Q&A Saturday: Top 3 Best Stevia Products

 It’s Q & A Saturday! This is a special weekly post of answering reader questions in more elaborate detail.

This weeks question comes from a reader in New Zealand who asks,

“What should I look for when purchasing stevia?” What brands do you recommend?”

My response:

While I’ve researched quite a bit about Stevia I am by no means an expert, but I do know there are certain ingredients that I choose to steer clear of when purchasing stevia. I look for as few ingredients on the label as possible. I stay away from brands that have additives like rebiana, dextrose and maltodextrin and here’s why:

Rebiana- is the trade name for high-purity rebaudioside, also known as Reb-A. It is a 42-step procedure to derive Rebiana from the stevia leaves, using chemicals such as acetone, methanol, acetonitrile, isopropanol, tert-butano. Rebiana is a chemically modified form of  stevia, it is NOT pure stevia.

Maltodextrin– Usually made from rice, corn, or potato starch, maltodextrin is produced by cooking down the starch. It is a processed additive. It is considered safe by the FDA, which is not the same thing as healthy. It is a basically a filler with no nutritional value. It is one of the first two ingredients in Splenda. My post “3 Splenda Myths Busted” is all about why I no longer use Splenda at all and therefore stay away from maltodextrin as well.

Dextrose- Dextrose, fructose, and glucose are all monosaccharides, known as simple sugars. These sugars can combine to form more complex sugars, including the disaccharide known as sucrose, or table sugar. I personally need to stay away from white table sugar because of the way it negatively effects me. Read this post about my sugar free journey for the reasons I’ve eliminated white flour and white sugar in my life.

Here are my top 3 brands of stevia I use because they do not contain any of the above ingredients. If you do not see the product listed in liquid or powder it is because it either had one of the above ingredients or contained alcohol which I find produces a terrible aftertaste.

1. Sweetleaf Stevia in liquid or powder (any flavor)







2. NuNaturals, vanilla, liquid form, alcohol free







3. Now Foods BetterStevia, 75 packets






Hopefully this post was informative for you to at least question the ingredients on the label when purchasing stevia. You may have been turned off from using it in the past because one of the above ingredients caused an aftertaste.

Just because products have the label stevia on them, does not mean they are all created equal.

Here’s my personal STEVIA CONVERSION CHART for you to view and pin which shares how to exchange the different forms of stevia in liquid, packets, powdered and pure extract. Needing some help in reducing your sugar consumption? Here’s 5 steps to take to reduce or eliminate how much sugar you consume!

Have you tried any of my top 3 brands? If so, your thoughts?



  1. Debbie Hughes says

    Sweetleaf! Thanks for posting this. I’ve only seen Better Stevia in health foods stores but haven’t tried it yet. Now that I know you use it and like it I’ll get me some too! I quit sugar and white flour/rice about 2 years ago and have lost 42 pounds. I never knew how much those things affected me until I quit them! I first used Splenda until I started having headaches and body aches. It took some time before I figured out that it was causing them. I love Stevia and will always use it. I have started walking and doing Pilates (now that I feel like it) and love it! I never thought I would love excercise, but it is very therapeutic! Thanks again for your site!

    • dee davis says

      Only Organically obtained and produced Rebiana the PURE Form of Stevia is SAFE, not STEVIA OR TRUVIA.

      THIS IS FROM WEBMD ON STEVIA , I copied to show the proof.
      READ LAST SENTENCE ! especially

      Sugar Addiction


      What It Is: This natural, no-calorie sweetener, made from a South American plant, has been around for centuries.

      It’s now in sodas and sports drinks, as well as tabletop packets (usually green), liquid drops, dissolvable tablets, and spoon able products, as well as baking blends.

      Among brand names, SweetLeaf is a sweetener (made from stevia extract) , and both Truvia and Pure Via are
      STEVIA BASED (not pure)

      Some stores have generic stevia products.

      The Scoop: on STEVIA (WEBMD page)

      Highly purified stevia extracts, which are what you find on the market, are generally recognized as safe.
      Some people find that stevia can have a metallic aftertaste.

      Whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extracts aren’t FDA-approved.

  2. Bonnie Stone says

    NuNaturals is BY FAR my favorite brand of Stevia – tho I usually use a powdered form (haven’t looked at the ingredients for a while – will be on my list next time i pull it out of the cabinet). I’ve been wanting to try the liquid form and plan to add it to my shopping list next time I place an order online. I have used some of the Sweetleaf liquid stevia (vanilla) and like that they offer so many flavors. I plan to order some of the lemon for my tea.

