How To Become a Food Label Expert on Healthy Cereals





Are you sure that the “HEALTHY” cereal in your pantry closet is really as healthy as you think?

Watch this 5 minutes video to find out what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing cereals. I  also share some of my favorites that I keep in my own pantry!




Do you have any delicious and healthy cereals to share that follow the guidelines I talked about? If so please share below. :)


  1. Was so happy to see this video this morning as I really struggled on Monday in the cereal isle at Walmart. I was using your “5th” ingredient rule regarding sugar which really narrowed my options. I went straight to the Kashi section but no GO Lean. Sorry, can’t eat shredded wheat, had to eat that as a kid growing up and well, we’ll just leave it at that, LOL. So, I settled for Nature’s Path Flax Plus Multibran Flakes, evaporated can juice is listed as the 3rd ingredient. 3/4 C is 110 calories, 5g fiber. I only have cereal once or twice a week with fruit. I prefer protein for breakfast over cereal, so for now this will work for me. I’ve already enjoyed a bowl of this with unsweetened almond milk and strawberries& bananas.

  2. My kids love Nature Paths corn flakes. They are sweetened with fruit juice & gluten free. I have one son who is sugar free & another who is Guten free. It is nice to have one cereal that they both like. Also, Barbara brand has a sweetened with molasses. Rice chex is really low in sugar. I also mix a few cereals sometime to change it up for the kids & they love it!

  3. I clicked on the video and got a virus that shut down my computer. I thought you should know. Love your blog!

  4. I was looking at cereal the other week and could not believe how high the sugar content was! I picked up a cereal that I had previously considered to be a healthy alternative and was shocked to find sugar as the second ingredient! The only one I could find on the shelf without sugar being the second ingredient was Grape Nuts. It was my first time trying it and it wasn’t to bad, I really like it with cut up banana in milk.

  5. Jackie Thomson says:

    I enjoyed watching your video. I was pleased to hear about cereals that I can purchase at almost any grocery store. It is nice to be able to make some healthier decisions at less expensive prices!

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