Top 3 Refined Sugar-Free Sweeteners

fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruits

I have had many questions about the sweeteners I use and those I refuse to use so I have FINALLY (sorry its taken so long!) written a post for all those who have been patiently waiting  to hear my thoughts on all the health “stuff” out there. Hope you can glean something from the choices {Read More…}

Sugar Free Whole Wheat Apple Cake

apple cake

  Jewish Apple cake is an amazing cake! I found the recipe in a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook about 15 years ago. Friends who have tasted this cake will attest to the fact that nothing compares to the downright delicious caramelized crust and sweet cinnamon apples layered between fluffy batter. It might even be {Read More…}

Crock Pot Chicken & Bean Stew: A Left-Over Chicken Recipe

Crock Pot chicken stew

  I LOVE using up left overs. I find it wonderfully challenging to make them into something phenomenal my family and I will love. Chicken is really just so versatile and can be made so many different ways. As I’ve said before, my family rarely helps me eat the breast meat as they always go for the dark {Read More…}

Sugar-Free Blueberry Banana Bread

SF banana bread

My Italian family has been making banana breads for generations. The recipe has been passed down from my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and to me. I have loved every piece of those yummy delicious breads, but I can’t continue to make them as they are. I just can’t use moderation when it comes to eating {Read More…}

Sugar-Free Cranberry Banana Smoothie

Sf cranberry smoothie

My children are officially SICK of cranberries, but unfortunately for them, I’ve still got a bunch in my fridge I don’t want to go bad. My solution……A smoothie! They’ll never notice ‘cept for that pinkish color!! My inspiration came from a fairly new blog, Gluten Free Pantry. I loved the recipe and just adapted it to {Read More…}

Puff Pancake from Balancing Beauty & Bedlam Recipe Review

puff pancake

    When I first saw this puff pancake recipe posted from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam I REALLY couldn’t wait to try it for my family. I was especially thinking about making it as a new Christmas morning breakfast instead of store bought cinnamon buns they still love. I have already made it twice since {Read More…}

Crock Pot Sugar-Free Cranberry Applesauce Recipe


I’ve been wanting to make homemade applesauce forever! I’ve also been wanting to use up the fresh cranberries in my fridge that I bought at whole foods on sale last week! I try really hard to use up whatever fresh fruit and veggies I have in my fridge, which is why I often opt to buy frozen for this {Read More…}

Sugar-Free Winter Fruit Gazpacho

winter fruit gazpacho

      Who loves fruit??? ME, ME and ME again! I love it because its good for you, easy to carry, and of course naturally sweet without adding anything to it! This has been my “go-to” dessert to bring to many a party while I was on a mission to lose my weight. I’ve {Read More…}

Freezer Easy Chicken Burrito Recipe

raw. sliced chicken breast

I must confess, until I started following some great blogs about freezer cooking, I never did it much at all. Oh there was the occasional meal I often doubled like meatballs or meatloaf and froze, but I never had a cooking day devoted to freezer cooking meals for the week or month ahead. My sister-in-law {Read More…}

Oven Fried Fish Nuggets Recipe


      My kids love all things fried, what kid doesn’t right? I have figured out a way to get them to THINK they are still eating “fried” fish, BUT they are not! AND they like it just as much! Its a bit more work than simply throwing fish in a casserole dish and {Read More…}