  3. Jan J. says

    I just started using KAL powder based on the large amount of happy customers at Vitacost and Amazon. It is really good! No bitter aftertaste. I have used Sweet Leaf Toffee, Chocolate and Vanilla Kreme. I love the Sweet Leaf Chocolate in my coffee, which is usually Pero, a barley/chicory/hops coffee substitute, also yummy!, with some coconut sugar. Add cream and it’s like a rich dessert – who could miss sugar!?

    • Janel borton says

      Kal has maltodextrin in it! I killed my HCG diet when I bought that instead of sweet leaf. I would stay with sweet leaf! I bought mine at an earth fare and was extremely disappointed that they even carried it!

  4. Charlotte Moore says

    Wellll, I just got an order from Vitacost with 2 kinds of Stevia. Both of them have one of the ingredients you say not to use. I always assumed Stevia was good. Had no idea of the added ingredients. I will try to do better.

    I do have a bottle of vanilla creme that is good. Haven’t tried it yet.

  5. Kaylee says

    Question for you: I see that the Better Stevia has Rice Maltodextrin in in, which is one of the ingredients you try to avoid. Just wondering your thoughts on this.

    • Brenda says

      I am so GRATEFUL to you! I thought I had the right one but it was the wrong one! Some I would never use! I just changed it to the correct one that doesn’t have that ingredient!Thank you!

      • Sunny says

        Brenda: I can’t thank you enough for posting this information. I have been at a loss and never would have thought that the “extra” ingredients would be harmful.

        The Better Stevia you posted contains Organic inulin (FOS), certified organic stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana) (leaf) and silica. Are these things safe to ingest?


        • Brenda says

          inulin is natural and there is only a very small amount of silica, more information is above in the comments about it.

          • Loretta Nerswick says

            Thank you for posting this staying informed is vital to survival!

            I have an issue with inuin in stevia it causes loose bowels with abdominal cramps. This may be due to it’s prebiotic qualities. Inulin is indigestible and when it reaches the colon it ferments which could be good in itself. I can spend five – seven minutes eliminating waste. In itself that’s good when staying home. I didn’t realise at first what was going on but when your body appears to completely empty itself you research this. I have had days where I’d go several times throughout the day.
            Be aware of this side effect.

          • Connie says

            Just tried the Best Stevia packets recommended. It was horrible! Bad after taste and consistency. I had been using Truvia without knowing it was an unhealthy product, so that’s what I’m comparing it to. Figures Truvia is bad since the consistency is just like real table sugar with no after taste whatsoever – my favorite because of those two things. I’m afraid I’ll have to try one of the others you recommend because Best Stevia (what a misnomer) is getting trashed!

    • debi.cavanaugh says

      5-20-14 Just received an order and KAL now has Malodextrin – and more disturbing it has a label on it that says MADE IN CHINA.. I think we all need to be concerned. It never showed Other ingredients as Maltodextrin before.

      • Jane Taylor says

        Yes Kal Stevia no w has maltodextrin, I’m in the process of finding another Pure Stevia. I will not purchase Kal Brand now. Can someone tell me something as good as Kal use to be?

    • Felicity says

      Thanks so much for this blog. I’ve been checking labels of all the brands at various websites (i.e. amazon, VitaminShoppe, etc) and they all seem to have glycerin or alcohol, at the least. Also, most of the liquids appear, in the pictures, to be clear. Only a few look dark, as I believe they are in the natural state. So it was really helpful to read about YOUR research. I’m now perusing iHerbs.com and thinking there a few other things I need, too – with the discount, I’ll be getting good prices, which matters hugely to me.
      I’m getting old now (heading towards 70), and was one of the pioneers of natural eating in the country, back in the 60s. Everyone thought I’d gone crazy, eating whole wheat, raw milk, making my own yogurt and tofu, etc. Back then, things were still organic by nature, as we hadn’t gone crazy with chemical additives yet. So now, it is SO pleasing to me to see a younger generation really getting on the bandwagon, and helping ME wend my way along the tricky path of finding best and most affordable choices for natural, healthy foods and supplements. God bless you in your efforts. I will be back to your blog!!

  6. Lisa says

    The SweetLeaf Powder Stevia on the website you recommend has something you haven’t mentioned: Inulin soluble fiber. Any thoughts on this? It makes me nervous to buy since you say that you want the purest form with just stevia in it. :/

    • Brenda says

      HI Lisa, Inulin soluble fiber is a naturally occurring fiber found in many root vegetables. It has many health benefits. It helps increase calcium absorption in the body and reduces the growth of harmful bacteria.

  7. Anna says

    I appreciate the information you’ve provided about Stevia. I’m trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, and in the past have used Splenda in my beverages. Now that I’m looking for something more natural, your reviews have been very helpful. What are you thoughts about the “Now Foods BetterStevia, Extract Powder”? How is it different from the product you listed above? http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Certified-Organic-BetterStevia-Extract-Powder-1-oz-28-g/329

  8. Shaina says

    I use KAL pure stevia extract which is alcohol free. It’s just glycerin and stevia. It taste really great!

