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  1. Kim says

    Hello Brenda! I found you thru FB via Money Saving Mom. I am anxious to try your freezer-friendly oatmeal. Can you tell me how to convert your liquid stevia to Truvia? Thanks!

    • Brenda says

      Sure, thanks for visiting! I do not use truvia as it has additional additives and not as natural as sweetleaf stevia in liquid form. I also don’t like the aftertaste of Truvia. I wrote a post about my top 3 sweeteners and why. It under the tab “tips & Articles”. But one packet of Truvia equals 2 teaspoons and the amount of the liquid in the recipe is about a teaspoon. Hope that helps!

  2. Chalon says

    Hi Brenda!

    Very happy that I found your site. I just started Prism and was hoping to find some recipes and here you are. Thank you for a great site and I look forward to getting more of your help.

  3. Susan Chan says

    I am trying to find out how to join the sugar detox group or a group that’s working issues of overeating in general. Could someone contact me with infomration, please?

  4. Lucines Lugo from PR says

    I found you website a couple days ago and felt so motivated to go sugar free that next day I read all labels. Easy enough right, if it said it contained sugar I didn’t eat it. Next day I woke up with a terrible headache, nothing helped and out of habit I loaded my morning coffee with sugar and magically the headache went away. This just made me realize the hold that sugar has on me and how addicted I am to the stuff. I am a baker and I NEED to find a healthy alternative for my home. I saw you have a sugar detox group and I am very interested. I am done with this drug. Please help!

  5. says

    I came across your SUGAR FREE on Facebook and oh boy do I need LOTS of help for alternatives as it is one of my downfalls. I enjoy cooking and baking yet need to know how to turn things around that will taste good, be satisfying & filling.
    I started cutting back in the last month yet more changes to be made.
    Any good salad dressing recipes?
    All the sustained injuries and not being active I am not burning off. I have just started Revelation Wellness. Here’s to a healthier me!
    Looking forward to greater healing and wholeness and reaping the rewards of it.
    This is great timing to me!
    Thank you.

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