. I did stay away from broccoli and green peppers for the 3 days but other than that I ate all other greens. I noticed by the third day some “effects” of all the greens but nothing uncomfortable, and definitely no bloating occurred at all.

  9. I’m going to start a cleanse, I was wondering if you had all the cleanse info in one spot? Or if you know of other places on your blog I could check for cleanse info? Thanks!

  10. Thanks so much! Today, I made the veggie soup and pineapple blueberry smoothie. Both were great!

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