  9. Li says

    You have to be very careful to buy the right NuNaturals product. They sell both “high” concentrate Stevia and Rebaudioside-A. The difference is that the stevia concentrate is sold as a dietary supplement while the rebaudioside-a products are sold as sweeteners. I believe this distinction is across the board with all stevia manufacturers.

    • dee+davis says

      U r RIGHT !

      AND per my Dr a guru Internists youth DR here in Hollywood CA many celebs go see , also explained to me that the reasons the FDA wont APPROVE STEVIA , and only approved it as a Supplement is not as desired in the human body if u can avoid it.

      Because only organic pure rebaudioside-a product WAS APPROVED by FDA , AS A REAL FOOD ADDITIVE and SAFE.

      Which we would want as opposed to using just a Supplement of course.

      The FDA states that using Rebaudioside-a product is BEST and use Organic form too.

      Whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extracts aren’t FDA-approved. (copied this sentence on Stevia truvia from WEBMD page on Stevia or to use organic pure rebaudioside-a product instead.

  10. kevin says

    I am confused about types of stevia. I have the Kal extract which is a white powder and I have a raw, kosher stevia it is a green powder the brand is Navitas.

    Is it safe to assume the white powder is white because of the fillers and and stripping away of the natural ingredients and it is not as healthy as the raw kosher brand which is green colored (original leaf color)?

    Be Well,


    • Brenda says

      Hi Kevin,

      Yes I would agree with you that the white stevia powder has been more processed and the chlorophyll has been removed and only the sweetness of the plant remains. I still believe it to be a healthier alternative than using white sugar or artificial ingredients. So it is safe to assume using the green stevia is probably the better choice. If or when you are purchasing white stevia powder check for added ingredients. I usually use liquid stevia rather than white powder since it simply the extracted juices from the boiled down leaves. Hope that helps. I will investigate more about Kal stevia, thanks!

      • says

        I just checked out KAL Pure Stevia PLUS Luo Han, on the Vitamin Shoppe website. Not sure if this is the same stuff Kevin is referring to, but when I clicked on Supplement Facts, it lists MALTODEXTRIN, Inulin and Calcim Silcate, as “Other Ingredients”.

      • Tammy says

        I just bought some liquid of Now Better Stevia and it doesn’t have the three items mentioned but it does have alcohol. I usually use Splenda but trying to go the natural route and bought some flavored & unflavored yesterday. Hopefully I can exchange them!

  11. Harriet Walton says

    Hi, thanks for all the info as I am about to begin with Stevia. I bake and do jams and wonder if the powder will work using pectin and fruit?

    Also, in answer to the problem of additives or sweetners, it is because of the FDA and the artificial sweetener lobbies!!! The FDA hasn’t or won’t let Stevia as a sweetener only as an dietary product> Gotta love our government who only wants to please BIG LOBBIES!!!

    • Brenda says

      Many people have asked if I’ve made jams with stevia but I have not. If you try it let me know how it goes.

      • lori says

        I used 13 packets of Wholesome Brand Stevia (It’s organic and has none of the offending ingredients.) When I made strawberry rhubarb jam for my diabetic husband. I mixed it with the pectin just like a sugar recipe, and it set up perfectly. Now I’ll be switching my kids over next time I make raspberry and strawberry jam for them! Next on the list is raspberry pie!

  12. VOXPOP says

    the best of the stevia products i tried is from now foods..however at $5.95 an ounce..uh let’s see that would be around $95 a pound..think isle weight until i win the lottery.

  13. JT says

    Thank you for this information! Dr. Oz talked about Stevia, and how unhealthy the “-itol” ingredients are. So I looked at my brand, Truvia, and erythritol is the first ingredient! That explains so many of the problems I’ve been having.

  14. hb says

    I looked at Better Stevia today at the store and it listed Rice Maltodextrin as an ingredient and your first comment was to avoid maltodextrin. I’m having trouble finding Stevia that doesn’t contain maltodextrin.

    • Brenda says

      the picture above is the correct Now Better stevia that does not contain maltodextrin. The reason I linked it to iherb.com is so people can purchase through them for the best products. If you buy through them for the first time I have a discount code YAJ035 which will give you either 5 or 10 dollars off your first purchase.

