Family-Friendly Sugar-Free Menu Plan 6/24/12











Happy Sunday to you!

We will be heading out to go camping next weekend so last week I had planned to make ahead some meals for easier cooking. Didn’t get to it all so I will continue to finish up this week.

Here’s the plan at out house this week.



 Did you miss some past weekly menu plans? Here they are!


Now for some EYE CANDY from PINTEREST!!!





  1. Ashley W says

    I am kinda stumped- I want to know the difference between Stevia (which I just switched to putting in my tea instead of regular sugar) and Truvia. I am guessing truvia is kinda like splenda but don’t know for sure. I also recently stopped drinking pop all the time. I have had maybe three cokes in the last two weeks which is so amazing for me. Thanks for all the recipes!

  2. Ashley W says

    thanks!! I asked my facebook friends if they had ever used stevia and one of them said they use agave. I told them I used to until I read your article on how processed it is- she thanked me for the article! :o)

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