Chocolate Chia Almond Pudding {Dairy Free & Sugar Free}


Puddings can be so decadent and delicious, but fattening and high in calories depending on how its made. Puddings can also be sugar-free and light and low in calories, but most store bought use artificial sweeteners to do it. Many contain dairy products that upset my stomach so I usually stay away from them.

My Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding I first posted contains an odd ingredient, but is ever so creamy! Although higher in fat it’s from a good and healthy fat. And.I.Love.That.Pudding.

BUT since I bought my recent jar of chia seeds and love how them gelled up overnight to make my NO Bake Overnight Chia Mango Oats and my No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Oats, of course pudding was next in line!


Prepare this the night before simply whisking all ingredients together and enjoy it with some sliced almonds on top the next day. Super simple!! The chia seeds are so good for you! Providing fiber, calcium, protein and omega fatty acids!

This isn’t the smooth type of pudding you might be used to. It does have crunch to it due to the chia seeds. I don’t mind the crunch at all, but if you are making this for children simple mix into the pudding (once gelled overnight) some crunchy sliced almonds and they won’t even notice the chia seeds in there.



Ooooppppps! Spill alert! I was a little too excited to add  some coconut cream on top of mine! That’s all that is right there! No sweeteners added. I place my canned coconut milk opened in the fridge overnight and scoop out some cream from the jar with a cookie scooper. Natural dairy free cream and oh so yummy with this pudding!

You could whip up the coconut cream like in this recipe and make it lighter, more like cool whip! But I was being lazy and just scooped it right out of the jar. :)



Or you could add a little of both or eat it plain. I’ve heard some make this type of chia pudding and warm it, but honestly I think its best chilled. Enjoy!


Chocolate Chia Almond Pudding {dairy & sugar free}

This recipe has been given an update! See the new and improved Chocolate Chia Pudding here!



  1. Samantha Twigg says:

    Did you use the plain, unsweetened almond milk? This looks so delicious, I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for all your hard work! Makes my life yummy!

  2. i wish i could like chia pudding. i love chia in so many things but i keep trying it in different puddings and just can’t love it.

  3. Would coconut milk be an acceptable substitute for almond milk?

  4. Debbie Rogers says:

    How much Stevia would you use if you only had the granualar (not liquid). Thanks!

    • Hmmm entirely up to your taste buds, but I would try using 1/4 teaspoon then in the morning if it isn’t sweet enough you could always add some more.

  5. This sounds delicious! I love chia pudding!

  6. so coconut milk hardens in the fridge and becomes “scoopable”?

    • Yes!! Super yummy! Take a can of coconut milk, full fat, open it, don’t shake the can before opening it. Leave it in the can overnight, uncovered and there will be ‘cream’ at the top. About 3/4 worth and 1/4 will be water/diluted milk at the bottom which you can use for smoothie!

  7. Not that it makes too much of a difference, but my calculations came out to 100 calories and 5.4g fat each serving using Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk, Spectrum chia seeds, and Hershey’s cocoa powder on sparkpeople.

    • I use and have used sparkpeople in the past. I’ve found more accuracy with nutritiondata but no too much difference in what you got for amounts.

  8. You had me at chia. What a wonderful pudding. I will bet it tasted delicious!

  9. Tara Bergeron says:

    What a great recipe! I’m so happy I found your website I was diagnosed Type 2 diabetes in January and recipes like yours have helped me to lose 40 lbs and reverse my type 2 already! I just love tapioca and I can’t have that now but this recipe reminds me of the texture of tapioca. Wonderful you have blessed me.

  10. I can’t help but wonder how this would turn out if you put it in an ice cream maker after it has gelled. Maybe mix some coconut cream in first? Might have to try that.

  11. Do you think substituting skim milk for the almond milk would make much difference?

  12. I am new at this so I have everythign to learn. Just looking over the site and taking any suggestions from anyone. i dont’ have a clue where to start or how to shop. I can use all the help anyone can give. I am not the best at reading or to understand things. blessings, Pat

  13. Michelle says:

    Can I use dark chocolate almond milk ?

  14. Can you substitute something for stevia? We have never used that and dont have any in house.

  15. Hello! Trying more and more chia pudding recipes. Since there is no recipe posted here any longer, is it just the same as the one posted here: The names are different so I’m not sure, and since this one has “almond” in the title, I’m wondering if there is something almond other than the almond milk? Thanks much!

    • The recipe you see in the picture was updated and adapted so yes that is the link to the updated recipe. Nothing else but almond milk and a few sliver of almonds on top.


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