      • hb says

        Thanks for the clarification. I just saw Better Stevia and thought they were all the same. I will look for the blue box (organic) next time and will continue to read labels carefully to make sure I know what I’m getting:)

  15. says

    I tested stevia and have to say I’m not a fan as the taste is too bitter but maybe it isn’t all bad? I think more research over a longer period of time is needed anyhow to really see the benefits and dangers. Interesting comments though from everyone. In Germany and the UK Stevia is very new to us, only was legally allowed in our countries dec 2011 so we’re being quite cautious about it. Plus there is only one powdered brand type at the moment which is mixed with maltodextin and no liquid form unless we import it from America. http://pudding-girl.de/about-stevia/

    • Brenda says

      It really depends on the kind of stevia you purchase. Some brands that advertise as stevia have additives which cause that after taste you are disliking. You really need to make sure the ingredients listed have the word stevia in them and have very few if not no other added ingredients. Anything with dextrin or itol at the end is sure to give you an after taste.

  16. Sayble says

    It’s also important to avoid Silica. Many brands use it as a filler – even organic ones! Continuous ingestion of it is known to cause kidney deterioration. Be cautious, folks!

    • Brenda says

      That is a sugar alcohol and anything that ends in -itol is also. Made naturally in plants but manufactured from sugars and starches. I don’t use it as it supposedly can ferment in the intestines and cause gas, bloating and diarrhea.

  17. says

    The BetterStevia from Now Foods (#3), according to their web site, includes:
    Other Ingredients
    Organic inulin (FOS), certified organic stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana) (leaf) and silica.

    I thought Rebaudiana and silica were bad…..

  18. says

    Hi, I bought some SweetLeaf Stevia liquid form but noticed that it says Natural Flavors in the ingredients. I am always leery of that because that isn’t very specific and can mean a lot of things or some not very good things are in there. What is your take on this? Also, do you think there is a difference when they mention the different kinds of water used in it as well? Purified? De-ionized and so forth? Thank you!

  19. mariah says

    I just purchased a new box of Now brand Better Stevia and discovered they have more rice maltodextrin than stevia now. Very disappointing.

  20. says

    you had mentioned not to buy Stevia that has one of the ingredients Rebiana. I went to a wholefood store and ALL of their organic Stevia products were labeled as Stevia leaf extract (rebaudiana).

    Then I went to a website Body Ecology and Donna Gates the founder, says “Stevia offers only the highest quality stevia extract (95% rebaudioside crystals). This extract was developed by taking only the sweet-tasting rebaudioside crystals, leaving behind the licorice-like flavor from the leaves and creating the ideal alternative to synthetic sweeteners. ” She is saying this is good.

    It seems that you cannot get around the Stevia leaf which is Rebiana.


    • Brenda says

      Edy, I’m not an expert on stevia, never said I was, but from what I have read and researched I have shared above. I believe Rebiana is not the same as rebaudiana, the whole stevia leaf. All the products I use do not state rebiana( which is Truvia), in their ingredients. Thanks.

      • edy says

        I never said you were an expert, I was just responding to you had said. One article said “Rebiana is the common name of Rebaudiside A, an extract of the stevia plant, or Stevia rebaudiana. It serves as a natural-sourced, non-caloric sweetener that is from 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Unlike stevia, Rebaudiside A has a sweet taste without the bitterness found in the whole herb. Rebiana has been studied for safety in humans. The equivalent of daily intake by a 150-pound (68 kg) person of up to 2,000 8-ounce (237-mL) beverages sweetened with rebiana was found to not cause any adverse health effects.”

        This is why I was confused. Thanks for your comments because it did enlightened me on sweetners, because I had thought they were all the same.”

  21. Edy says

    I had written something earlier, it looks as though it had been deleted. Well, I went to the wholefood store and found that ALL of the organic Stevia included the ingrediant “Stevia leaf” which is rebaudiana. This is the same as Rebiana, which you say is not good to use products with this in it.

    SweetLeaf ingrediants are: Inulin soluble fiber, SweetLeaf Sweetener, and the Sweetleaf sweetener is Rebiana. I ask why are you talking against this and yet it is a part of Stevia….it is a leaf that contains Rebiana. How do you get around this leaf?

  22. Debbie says

    Hi guys! I’m a total newbie here but I’m thinking about cutting out refined sugar. I’ve learned a lot from reading the thread. Will have to go back and re-read before I buy any Stevia. Thanks for all of the good info!

  23. Eli says

    Hi dear, I’m from Mexico. I’ve been watching your post. I would like to know, finally, what is the stevia that you recommend? because I’ve been researching and according to Dr. Mercola is better the liquid extract like english toffee. But I see that the liquids have alcohol. What do you recommend me? Another question, to make cakes and cookies what’s the best stevia, are the liquid or powder? Thanks y Saludos desde México.

  24. says

    I have been using Trader Joes stevia. It doesn’t have a bad aftertaste as some brands do. The only other ingredient listed is lactose. I assume this is an ok version?

