Healthy Weight Conscious Menu Plan 11-4-12 & Recipe Recap










Happy Sunday Morning!!

I hope today finds you well and back to normal after a crazy scary last week with Hurricane Sandy! I’m truly grateful for God’s protection over family and friends during that storm. We never lost power but I know many that still are without in New York and New Jersey. My family and I helped my sister-In -Law pack supplies to bring to those we knew in NY. More supplies will be collected this week and brought to others in NJ. It was so heartbreaking to see such devastation and the lose of so many peoples homes and personal life treasures lost. Things like this make you realize how blessed we are.

My prayers continue for all those suffering today. God never fails us and always supplies our needs. I have no doubt He will work through others this time as well.

Now looking ahead at our family schedule, unless I am forgetting some appointments this week, it looks like we have a pretty quiet week ahead of us and I’m certainly not complaining! So here’s our menu plan which is always subject to change, but nonetheless, I like somewhat of a plan even if I change it.  Keeps me sane. :)





Here are the recipes I posted over the last 2 weeks in case you missed any:

Definitely can’t say I don’t bring you variety LOL! :)

Have a wonderful week friends!




  1. christine lichtenberg says

    How come I can’t print all these out. I would love to print out the week of recipes to go shopping and make as much as i can today.
    Please let me know if you have any ideas.
    Thank you,

    • Brenda says

      You should be able to click the link for each recipe you want to print, then before printing you can delete the pics or any other writing and just keep the ingredient list and directions, then click print.

      • Christine says

        your beef and blue cheese quesadilla is in black. when i put my mouse over it it doesn’t do any of it. How do you omit pictures?
        I have PCOS and I am very excited to try these recipes.
        Thanks so much for this site!

        • Brenda says

          Yes that recipe is brand new for me to try this week with my family. I have not published it on my site as of yet. You can omit pictures simply by highlighting them as you would for any of the words I believe. If you look on the menu plan tab you will find a bunch of other weekly menu’s that I’m sure will suit your needs.

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