Meal -To- Go


This Meal -To- Go plan was created to help moms take care of themselves. Feeding everyone in your household and forgetting yourself is the biggest culprit to gaining weight and not being able to lose weight or maintain that weight loss. I know because I’ve been there! Of course any of these meals can be for anyone in your family, just remember to pack for yourself too! Using EasyLunchboxes has been a great help with portion control for me therefore all these meals will be packed in these great boxes.



    • Brenda says

      It varies for the children, lots of turkey/cheese tortilla wraps, salads with tuna fish, chicken nuggets, chicken salad, egg salad. I am going to try to incorporate and get organized about the lunches, but I only have down the breakfast and dinners. This page, Mom Meals to Go is strictly for lunches for me/moms and if the kids want to try my food, which they usually do I let them eat what I’m having as well.

  1. Melanie says

    We are ALL going back to school in the fall and I love your meals to go section. Do you have meal ideas for kids for packed lunches?

  2. Jennifer says

    Are all of your recipes free of refined sugar even if it doesn’t say that it is in the title? Sorry, just want to be sure. :)

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