  25. Elizabeth says

    Rebiana- is the trade name for high-purity rebaudioside, also known as Reb-A. It is a 42-step procedure to derive Rebiana from the stevia leaves, using chemicals such as acetone, methanol, acetonitrile, isopropanol, tert-butano. Rebiana is a chemically modified form of stevia, it is NOT pure stevia. SO I AM CONFUSED IS Stevia rebaudiana BAD THEN? I HAVE USED BETTER NOW BUT THE ONE I PURCHASED HAS MALDEXTRIN. fyi

  26. says

    All of the nunaturals products contain maltodextrin. Their microfiber baking products contain maltodextrin and dextrose. You may want to take it off your recommended list. I’m sure the maltrodextrin is GMO as there is no mention on their site boasting that they use non-GMO corn to make the maltodextrin.

    • Brenda says

      No you are incorrect. The alcohol free liquid version I shared above does not contain maltodextrin.

  27. Donna says

    Thank you Brenda for sharing this info with us. I came upon your site wanting to make sure I had the best Stevia,because I too saw that the stevia I was using had dextrose with it. We have to read people.
    I use stevis to make bread,smothies,on yogurt.
    whatch out for frozen fruit flavor greek yogut ,they have maltidexrin and other bad sugars. We plan on making our own. Just when you thought they have a great product they go ahead and srew it up with chemicals.
    Look before you buy people! And Brenda you are a gem.

  28. Jeanne says

    I use two kinds of stevia one from Trader Joe’s Stevia Extract which has Rice Maltodextrin & Silica in it & Wholesome Sweetner Organic Stevia from DeCicco’s which has Organic Agave Inulin, Organic Stevia Extract
    (Stevia rebaudiana), Silica. I gained a lot of weight within the last year like 40 lbs & haven’t increased my food intake, matter of fact, I am eating less food but drinking more cups of tea w/stevia in them. Can this be the cause of my weight gain especially the stomach area?

  29. Elizabeth says

    I enjoyed reading your webpage concerning Stevia. Very very informative. I do have one question please. Option #3 The organic BetterStevia…that you gave as being safe, contains silica ( aka sand). This is not a safe additive for human consumption. Just curious why you listed this product as a healthy alternative?

    • Diana says

      So ,Brenda skipped your question? I see she reply others after you asked.i though this article was very informative ,not so much after avoiding your question.

  30. Mary Kay says

    I really like this site. It is great to see others’ responses in using such a wonderful product. I have used just plain Sweet Leaf white powder Stevia (no inulin)for several years now. I read that green is much better, so I will switch, but may still use the white powder from time to time, to keep cost down. I use a tsp to sweeten my 2 qt. container of fresh mint ice tea with every year.
    I have read WebMd.com information on Stevia. This is a very credible site. Here is their link. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-682-STEVIA.aspx?activeIngredientId=682&activeIngredientName=STEVIA
    I hope you find it very informative as much as I did.

    The only thing I can say is the whiter the product, the more it has been messed around with and I have found a website that grows their own organic Stevia plants and alfalfa plants in Canada. Their green powder Stevia is healthy according to them. You can be the judge. It is a little pricey, but I am looking to purchase some products. Here is their link:
    Good luck everyone in your search for healthier alternatives for sugar. I will stay with Stevia.

  31. Angela Statton-Hunt says

    Hi, I’m at the beginning of a 100 pound weight loss journey. I’m one of those people that if I tell myself I cant have something, I want it more. I’ll crave it until there is literally nothing else I can think about. My biggest downfall has been sweet drinks. I love soda! So I went to diet soda until I found out that aspartame turns into formaldehyde at temperatures higher than 84 degrees. People were suffering from MS symptoms and were dying. When research was done these so called MS disgnosis was formaldehyde poisoning, poisoning from drinking diet soda. I just couldn’t poison myself any longer. I started my search for a sweet drink that wouldn’t kill me. I found out that stevia and crystaline xylitol were the only healthy sweeteners that didn’t metabolize in your body like sugar. If you’re on a diet and your body is metabolizing these supposed “diet” sweeteners like aspartame just like sugar, guess what your negating everything you’re trying to do. I decided tea with stevia was the way for me. However, be very careful, even within the same brand they make the products differently. For example in the raw stevia in the packets does not contain maltodextrin however get it in the big package for baking and it does. I found out my body does not react well to maltodextrin. I get horrible headaches, I had stomach pain, and embarrasing gas. On top of all that I started gaining weight, almost completely negating my hard won 10 pound weight loss. All this from maltodextrin. I haven’t tried another brand yet but sweetleaf is my next choice. My only problem is justifing the price compared to sugar. But if the conversions equal out I might be able to justify it.

  32. Karen says

    I recently found SweetLeaf in little tablets (SteviaTabs). It lists and ingredient called Cellulose. Can you comment on what this is? Should I avoid it?

