What I Ate Wednesday #16

Good Morning Beautiful People! Today is Wednesday and a visual food journal of my eats one day last week! Can’t even remember what day it actually was, since I took most of the pics with my iphone but nonetheless, you shall see my eats and I shall not be embarrassed or ashamed. I’m not perfect and I share what I truly eat! Sometimes it’s pretty boring, as I eat almost the same snacks week to week and throw in new recipes here and there. Last week’s food journal was a score for you all as I made 3 new recipes!! For more visual food journals of healthy living bloggers, check out Peas and Crayons who hosts this little shindig every week!

New recipe I posted yesterday! Super proud of this little baby! Made an adaption to one of my older muffins, apple oatmeal, made them Blueberry Oatmeal Gluten Free & Sugar Free muffins! Discovering that wheat really is a problem for me and I’m staying away at all costs now, for a time. Will reintroduce it maybe in 6 or 8 weeks ad go from there. These are by far the BEST healthy muffin I’ve ever made or eaten, no kidding!

So I ate maybe 1 or 2 for breakfast since I had some left over. :)

A mid morning snack, I love oranges especially in the winter! I eat at least one a day!

Not the prettiest looking veggies but I was having a busy day. Hunger was calling and I had made lunch for the kiddies, and well, frozen veggies were the quickest way to stave that hunger away before making a proper lunch for myself.

Doesn’t everyone have frozen veggies in their freezer? I need them!

An hour or so or whenever I got around to it, I made a panini that I thought would be picture worthy but turned out….not so much! Tasted great but not that pretty as you can see! Sun dried tomato with pesto, turkey and Swiss on Udi’s Gluten free whole grain bread, YUM!

Some almonds by the afternoon. I always eat them at least once a day as well. Yep and these are not raw, they are salted. What can I say, I love the salted ones!

FYI: Night time cooking and taking pics STINK in a big way! Good thing this recipe was a fail, an epic fail, BUT did taste great and the family ate them anyway. They were supposed to be gluten free dinner rolls. They didn’t rise as you can see. I will be working on this challenge again and will not be defeated next time! 😉

This soup was dinner and was delicious even though the picture is horrible. I haven’t gotten around to taking pics with it yet, but that will be coming soon. This is using left over turkey I had in the freezer and throwing in some kale and other veggies and rice too. Oh and its for the crock pot! Cant’ be that!

You know what rocked even more? The picky 12 year old son of mine  LOVED it and the littlest one ate it too! So you will see it for sure in the future!

Have any epic failing recipes to share with me? Or how about a recipe you’ve won over with a picky family member? Oh do tell!


  1. says

    Oh yeah I had an epic fail with a fruit-on-the-bottom bar. I was trying to make this Gluten Free to bring to a friend’s with using barley and barley flour instead of the flour. First it was hard as a rock and I had to throw out the whole thing. Then my friend who has a kid with celiac told me that barley is not GF. So alas the whole point would have been a waste.

    Thinking of using one of your oat recipes to successfully do this in future!

  2. janel says

    Cutting out gluten is so hard. I’ve tried a few times and feel better, but mostly because I end up cutting out other junk too but don’t notice a huge difference in how i feel as long as I eat 100% whole wheat.

    My mom on the other hand feels MUCH better when she stays away from gluten.

  3. Leigh Anne says

    I have recently had my eyes open re: gluten. I am about 1/2 way thru the book “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis and it has been very interesting. I have never thought I had an intolerance other than it makes my muffin-top worse. But after reading all of the other effects, I am considering making the switch for my family. My hubby is (mostly) on board, but worried about my kids. They LOVE their sandwiches and tortillas. I know their are tons of resources out there, but I do feel kinda overwhelmed. So glad you are venturing into that world….I’m a loyal reader :)

    • Brenda says

      I haven’t read that book, I should though. I think it’s good for the kids actually, I mean they won’t be completely GF or wheat free but for the most part if I make these recipes, they’ll be eating them so it can’t hurt right? :)

      • Diane says

        It’s an excellent book. It was reading this book that actually got me to follow my doctor’s suggestion that I cut wheat out of my diet. Tough, but a great decision.

  4. says

    Ugh, I always hate when I’m excited about a new recipe & then it’s a disappointment. It happens to us all. I think the last one I was bummed about was a coconut bar that I’d tried to make… came out really tiny & not that great tasting. I ate a couple anyway & tossed the rest. Oh well. Live & learn, right? 😉

  5. Lucia says

    Made the blueberry muffins-they were amazing, thank you!
    Omitted sweetener and instead cheated a bit and made a yummy gf streusel using maple and coconut sugars swirled onto the tops halfway through baking. Keep the gf recipes coming, you are doing great!

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