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If you have ever dieted in your life than you most certainly know about rice cakes. You may love them or you may be totally sick and tired of eating them. I still eat them occasionally but I found something even better that I want to share with you on this video below.

This was not a paid endorsement. I am simply promoting these because I use them and love them. All opinions are my own.


You can find them in most supermarkets right next to the rice cakes.

Had you ever heard of them before? Have you tried them? What are your favorite toppings?


Here’s my Snack index for a bunch more healthy, sugar free, low calorie ideas!


  1. Laurie Bouley says:

    mmm, sound yummy!
    new favorite topping: coconut BUTTER, topped w/hemp seeds!
    great nutty satisfying taste…like a TREAT! no sugar, low cal…yummo!

  2. Mallika says:

    I have them often! I use the sugar free jams/preserves coz they are just 10 cal per tbspn. I know they are splenda sweetened with maltitol in them but my current goal is low calorie n not naturally sweetened so i guess i am ok with that for now. I also use the ‘better than’ peanut butter which has 50 calories per tbspn. so the whole thing comes down to 105 calories.

  3. Are they new to the US? We’ve had them for years here in Australia. My favourite topping is avocado, cottage cheese and salt and pepper. Makes a delicious lunch or snack!

    • May not be new here I don’t know, but new to me since I always just ate the big brown rice cakes and never even noticed the corn thins before. Sounds fantastic with avocado!

  4. I eat these topped with spinach, tuna salad, tomatoes and shredded carrots….. Love Them!!!!!

  5. rice cakes are awful, grains should be eliminated from your diet if you are trying to lose weight anyway.

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