    • Brenda says

      Please read the commenter above Jessica who has explained in depth about silica and here is an article to support it’s use in small amounts. http://www.vitalhealthzone.com/nutrition/minerals/silica.html

      “Silicon Dioxide Safety

      Silica is not digested or absorbed in the intestinal tract, which means it poses no risk of toxicity. Silicon dioxide is “generally recognized as safe” — or GRAS — by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Although kidney stones may form with consumption of massive amounts of silica over a long period, the amount of silica in food, pharmaceuticals and supplements is not significant enough to cause stone formation or other side effects” http://www.livestrong.com/article/520897-what-is-silicon-dioxide-in-supplements/

    • dee+davis says

      cellulose is a binding ingredient to emulsify a product, its a Chemical not GREAT , but in almost every thing .


      WE Only eat Non fermented SOY , its in ALL we eat in every sports bar and diet shake etc and cereal .

      IT took the place of corn , adn wheat for farmers due to being so much cheaper to farm AND it KILLS and causes many health inflammatory diseases.

      we in USA think that SOY , soybeans, soy oil etc , TOFU, is SOOO healthy because we were sold a lie that JAPANESE EAT SOY and causes great long life and no health issues.

      Thats half the Truth .

      My Very well renowned DR . and Internist, is Japanese.

      in Japan they don’t eat what we get from our FARMERS , which is NON- FERMENTED SOY PRODUCTS

      ItS ALL WE GET ACCESS TO IN USA, in yogurts, diet bars, protein shakes , cereals , bread everything.

      The ONLY GOOD SOY IS FERMENTED , and THAT IS WHAT IS eaten by Japanese.

      They also mainly eat SEA Vegetables that have naturally occurring SOYs protein and they FERMENT their SOY before eating .

      ITS HOW they avoid cancers and diseases killing us , why they are the Healthiest folks in world and live disease FREE.

      NON FERMENTED SoY is a USA staple , so cheaply grown, it replaced wheat costs to farm… so farmers in USA became soy bean farmers for profit margins… at first NOT knowing what we know now , about SOY health issues.

      ITS in soy ice cream , yogurts, tofu products, soy protein isolate in sports drinks, diet products and diet protein bars , shakes and cereals.

      ITS IN all we eat, I can hardly find any thing without soy lecithin or soy bean oil etc. soy in some form

      They in Japan , don’t get cancers and Celiac diseases , IBS , colitis etc. by avoiding Non fermented soy, we Only have Non fermented soy products in the in USA .

      Unless you shop in a small Japanese whole food market , and ask for Fermented soy tofu, oils etc.

      I chose to avoid ALL soy even as preservative in vitamins.

      I eat NON GMO foods and organic, sugar free, no breads of any kind or sweets, sucralose free, aspartame free and use only pure organic stevia in my daily vice of coffee. no cereals because the body really doesn’t need complex carbs like whole grains , if u eat 3/4 cup whole rolled oat meal a day its enough fiber and carbs 3x a week and wont raise Insulin or sugar levels .

      No other bread is really needed in our diets that’s where the ASIA and Mediterranean diets differ and why OBESITY is not an issue in those countries they Don’t eat or h Access fast food or processed foods , that we here LIVE ON.

      GOOD Health to you

  33. Erik says

    I work in the stevia industry for an organic company so maybe I can shed some light on this issue. Stevia Rebaudiana is the name of the plant, Rebaudiosides are just extracts of the plant. Reb A is the sweetest of the extracts and is what is found in retail products. I can tell you that all the products you suggested do contain Reb A, but listing it as “stevia leaf extract” is not incorrect. Reading labels is VERY important, but also remember that the companies trying to sell to you also know about this. Especially in the organic and natural trade where the consumers are more inclined to care about labels, companies are going to do everything they can to make the products sound nice for the consumer.

    Reb A is perfectly safe to consume, but if you are worried about how the processing is done I would go with an organic certified Non-GMO verified product.

    Another comment brought up erythritol. This is also a great sweetener and is naturally found in nature in small amounts. It is 0.2 calories per gram (calorie free per serving), has zero glycemic effect, about 70% the sweetness of sugar, and no glycemic effect like all the other polyols like xylitol. Until recently most of the erythritol has been processed from GMO corn. The company I work for is constantly trying make these great alternatives available to label conscious people like myself and so we just launched the first Organic and Non-GMO Project verified erythritol. We are currently only selling to food and beverage manufacturers but will make it available with our other retail products next year.

    All quality and standards aside, if you are just starting you healthier lifestyle journey, it may not be as important nit pick the label just yet. If you are in need of losing 100lbs, then the benefits to your life from losing the weight will out way any small negative of a slightly processed ingredient(still look out for the big bad bunch). Once you have made it to a sustainable goal and are comfortable with making changes and not falling backwards, THEN take the next step in scrutinizing the labels.

