20 Healthy Gluten-Free Soups, Salads & Hot Lunch Recipes


What better time than now to plan some healthy meals for the New Year! This list are 20 of my favorite recipes I’ve compiled to help you plan ahead. They all fall under the motto, “Cook once, Eat twice!” Or actually more than twice if you aren’t sharing with anyone else in the family.

Don’t forgot that you can now save all the recipes you love using the Ziplist blue save button under the title of each recipe. Ziplist can help you create a shopping list for ingredients and also local sales and deals in your area.



Crock Pot Low Fat White Chicken Chili

Crock Pot Chicken & Bean Stew

Lentil Escarole Ground Turkey Stew

Healthy Light Vegetable Soup

Sweet Potato & Turkey Sausage Chili



Blue Cheese Fennel Steak Salad


Mayo Free Chicken Salad

[Pack this with snacks for under 500 calories, click here]

Healthier Egg Salad


Healthier Italian Pasta Salad

Vegetable Quinoa Salad with Balsamic Dressing

[ You can also see How I Packed This in a Meal -To -Go Lunch container]


Chickpea Quinoa salad with Avocado Dressing

Mango Quinoa Black Bean Salad with zesty orange dressing


Toasted Millet Salad

[Check my Meal-To-Go container using edamame in this salad]

Toasted Walnut Brown Rice Apricot Salad

Mayo Free Waldorf Salad

[Meal -to-Go with snacks in an easylunchbox container]



Asian Turkey Lettuce Cups

Meatless Italian Spinach Pie

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Mediterranean Tuna Stuffed Pepper



Freezer Easy Chicken Burritos {Those of you who have a gluten allergy, make sure you use Gluten free tortilla’s}


*Check my Meal-To Go page filled with 12 lunchbox ideas with nutrition info included for easy packing!

Here’s to a HEALTHY Happy New Year reaching your goals!!!





  1. Susan Dake says

    Thank you so much for the Gluten Free Recipes! I am always looking for something new to make that is gluten free. I’ve been gluten free for a few years. I usually just readjust your typical meals to gluten free, but new recipes ad a good variety.

  2. Leigh Anne says

    Lovin’ the roundup of recipes!! I am doing the 3 day cleanse/detox right now but these will be awesome in a few days….I’m drooling right now :)

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