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Check out my new features here on Sugar-Free Mom! These new features will allow you to create your own meal plan, shopping list and save recipes you love!


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  1. Roberta Lopez says

    May God Bless You & continue to encourage you in ALL that you do. I am a mom to 4 BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME children! I am so thankful that I found your blog!! You have made feeding my family healthy foods so much easier! Please continue the good work! I have loved every recipe I have tried so far. :)

  2. Laura Drotleff says

    I love your site and recipes! Just wondering – how far in advance do you plan your menus – a week, two weeks, a month? I need some serious help with this. Most of the time, I still have no plan the day of! I’m wondering how you do it all – homeschooling kids, experimenting with recipes, writing a blog…and more! You’re my hero (ine)!

    • Brenda says

      Hi Laura, I plan on Friday or Saturday so I can usually shop on the weekends for what I need. I have no idea how it all gets done but my youngest is now 6 and oldest 12 so they are alot more independent then they used to be which helps. They also have chores that helps too so I’m not the only one cleaning around here. Experimenting with recipes happens alot but I like to have a menu to fall back on when a recipe might not work or I can’t get to it, etc. Lots of juggling, lots of prayer, lots of crazy but all good! If you just start with a list of some of your families favorite recipes they will eat work form there and rotate, try to add in one new recipe a week. I have a huge whiteboard in my kitchen with the calendar for the family as well as the menu. Its erasable so things are never set in stone. Be flexible and always have meal in your back pocket you can easily make when days are rough. Thank you for the kind words!

  3. Debbie says

    Hi, there! I am new to your site and LOVE it! Have pinned everything on Pinterest, lol. Can you tell me, please, where you got your meal-on-the-go dishes? They are so perfect! I’ve been all over Ebay, but haven’t found anything like what you have. Thank you so much!

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