    • Jess says

      Thank you Erik for enlightening us about these factors.. I’m in France and Stevia is not very common yet… What’s your thought about the dried green leaf powder? Do you think it’ll give the bitter aftertaste? Thank you so much in advance!

    • dee+davis says

      ERIC!!! WHOO HOO exactly what I tired to explain when someone stated that Rebaudiana is BAD don’t use it .

      I researched it and found just as you posted, that Rebaudiana is the name of the plant, as you stated , and best to use that in its Organic non GMO form, is the BEST way to go, IMO, .

      I wont use Truvia or stevia , I use the exact ingredient of REBAUDIANA which provides the leaves its sweetness.

      Well done !

        • Angie says

          Silica is actually a necessary trace mineral. It is necessary for collagen and GAGS formation, skin elasticity and wound healing. When ingested, it has a median lethal dose of 5000mg/kg. This would mean that someone weighing 150 lbs ( about 68 kg) would have to consume about 12 ounces (about 340,000mg), at one time, to kill them. That would be a heck of a lot of powdered stevia.
          Silica is only truly dangerous when inhaled into the lungs.
          Quit the fear mongering.

  34. Leslie Udvardi says

    In regards to the rebaudiana vs rebiana issue, I found the following:
    According to scientists who analyzed Truvia, it is 9/10 of 1% Rebiana and masking agent. Rebiana is not an ingredient in the stevia plant, nor is it found in nature. It is produced by the action of chemicals and stringent alcohols on various stevia glycosides. Rebiana is simply the trade name Cargill gave their chemically derived product in 2008. The FDA “No Questions” letter states that Rebiana contains residues of ethanol and methanol.
    Rebiana is commonly confused with Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A). Reb-A is one of the 11 glycoside compounds naturally within the stevia leaf and is about 400 times sweeter than sugar. So a little goes a very long way! Reb-A is produced by the action of sunlight on the leaves. Do you think they named it similarly as a mere coincidence?

  35. says

    Hi Brenda, question: how do you feel about the new stevia formula nunaturals has been using. I’ve been usin their 100% pure white stevia extract for 12 years and this year they changed stevia supplier and sadly it now tastes terrible!

    Now I’m on the hunt for a new stevia powder, that’s 100% free of other ingredients, what do you recommend other than NOW? I’ve tried NOW and it’s not quite what I’m looking for!

    • jaydee says

      Thank you GiGi Eats Celebrities….I was looking for an explanation as to why NuNatural stevia powder seemed to suddenly be very weak, I though I had developed some kind of resistance. Now I realize it started with the new bottle I bought recently. Too bad, I also have used it for many years. Thanks for posting your comment. Saved me a lot of wondering and thinking I’m just weird !!! Guess I will look into Sweetleaf. Any one tried growing their own ??

  36. says

    I really like the convenience factor of Sweet Leaf. Some others I like are Stevita, especially their gum. I also LOVE this Canadian company, http://suedehills.com/ (they have the best raw organic and really green stevia with no bitter aftertaste) and fresh grown (which is easy to grow) and then dehydrated. I just grind the leaves right into my tea, etc.

  37. Renee says

    I used KAL stevia (loved the taste) through June and July. By July I had no energy and was needing a nap everyday. It wasn’t just a regular tired feeling, but that extremely tired feeling that I get when I take Benadryl. In August I quit using it for a couple of weeks, started feeling better, went back to it and started feeling tired again, quit using it and tried it one last time with the same results. Is there something in KAL that is negatively affecting me or do some people just have this trouble with stevia or was I just using too much? The label reads “Pure Stevia Dietary Supplement, Natural Extract” and on the back it says, “Stevia Extract (Stevia rebaudiana) (leaf) 42mg. Thanks for your help. I really would like to find out what the problem is so that I can use stevia.

    • Brenda says

      This is baking stevia which will be easy to replace with recipes that call for white sugar. In my recipes I use natural pure stevia and they are not the same here. I mostly use liquid stevia extract or powder for most of my recipes so very little is needed.

  38. Andie says

    HI. I didn’t read every post, so I’m not sure if this was addressed: I have only tried stevia a couple of times because I didn’t like the taste. Not the aftertaste, but the chemical taste. To me it tastes more artificial than the artificial sweeteners. Is there any one brand that others really like the taste of?

  39. Nancy Hill says

    In the past I’ve always ued the band KAL Pure Stevia and it did NOT contain anything but stevia. All new bottles contain Maltodextrin. When I called the company their comment was “we don’t make it with only stevia only anymore.” Just thought I would pass this along to those of you using it. We really have to watch those labels for “new & improved” products. They are usually not improved at all as you can see with this item.

  40. Karen McKeown says

    No one has asked about the flavored Stevia. We are looking for something to flavor our brewed ice tea other than lemon. Any thoughts?

