Flatout Flatbread Pizza Review


You’ve seen them everywhere and maybe you’ve tried them or maybe you haven’t. I was a bit skeptical that this thin little flat bread could actually make a pizza that my kids would be happy with.

As far as nutrition goes I read over the labels on all of them I found at my local supermarket. If you’ve watched my youtube videos on Becoming a Food Label Expert on Healthy Breads then you know my rule of thumb as far as what ingredients I look for and what I avoid. The two best choices for this brand would be the Honey Wheat made from 100% white whole wheat with honey being listed as the fifth ingredient and the Multi-Grain with Flax.

The first time I made them I placed them directly on a baking sheet and baked them for my kids with sauce and cheese. Big mistake. They were not crispy and difficult to even pick up. I apparently should have read online before making them since no directions were on the package, but online you are supposed to grill them. Well…… I don’t grill and don’t really want to learn since I enjoy the hubby grilling for ME. :)

The next time I made them I placed them on a wire rack I would cool cookies on. Then placed a piece of aluminum on a baking sheet and placed the rack over the baking sheet, less mess!


I lightly sprayed the top of the flatbread with olive oil cooking spray and baked them at 350 degrees for 7 minutes. They were nice and slightly crispy.


I added pesto, steamed kale and some low fat feta on mine and pesto, spinach and low fat mozzarella on the one for my kiddies.


I baked them for another 8-10 minutes and they were perfect!


Look!  I was even able to pick it up……..SUCCESS!

Click here for Recipe and Nutrition Info on the Spinach Pesto FlatOut Pizza.


And this one was ALL mine, YUM!

 Sugar-Free Mom Review Rating

  1. Taste: A+
  2. Prep time/Cook time: B+ ( A little extra time needed to pre-bake the flatout)
  3. Family Friendly:A+
  4. Weight Loss Friendly: A




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