  41. Connie says

    Hi Brenda! Love all this info on Stevia! I bought Trivia ( without all this info) and it made at husband and I both sick. I did a search for pure dtevia and this is one that came up.
    Any info or opinion? I can’t read ingredients list. Thank you!! Connie

    • Connie says

      Hello Connie,
      Just read your post on pure powder stevia on Amazon from Bulksupplements.com. I went to their website and searched for stevia. I saw the pure stevia powder and the only ingredients listed are 3 extracts Stevia, Steviosides, and Rebaudiosides which all come from the stevia plant. Under “other ingredients” the word “none” is listed.

      Connie…too :-)

  42. Jessica says

    Hi Brenda, very informative article, it really helped me figure out what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing Stevia.

    I noticed that many commenters are worried about silica (silicon dioxide) being dangerous as an added ingredient. I just wanted to clear up that silica is only dangerous when inhaled over long periods of time. This results in a serious respiratory illness called silicosis but is only really a concern for potters working with clay (which contains silica-when dry/dust will go into the air and be inhaled), among other occupations. What it does is absorb a lot of moisture, which it will do in the lungs and over time and enough exposure will result in difficulty breathing. It is also not expelled from the lungs, so once it’s in there it’s not coming back out. But it would only happen after 30+ years working without a respirator.
    I believe the silica is likely added to the powder in small amounts to keep it dry while stored, and since you’re not sniffing the stevia there would not be any problems caused by it.

  43. Sain says

    Hello all,
    I’ve been on the hunt for a good brand of stevia, yet seem to come up short on information frequently. Since KAL isn’t as trustworthy as it used to be, I have been searching and stumbled across Jaja Stevioside. Does anyone know of its reputability, both as a good product and a trustworthy supplier?

  44. june says

    One of the products you list as pure has silica in it. Silica is unsafe to consume. So the Better Stevia is not pure stevia.

  45. Abner Pheisenbaum III says

    To the person who mentioned suddenly feeling tired as of late. KAL brand stevia now contains maltodextrin. VERY VERY VERY upsetting because I had been using KAL stevia for at least 7 years if not longer. I called them and they said it was made from non-gmo corn. Still, you may have an allergy to corn. Also, I heard (unconfirmed) that KAL brand stevia is not made in China. I am looking for a new bran.

    • Shelly says

      I was also upset about KAL Stevia. I called them also and they said they started putting 1% Malodextrin inr their stevia because it’s easier to get it to go though the machines. I wasn’t to bothered by it at this point because I had a bottle and 1/2 of the pure stuff. A couple of weeks ago a friend said she had seen pure KAL Stevia at natural Grociers in a bottle that said organic. I said it was probably left from before. She didn’t thin’t think so becase she said the old bottles didn’t say organic.

  46. says

    We recently went sugar free for the most part and per Mercola we got the Sweetleaf Vanilla liquid stevia which said it is organic stevia. I’m not sure you mentioned that particular brand. Any thoughts as to it being good?

    Also, as I have a chocolate crush, I’ve discovered Lilly’s Dark Chocolate Almond bars and wondered since it doesn’t say organic, but only “Stevia Extract” if it is safe? It also has Inulin (ok), Erythritol (ok), and DEXTRIN – is this Maltodextrin???

    Thanks for your site and all those who have commented – going to bookmark and pin you when I get home. 😉

    • Brenda says

      The link I provided is for the NOW box that DOES NOT contain maltodextrin. Click the link and you will see it is still available for purchase through iherb.com

  47. Patricia Dusil says

    Thought I should warn people to read the reviews on products before they buy ! Learned my lesson! Nu Naturals have changed their formulations.

  48. Patrick says

    So what’s bad about maltodextrin? Is it the no nutrional value or does it mess with something? I’ve been using spenda and truvia but neither of those are suppose to be healthy for you.
    So, I’ve been looking for a good stevia brand. What’s wrong with the sweetleaf packets? Isn’t maltodextrin used to bulk it up since pure stevia doesn’t dissolve well in liquid and you only need a very small amount?
    And here is something I found on inulin : Inulin – one of the safest additives is a vegetable, prebiotic fiber known as inulin. However, don’t let the vegetable part fool you into thinking it’s necessarily healthy for you. Though it’s a good source of fiber, it doesn’t resemble broccoli or kale no matter how vegetable-based it is. Inulin has also been linked to gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating, gas, and general digestive upset.

  49. Connie says

    Sorry, in my previous comment, I meant to say “BetterStevia”, not “Best.” However, still a misnomer,


  1. […] A lot of time , effort, experimentation and cost goes into my recipes to share them with you as I rarely can make them once and call it a day. Life would be a whole lot easier if I could use a baking blend, but I honestly don’t feel good about putting that in my body or my families bodies.   You can read more about what to look for when purchasing stevia in this post, The 3 Best Stevia products. […]

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